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Glee’s “Asian F” Makes TV Guide’s List of 2011’s Best TV Episodes

14. “Asian F,”Glee
Say what you will about the current season of Glee — Why did Quinn go psycho? Where did Mr. Schue disappear to? Can Sue be saved? — there’s no denying that “Asian F” deserves a standing O for being a brilliant showcase for the lesser-seen characters, all of whom were trying to overcome longstanding struggles. Mercedes channeled her inner J. Hud as she decided to step into her own spotlight, Mike unleashed his pent-up angst for his parents to West Side Story‘s perfect pressure-cooker number “Cool,” and Emma suffered an OCD relapse when forced to deal with her own destructive, “ginger-supremacist” parents. If nothing else, the hour was a potent reminder that Glee is capable of delivering the heartbreaking goods.


GleeHab Review: “Asian F”

While I’m not going to go all crazy and say this was the best episode of Glee ever, I am going to say that it kicked a lot of ass.  There was quite a bit of hype leading up to this episode and because I managed to stay pretty much spoiler free (that was near impossible by the way) I was super impressed with it.  There was a ton wrapped up in this episode so let’s not waste any time.  And remember, please play nice.


Tell me I’m not the only one that kind of hated her in this episode.  So what happens, she gets a boyfriend and then turns into a giant bitch?  While I think she was a little over the top, I do get where she is coming from.  That whole line about it being the Rachel Berry show…spot on girlfriend.  And I totally knew she was going to jump ship and head over to Shelby’s club after all was said and done.  It could prove for some interesting competition so bring it on!


You guys, it’s totally gotta be porn.  “It kept me off craigslist” OMG that was fantastic.  But seriously, Emma with her giant bridezilla box (HOW THE F*** DID SHE GET AN AUTOGRAPHED HEAD SHOT OF VERA WANG. I WANT IT NOW!!) and Will with his secret whatever was cute.  You can’t help but see that Will is a little um…frustrated in that scene.  But chime the bells friends because Will wants to marry that girl and it seems that they need to get their ducks in a row before that happens.  First thing’s first…meet the parents.  Emma has obviously at least been in the same room as Will’s parents (Acafellas anyone?) but Will has yet to meet the matriarch and patriarch of the Pillsbury clan.  You can’t blame a guy for wanting to get to know his future wife’s parents right?  Turns out that wasn’t the best idea…

Meet the Changs

Perfect casting is perfect.  I loved this scene and I loved every single little thing with Mike, his parents, and all of it.  What I loved even more is that Figgins still thinks that Tina is a vampire.

But for real, this whole Asian F thing is pretty hardcore.  Poor Mike having to choose between what he loves and what his parents want.  I bet this hit home with a lot of kids out there.  I’m sure every one of us has been in that position before.  I LOVED this storyline for Mike, and Harry did a phenomenal job.  Don’t even get me started on that amazing scene between his mom and him.  More on that later.


Amber did an incredible job with this song.  The scene leading up to it bugged me but I like that she let it lose her audition.  I guess I’m glad that her boy is helping her feel better about herself and all but I never really thought of Mercedes as having low self-esteem.  She’s always confident.  Perhaps this was the point of her storyline. Thoughts?

Girls Rule the World

Heather freaking Morris, I can’t even deny that I would totally make out with you when you dance.  My god.  That girl has got some moves and a set of pipes.  But my temporary homosexuality aside, I really loved how they led up to this whole kick ass flash mob.  Kurt gets a kick in the pants from a surprisingly educated Brittany and soon has himself some hearty competition.  Oh oh and Brittany’s one liners and Santana’s zings made this whole scene awesome.  The best part?  Kurt sitting in the bleachers like, oooooooh sh**.

Too Close to Call

Well, it seems that the directors have a really tough choice on their hands.  It’s too close to call in the running for Maria so they are forced to do a call back or a “Maria-off” in order to chose who is going to play the iconic role.

Cut to the hallway where we see Mike rushing to meet his Chem tutor and bam, he spots the dance studio and he is sucked in.  And then we get…


Harry Shum Jr. for all the awards.  First of all, hello there the boy can sing!  He’s sure come a long way from that horrible (obviously fake/perfect acting) piece he did last season.  And couple his awesome voice with those amazing dance moves?  It’s no wonder he’s all about the boogie and not about the bookie (see what I did there…I know, not funny).

I loved everything about this number.  The football players joining in after Bieste’s push to get them to be a part of the musical, the perfect choreography for West Side Story with a twist of Harry’s own moves, and a totally shocked audience led to what I felt was the best number of the night.  Claps for Harry, for real.  He was amazing.

