Darren Criss Q&A: On ‘Angry’ Blaine and Music vs Acting

Former Billboard cover boy Darren Crisshas had an eventful year since we featured him and his breakout role as Blaine Anderson, Lima’s preppy, bowtie-wearing, dreamboat boyfriend to Kurt Hummel. All he’s had on his plate is a tour and new production from his Team StarKid theater company, a 3-week stint as a leading man on Broadway, an international summer arena tour and 3D movie, a film role opposite Kristin Wiig, and, oh yeah, that little show called “Glee.” No big deal.

In this week’s episode, the first back after a lengthy winter hiatus that leads into the final episodes of the season, the former Warbler takes center stage in Big Brother, which focuses on Blaine’s troubled relationship with his “famous” older brother Cooper (played by “White Collar”‘s Matt Bomer). We caught up with Criss to talk about Blaine’s anger issues, what Criss’s solo music might sound like and the most exciting moment in his whirlwind year of fame (Hint: It’s fuzzy and green.)


We’ll get to this week’s episode in a moment, but first — FOX just released stills from the Whitney Houston tribute episode and based on that desk you’re clearly doing “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay,” just minus the leather cuff around your neck from the video.

(Laughs) You’re probably the only person that knows that. I mean, if that’s out there in the world I’m sure people are figuring it out, but I have not seen that picture.

You look fierce. It’s a fierce song.

Well, thank you. I’m not going to confirm that, but that is a crazy desk.


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