GleeHab Review “The Spanish Teacher”

Hola!  See what I did there?  So yeah, “The Spanish Teacher”, not my favorite.  It wasn’t horrible, it was even pretty entertaining but I’m just not sure it flowed as much as I would have liked it to.  I didn’t feel that there was as much character development in this episode as has been in the previous ones.  It was a filler episode in my book.  Anyone else feel that way?  Anyway, let’s just get right to it.

Poor Will

Will tries his hardest to teach those kids the best way he knows how.  But he realizes that he’s not doing a good job.  When Figgy calls his teaching skills into question, he panics and gets his butt into night school.

Seriously though, what is Glee doing to his character?  Just when I’m excited that he actually gets a real storyline, it becomes one that forces him to make a complete fool out of himself.  Yes, in the end it starts to work out at the end but where is this going?  And don’t even get me started on continuity with his storyline.  Sigh. It makes me sad.


This is a hot topic at McKinley these days since that crazy white supremacist of a history teacher got booted.  Tenure is a huge deal and there are lots of people vying for the spot.  Will wants it so he can support his family.  Sue wants it because she’s well…Sue.  And Roz wants it too.  Sue’s pretty sure she’s got it in the bag but Will needs to step up his game.

Enter Ricky Martin.

David Martinez

I didn’t hate him.  In fact, Ricky was good.  And it sounds like he’s gonna be back.  So, Will takes his night school Spanish class and then gets to know him a bit.  Turns out David has a real passion for teaching and he helps Will get some of that back.  It’s no coincidence to me that Will’s face lit up when he was talking about Glee and having the kids learn Spanish through music.  That’s where his passion lies.

Oh Sue Sylvester

I can always count on Sue to make a ridiculous situation even more ridiculous.  Fact: Sue wants to have a baby (what!).  Another fact: no one wants to have one with her.  So of course the natural conclusion is that she finds someone and forces them to be the father.  And what more appropriate a group than a bunch of teenage boys.  Really Sue?

When Will tells her that it’s a terrible idea to recruit the kids, she decides to set her sights on someone older.  Him.  My thought process at this point is, “this is getting crazier by the second.”

Sue leave him to go see Figgy (which she thought was her tenure spot but really was just another complaint) and tells him to help himself to the cheer leading magazines while he uh…you know.

What Will You Be Doing in the Year 2030

I just can’t wrap my head around the direction of this episode.  It seemed forced to me – forced in the sense that they needed to find a way to give Ricky Martin a part.  Unfortunately, I feel like I’m the only one who feels this way but oh well.

Anywho, Will challenges the Glee club to Latin week.  You know, because they need to learn Spanish in order to exist in the world in 2030 when apparently the whole world will be speaking only Spanish.  Again, forced.

Once again, my favorite person in the episode is Santana because she asked the real questions and was actually realistic in her questioning of “why now?”  My thoughts exactly, Santana.

Sexy and I Know It

Tell me how Will can get blasted for doing Toxic with the kids and David Martinez can get away with doing “I’m Sexy and I Know It”?  Whatever, it was entertaining and I love choir room songs so I was okay with it.  And it had Duende for sure.

Oh Look It’s the Guidance Counselor

Remember that time Emma was a guidance counselor and not someone’s wife or fiance?  Yeah me neither but tonight, tonight she was again!!  Look at that!  It’s about damn time.  Her counseling to Sam & Mercedes was a little unorthodox but it got to the heart of the issue.  No talking – makes perfect sense actually.  Deny yourself something you think you want and then find out if you really want it after you’ve been separated from it.

Actually, I really liked Emma in this episode.  I know, gasp.  She was her own woman, she actually gave advice, and she wasn’t totally whiny and lame.  Congrats writers, you gave a woman a strong arc and had her do her job.  She deserved that tenure spot.  There, I said it.

NeNe Leakes

Now this is casting I can get behind.  I’m always the happiest with casting I thought I would hate (Gwyneth).  NeNe Leakes is the best thing to happen to Glee in the last few weeks.  She is hilarious, she can deliver a line like a beast, and she is a breath of fresh air.  Keep her on forever ok? Ok.  JUST WATCH THIS HILARIOUSNESS.

Sleepover Time

Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel have a Twilight Saga sleep over complete with Twilight level drama.  The long and short of it is that Rachel spills the beans about her engagement to Finn.  Kurt & Mercedes lose their minds and tell her she’s crazy and then Kurt leaves to go talk to Finn.  They’re right, she is crazy.  But what comes later is epic on Kurt’s part.

