Ask Ausiello

Question: How is next season of Glee going to work exactly, what with half the show being set in New York and the other half at McKinley? —Jenny

Ausiello: This is subject to change, but it’s my understanding that they’re taking a Lost-like approach to Season 4 — devoting whole episodes to one location or the other. In other words, the premiere might be set at NYADA with Rachel and Kurt, while Episode 2 could focus on the first day back at McKinley. Smart way to go, IMHO.

Question: Please tell me Glee will actually be shooting in New York next season and not on some cheesy Hollywood backlot outfitted to look like New York. We can tell the difference. —Melissa

Ausiello: And so, apparently, can Ryan Murphy. “We’re coming to New York,” the Glee boss insists. “Nothing is in stone, because we’re still budgeting, but I would love to come once every week and shoot a lot of scenes there. We are 100 percent doing that; we’re not going to do it all on a soundstage. That was one of the fun reasons to do [the storyline].”

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