Gloria Estefan Talks Glee Finale Visit

On the Season 3 finale of Fox’s Glee (airing Tuesday at 8/7c), the graduating seniors may be saying goodbye, but they’ll also be saying “hello” to Gloria Estefan— playing Santana’s mom, Maribel Lopez.

While she won’t be singing during this TV appearance, the three-time Grammy winner will be delivering “zingers” at Breadstix. In the following Q&A, the self-proclaimed “Gleek” previews a “monkey wrench” for Brittana, talks about her in-depth preparation for the role and even gives her suggestions for Season 4. (And Ryan Murphy is listening!)

TVLINE | You’ve always been a fan of Glee. How did this role come about?
Funny story: I was visiting my son in L.A. about a year and a half ago and we all went to the set, just as fans — as Gleeks. I met Naya [Rivera], and she was super sweet and said she was a big fan of mine. [Later on] I got a call that they wanted me to play her mom, and I was beyond thrilled! I spoke to Ryan [Murphy] and we were on the same page about who Santana’s mom was, and it was a lot of fun to create that character. Plus, I was upset with that grandma! Santana needed a supportive mom.

TVLINE | What is Maribel and Santana’s relationship like? We haven’t met her before — has she been away?
The tradition with Glee is almost Snoopy-like with no parents around, but they’ve been sneaking them in little by little. The way Ryan and I imagine Maribel is that she had the musical talent, but she put her life on hold because she got pregnant and probably helped put her husband through med school. Since Santana’s tough-cookie grandma was probably rough on Maribel — maybe even instrumental in making her decide against going after her music career — it makes Maribel want to see Santana to really fly and be successful. Plus, since she couldn’t go to college, it makes her want to see her daughter go to school even more.

TVLINE | Is it “like mother, like daughter” when it comes to Santana’s snark and sass?
Yes! They are very close, and Maribel is very sweet and supportive of Santana, but they are alike in their sarcastic sense of humor and attitude. In the scene when she is with Santana and Brittany in Breadstix, there are a lot of reactions to things the girls are saying back and forth — and Maribel has got a couple of zingers there, too! I’m actually very thankful to Naya’s fans because when I went online to do my research, they had edited together clips with every scene that she has been in! I was thinking that there was going to be some shared physical reaction that I could add; she’s got a little thing that she does with her head a lot that she might have gotten from her mom! [Laughs]


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