Lauren Potter Launches Web Series

GLEE star Lauren Potter (Becky Jackson) is starring in the new comedy web series LEADER OF THE PACK created by Richard Redlin launching appropriately on March 21st – World Down Syndrome Day. “I’m so excited because this show is about a boy with Down syndrome, and all the people in it are a little different. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see Down syndrome, but when all of the people that are acting with me are a little different, then I don’t just see DS, I see just me,” offers Lauren.

LEADER OF THE PACK focuses on a charming teen, Blake (Luke Spinelli, Becky Jackson’s Prom date on GLEE), who has Down syndrome. When his well-meaning, but over-protective mom takes him to the Special Ed Center each day, Blake’s secret life begins. Despite the protests of Jenny (Lauren Potter) he ducks out the back door with his pal Joey (newcomer Jared Kozak who also has Down syndrome). While they enjoy a series of adventures cruising around on his battery powered electric scooter, Jenny covers for him back at the center. When Blake spots High School senior Denise (Alanna Brown, NYPD BLUE) he’s instantly smitten. She’s out to save the planet and has a boyfriend, but when she meets Blake her world gets turned upside down by the feelings that arise.

Series creator Richard Redlin (THE MENTALIST) has overcome a physical disability himself and creates work that showcases performers’ abilities rather than their limitations. His past work includes the film LEGS starring Robert David Hall (CSI) and TRUST ME (nominated for 2 BackStage West Garland Awards). He says “Rather than just have a character with Down syndrome surrounded by an ensemble cast, I wanted to turn that around and have these 3 extremely talented actors in lead roles playing regular teens.”

LEADER OF THE PACK web series is produced by Richard Redlin Photography Studio LLC with fiscal sponsorship from Filmmakers Alliance L.A. (a 501 c 3) making it a non-profit. The project had casting assistance from The Down Syndrome Association of L.A. and Gail Williamson ( is supervising producer on LEADER OF THE PACK.

Lauren Potter is the only person with an intellectual disability appointed to the “President’s Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities” where she is advising Obama on issues relating to intellectual disabilities.


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