Jane Lynch: Yes, ‘Glee’ coach Sue Sylvester is pregnant

Glee won’t be back with new episodes until April 10, but its Emmy-winning star, Jane Lynch, has found a way to keep busy besides practicing her cheerleader-coach Sue Sylvester’s putdowns. She guest-hosted on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonighton Monday, chatting with 78-year-old comedy icon Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa.

“The hours before, I was doing manic researching, breaking out crying … not really,” says Lynch, 51, sounding as cool and collected as she did on-air during her first-ever TV interviewer job. While she says she loves acting, she also enjoys talking to people and having the opportunity to learn new things.

Did Rivers, who is known for her caustic commentary of celebrity awards-show attire, critique her outfit? “She didn’t,” Lynch says. “At least, not on the show.” The actress, who wore a dark jacket over a beige blouse, gives her ensemble a thumbs-down, though. “I should have worn color.”

As for Sue, the single lady was last seen declaring herself to be pregnant. Is that true?

“Yes, she is about four months along,” she says. “I have a pregnancy pad to wear and new track suits with empire waists. ”

Who is the father? “I don’t know. I don’t think they have decided yet.”

Those Gleeks who need a Lynch fix in the meantime can see her as a nun in The Three Stooges: The Movie, opening April 13.


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