Rachel’s little speech about choosing to know that you have the right person hit Mercedes.  She’s got a decision to make and she chooses her song carefully.  And pretty much sings the entire thing to Sam.  Oh you Sam/Mercedes lovers out there probably ate this up.  It was so cute!

After Mercedes brought down the house (god I love when she sings) the boys took on Bomboleo/Hero and it was just hilarious. Those shoes?  Gotta get some of those.  Dont’ think it didn’t go unnoticed that Sam totally sang that to Mercedes.  Ugh the cute!  And the tricky way to get around Emma’s no talking rule.  Sneaky kids!

Don’t Hog My Finance’s Nog

OMG Emma.  Her pamphlets never cease to amaze me.

This scene though was amazing.  I have said it once and I’ll say it a million more times, I love it when they make Sue human.  The way she talked about Will?  Ugh, my heart exploded.  Made me want her to have a kid.

Kurt Saves the Day

This whole scene was perfect.  Kurt said everything I wanted to say to Finn and Rachel about their engagement.  Look, I’m not discounting that they are in love and I know lots of people get married right out of high school but Kurt made the most valid points ever during this.  No one is saying that they shouldn’t ever get married.  All I think is being said is that they should wait.  Finn should find out what he really wants from life.  He’s an amazing guy and so much more than his father.  He deserves to give himself that chance to succeed.  Rachel needs to live her dreams without being tied down.  I got married very young and trust me, it is hard to do what you have always dreamed of doing when you are so young and so inexperienced.  They are settling because they feel like it’s the next logical step and it’s not.  Thank god Kurt helped Finn see that.

Trouble in Lover Land?

Will was in a mood.  Wouldn’t you be?  Emma was being cute and peppy and he was in no mood for it.  Yes, he was mean.  No, she didn’t particularly deserve it BUT she was there.  This is what happens in a normal relationship.  You wind up hurting the people you love the most.  It sucks, but it’s true.  However, it leads to progression in said relationship.  It’s just weird when couples don’t fight so I’m glad the writers threw in some angst for these two.

P.S. I want all of Emma’s pamphlets.

Best Number of the Whole Episode

La Isla Bonita.  One of my all time favorite songs and sung beautifully by David and Santana.  Also, it was kinda hot.  Not even gonna lie.

And then we get to Will’s number and I was in agony the entire time.  Don’t get me wrong, we all know I love when that man sings or dances but this was just painful.  I was so embarrassed for him.  Ugh.  The best part of the whole thing was the end when Santana ripped into him.  Thank god she was there to help him realize that his real passion lies in teaching Glee.


…of Spanish night school goes to Will Schuester.  And then the bomb hits – Will doesn’t want to teach Spanish anymore.  In fact, he’s not even sure he wants to teach anything but Glee anymore.  Maybe History but still…where are they going with this?  He’s the heart of the show, there is not Glee without him so what’s going to happen?  I’m about 99% certain Ricky Martin will be back as it sounds to me like he accepted the job.  And now, what of Will?  And will they actually address this in the coming episodes?

Mystery Narc

We know that Santana was the one to complain to Figgy about Will but we didn’t know who complained to him about Sue…until the very end.  Turns out Becky is less that happy with how things are going on Cheerios and wanted it to be known.  Surprisingly, Sue was not mad and came out on top.  What a lady!  Now raise your hand if you think she’ll actually have a baby.


Is that their ship name?  Whatever it is, it doesn’t look like it’s happening just yet.  Sadness – I really like them.  But I bet it’s gonna happen for them soon enough.  I hope so at least because Shane’s annoying.  And at least 50.

Professor Dollface

Shocker!  Emma got tenure.  Gotta say, I saw that one coming a million miles away but she deserved it.  And she also deserved a good apology from her man because he was kinda mean.  Good thing she got it in the form of the most romantic Will moment I’ve ever seen.  These two are in it for the long haul and that’s sweet.  I really hope they give them some, shall we say, physical development because this is just getting ridiculous.  My fear is that the writers forget all the adult storylines after this episode.  Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

Ok, now that I’ve reached the end of this terrible review I realize something.  This episode was built around Ricky Martin.  I feel like they got the go ahead to have him on the show and then they forced a storyline for him.  It was much like the time Olivia Newton John was on the show.  I loved her and I loved her parts but the whole episode was weak overall.  This was your quintessential filler episode and the perfect outlet for them to use their stunt casting to promote Ricky in Evita and lead them into their next two huge episodes.  I didn’t hate it (I hated what they did to Will but that’s another rant for another time) but I didn’t love it either.  It was…meh.

