E!’s Daily Spoiler Chat

Richie: Glee scoop on Klaine!
You know how we were never really worried about Sebastian (Grant Gustin) stealing Blaine (Darren Criss) away from Kurt (Chris Colfer) because he was a giant tool? Well, Klaine fans might not want to relax just yet because Glee is looking for a new gay male character to come on the show who will be the opposite of Sebastian: sweet, funny, handsome and optimistic. Sound like a good match for anyone you know?

Karen: Just saw that Max Adler got cast in a new show? No more Karofsky?! I love the bear cub!
Pump your brakes, and throw it in reverse, girl. Yes, Adler was cast in the ABC drama pilot Last Resort but he’s only appearing as a guest star. So he still has lots of opportunities to come back on Glee as a Karofsky, and Adler is more than willing to return to the role. ” I would love it,” he told us. “To have experienced that life and to have this role has just been incredible and I think it’s really important for people to see it.” Of course if Last Resort gets picked up and he’s bumped up to a series regular on the show…then a contract battle may ensue. But sources tell us the Glee honchos adore Adler and believe his performance in the last episode was second to none.



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