Glee Scoop: There’s a New Love Triangle Going Down!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you ready for some sugar?

We mean Glee‘s Sugar Motta, obviously, played by the lovely Vanessa Lengies. Tonight’s a big episode for her, and it’s a big episode for love. Vanessa spills everything on “Heart,” plus teases a crazy Regionals episode…

“There’s a lot of kissing. There’s a lot of romance,” she tells us about tonight’s ep. “There’s a love triangle between my character, Artie and Rory, who fight over me the entire episode, which I didn’t mind one bit.”

How can you mind when Kevin McHale (who Vanessa calls “yummy”) is serenading you with Mario‘s “Let Me Love You?” But then there’s also Rory Flannigan (Damian McGinty) with his accent and boyish charm. “Before Artie’s sexy number, Rory’s kind of in the lead with his gift-giving ability. I think you’ll find Rory Flannigan quite the thoughtful gift giver,” she tells us. “And in the end he also does a serenade for Sugar. There both trying very hard. Sugar’s a hard heart to win over.”

After the love dust settles around their love triangle, it’ll be time for Regionals! An episode, as we told you yesterday, that will be full of shocking twists and turns. When we asked if the episode ends on a big cliffhanger, Vanessa confirmed by telling us: “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I can’t tell you because I don’t want to ruin it and I’ll probably get in a serious amount of trouble. This one I would not have expected.”

Besides a killer ending, the Regionals episode will also be full of, what else, big song and dance numbers. “Regionals was awesome,” she gushes. “I can tell you that the Troubletones come back for a number in the competition, because that was part of the deal of the teams merging after sectionals. So you have a big, fun girl power number that was so fun to do.”

And of course by now we know that tonight’s episode of Glee will be dedicated to the late and great Whitney Houston, with Mercedes (Amber Riley) singing “I Will Always Love You” to her valentine. “She made me cry!” Vanessa says. “She did it justice and it was beautiful.”


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