What’s Next for Quinn?

Ok, while a lot went down during last night’s Glee — New Directions won Regionals, Rachel nearly married Finn, Sue got pregnant — I am only interested in talking about Quinn Fabray’s episode ending car accident.But before we dissect the ramifications this traffic jam might have on the remainder of season three, let’s first reflect on the total hatchet-job the writers (cough Ryan Murphy cough) have inflicted upon Quinn — and, to a large extent, Dianna Agron) this season.

Rumor has it that creator Ryan Murphy loathes Dianna and that’s why Quinn’s storylines have been the leftovers from a sh*t sandwich.

If true, that is wildly unprofessional, but not at all surprising given the fact that Quinn’s personality has changed so wildly from episode to episode (anhedonic goth, vindictive child snatcher, baby-hungry near-raper, good christian, anti-glee club beeyotch, dearly devoted glee-club princess all in the span of 14 episodes) that fans who’ve stuck with her have suffered case after case of whiplash.

But even given this track record, it seems pretty cruel that Quinn would only get redemption — and a Cheerios uniform — moments before she gets hit by a car while texting and driving. An act that will (presumably) ruin Rachel’s wedding, making Quinn the ultimate objector.

And not to diminish the impact of Glee’s important Don’t Text and Drive message, but Quinn did not run a stop sign or a stop light as a result of her texting (or at least the show didn’t properly imply that she had). So in reality, the guy who barreled into Quinn was truly at fault (way to botch that message, Glee). But I digress.

So yes, Quinn’s car was demolished by a deficient driver, leaving us to wonder what happened to the newly reinstated Cheerio over the upcoming 7 week hiatus.

Thankfully I have some spoilers about what’s to come on Glee — so read on if you want to know.

First of all, this photo was snapped on the Glee set Tuesday, revealing that Quinn not only survives but Dianna will get an upper arm workout in the weeks to come.

As for the next episode back, titled Big Brother, it features the first appearance of Matt Bomer as Blaine Anderson’s brother, Cooper.

Yes, that’s right. Cooper Anderson. Bathe in that one boys and girls.  And that’s not the only nugget to come out about Big Brotherclick here to find out more.


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