Now it’s your turn to sound off, hit the comments and tell me what you thought.  And remember friends, let’s play nice.  There is no need to get nasty.

Here’s what we have to look forward to next week:

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  1. I agree….meh. Best things were those you hit on. Casting NeNe: the best thing Glee has done since Dot Marie Jones. Hate that Will has to serially look stupid: since when is he not able to understand Spanish?? Crazy town… One more thing: Beiste singing Emma’s praises: “Genius! Punkin’!” I just love her!!

  2. Definite filler. It had it’s moments but it wasn’t one of Glee’s best.

    Liked that Emma had some development. She did her job and did it well. I loved that she told Will she could take care of herself and that she got the tenure position. Really hate incompetent teacher Will. You can’t just take whatever position happens to be open at the time… need to be certified and demonstrate competency in your subject. They made Will look stupid in order to give Ricky Martin an “in”. Not happy with that.

    Hoping that Heart will be better…..

  3. Just one question: Where was Tina in this ENTIRE episode? They made reference to Blaine not being there (his surgery/Darren on Broadway) but did the writers really think we could go a whole ep and not notice that a somewhat major cast member was MISSING? Booooo 😦

  4. There was so much more to this episode than “filler”. Any opportunity to have Ricky Martin sing and dance is a major plus. Also Kurt/Chris Colfer stole every shot that he was in. This young man is a genius. The fact that he was the voice of reason in this episode was terrific.

    As for Will and Sue, the most least-liked episodes have been centered around either of these two. The writers keep trying to reinforce that they are two main characters. They just are not any more, at least not successfully. Many reviewers are suggesting that they even be moved from regulars to guest status on the show.

    It isn’t fair to see Glee called the “Blaine Show” anymore. The show has also become the “Santana Show” and it has always been the “Rachel Show”.

    It would be terrific to see more of Ricky Martin after his Broadway run is over. Maybe next season?

  5. Why no mention of Sugar? She had her biggest background appearance since the breakup of the Trouble-tones. Is she a scene-stealer or what? Liking her, interested to see what next week brings for her given the preview.

  6. I’m in complete agreement with the recap, from the awesomeness of NeNe Leakes to Emma’s hilarious (aka provacative) pamphlets to the fact that it was time for Will & Emma to have some sort of disagreement (for all the reasons mentioned in the recap), to the sweet make-up kisses, and finally to what on earth are they doing to Matt Morrison’s role in this show? Two weeks ago, in Yes/No—-he’s amazing. MJ episode—he’s non-existent; he didn’t even get a song. And now they’ve made him suddenly incompetent as a Spanish teacher, and he doesn’t even understand the word “ear”? C’mon, gaggle of new writers! He was hired as the heart of the show, Ryan Murphy promoted him as such, and now he’s essentially a supporting character. Why? What’s going on? From his recent interviews, he doesn’t seem interested in leaving, and I guess a paycheck is a paycheck, but he’s so much better than he’s being allowed to be on a regular and consistent basis. He’s known for being respectful of directors and writers and says he’s just there to deliver the lines, so it seems doubtful that he’s going to voice any objections he might have. Guess it’s up to the fans to do that for him, with the hope that somebody who has some influence over all things Glee will read the comments and fix it. In a nutshell: I agree with the others that it was an average episode, and Glee should never be just average.

  7. Agree on the big picture – meh episode all around. Disagree on some of the details, though. I didn’t think any of the musical numbers, for example, rose above average or even warranted a second viewing. I did think the storyline, as is usual of late, left much to be desired in terms of continuity. Comedy wise, though, it actually had some bright spots, most from Coach Roz. Big point of difference between your review and mine, though – didn’t care at all for Santana in this episode,which is pretty much a first. My problem was with her storyline with Will. While I agreed with what she said to him in the end and think it needed to be said, I thought it was absolutely absurd that she was the one who said it. Yes, she and the other students deserved a better Spanish teacher, but if she really cared about Will and his passion for teaching, she would have gone to him directly instead of ratting him out to the principal behind his back, a move that could have cost him all his teaching assignments including Glee. I know it’s Glee and thus continuity always is questionable, but this was after all supposed to be Santana, not exactly a character who has been afraid of speaking her mind to Will before. Why now would she take the ratty move instead? That seems more in line with Sebastian, and it’s odd to me that all of the other New Directions members would be OK with this tactic. (Well odd if this was, again, anything like actual real life.) Why should any of them trust someone who would prefer to publicly embarrass someone they claim to care about than talk to him directly? There’s more bull there in that logic than there was in Mike and Brittany’s costumes.

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