GleeHab Feature: “Where Are They Now?”

Over the next several weeks/months, I will be compiling interviews from previous Glee cast members, some of our favorites to be exact.  We kick off this feature with one of my VERY favorites: Jennifer Aspen, who played Terri’s crazy sister, Kendra.  Jennifer is a buddy of GleeHab and we are thrilled to be able to speak with her again.

Jennifer is hard at work on her new show, Good Christian Bitches and we are so lucky to be able to speak with her on Friday, April 1st!  Nope, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, it’s legit.  We are so excited to speak with her again so do me a favor and hit me up with questions.  You can tweet them to @GleeHabSite, hit the comments, or email me at gleehabrach {at} gmail {dot} com.

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  1. What is she most looking forward to in her new project?

  2. How is it working with Cheno?

  3. Really hope GCB gets picked up! I loved her in the sitcom “Rodney” and was surprised and happy when she appeared last season in “Glee”. If you’ve never seen “Rodney”, rent the DVD. It ran on ABC a few years back, and she was great in it (and VERY different from her Glee character).

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