Chris Colfer: Who’s Rolling Joints in His Movie?

We know Sarah Hyland definitely has a catty side, but it sounds like the Modern Family starlet may be taking it to a whole new level.

Just ask Glee‘s Chris Colfer

Hyland tells me she plays a “b—h” in Struck By Lightning, Colfer’s big-screen movie debut, which he also wrote and produced.

“I play Claire, the head cheerleader,” Hyland told me at the SAG Awards. “She does not like Chris’ character very much…But I’m playing a cheerleader. What else are cheerleaders? They’re mean!”

However, don’t expect Hyland to be breaking out any Bring It On moves in the flick. “They wanted me to do a pyramid and be on the top of it,” Hyland said. “I was like, ‘Not happening.’ I could not do it at all. I’m not athletic like that.”

And if the character Dwayne in the movie looks familiar, it’s because he’s Hyland’s real-life boyfriend Matt Prokop.

“I play the stoner,” Prokop said. “I have a few good lines here and there and roll a joint or two.”

Can’t wait to hear what Colfer has planned for his second movie.

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