Breadstix Delivers

Oh how I love Bieste.  I love her almost as much as I love her friendship with Will.  Turns out Bieste is a bit run down so she stuffs her face with a huge bowl of Breadstix pasta in order to keep her strength up.  Am I the only one that didn’t know she was running the student council elections?  I must have missed that.  But I digress…it seems that Will feels like Emma might be ashamed of him.  You know, what with her not wanting him to meet her parents and all.  So Bieste takes the Wemma into her own hands and encourages Will to just invite them over.  Bieste speaks the truth…he is a catch, he is a dream son-in-law.  YOU BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY!

He takes her advice.  And it backfires.  More to come on that.

It’s Guy Love

Ten bucks to the first person that can name where that came from.

Oh Kurt and Blaine and your constant adorableness.  Kurt, the ever-loving boyfriend practically surrenders Tony to Blaine and presents him with some lovely roses in the process.  I’m sure that was so hard for Kurt but he was right, Blaine is the quintessential Tony.  I think what bothered Kurt more is that Blaine didn’t kiss him in front of everyone.  I wonder if Blaine has a little PDA phobia.

It’s All Over

I really liked the idea of this scene but I think it was kind of weird.  Anyone else feel that way?  Regardless, Amber killed it, Naya killed it and the whole thing was awesomely creative.

Now, Out Here on My Own was ten kinds of amazing.  Rachel and Mercedes were just incredible.  But, Mercedes was better and Rachel knew it.  Hence her mad dash to Bieste to put her hat in the ring for senior class president.  This is getting so intense!

Mike and His Mommy

O.M.G. I am in love.  Mike and his mom…so much love!!  That’s all.

Ralph Malf

Yes, I’m old.  Deal with it.

I have to say, the casting in this episode was awesome.  Emma’s parents were perfect but they were all sorts of crazy.  I have to say, I didn’t really dig the whole “ginger supremacists” thing.  It wasn’t that funny, felt forced.  BUT, leave it to Will Schuester to swoop in and make me love him by standing up for her.

Now, to address the runoff lagoon thing.  Here’s my theory…that’s not why she had OCD.  I think, way back in season 1 when she told Will that’s how she got it, she was making it up to avoid talking about her parents.  But hey, who knows.

Trouble in Paradise for Rachel Berry

Oh Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.  She is all thrown in a tizzy because she knows she’s not going to get the part of Maria.  She freaks out and puts herself in the running for class president, she pisses off Kurt (I thought they were besties), and Finn is kinda pissed at her.  Not only that, she does end up getting the part of Maria only to have to share it with Mercedes which won’t look good on her NYADA application.  She is gracious about the shared role but Mercedes is far from it.

This Rachel Berry is the perfect Rachel in my eyes – the constantly driven, hellbent, and stop-at-nothing diva that will do anything to get ahead.  I love her.  Mercedes on the other hand, needs to pull it together.  End rant.

Fix You

I have been waiting for this for a whole week.  When the song was released on Thursday, I nearly passed out.  I was hoping that this would somehow restore my love for Will & Emma but I’m just not there yet.  First of all, the praying thing totally freaked me out.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a religious person at all.  But once again, Will saves it for me (and haters can step off) because he just did whatever he needed to do to help her feel comfortable.  Call me crazy though, but I felt like this could have been a really great opportunity for them to actually talk. To actually hash out what is happening in Emma’s head so he can really help her.  But regardless, the song was beautiful and the message it sent was very sweet.  And Matt was perfect. I also love how they used this song not only for Wemma, but to wrap up the whole episode.

Sound off my friends, what did you think?

And now we have a 3 week hiatus.  This makes me sad but I guess we should blame it on baseball amiright?  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come on November 1st when Glee comes back.  The next episode is called Pot O’ Gold and apparently we finally get to meet young Damian’s character!

“Asian F” Promo #3

GLEE – First Look: “Asian F”

Sneak Peek: “Rule the World”

Spoilers for “Asian F”

Click HERE and HERE for some spoilery posts about “Asian F”.  I’m doing my best to stay spoiler-free so ENJOY!

First Listen Friday

Head on over to Glee the Music’s Facebook page to listen to all the tracks from Tuesday’s episode of Glee, “Asian F”!

Sneak Peek: “Asian F”

First Listen: “Fix You”

The Huffington Post broke this little goody yesterday.

It goes without saying that I’m obsessed with it.

First Look: Get Ready for the Best Episode of Glee…Ever! (Yes, Ever!)

E! was one of the few lucky groups who got to see a screener of next week’s Glee.  Take a look at what lies ahead.  *Note: minor spoilers below.


If you watch only one television show next week, let it be Glee.

What? What’s that you say? You used to watch but it fell off your DVR schedule? Or you never really thought it was your thing?

Well then, you especially better watch. ‘Cause I just got my hands on a screener for this Tuesday’s episode (through supersecret channels…Shhhh) and can tell you without any hesitation: It is arguably the best episode of Glee, not just this season but in the history of the series.

Yeah, you heard me.

Why? Here’s the scoop…

Glee has completely found its heart again. And then some.

As you fans know, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the cast has been telling us for months that Glee is returning to its roots, focusing on the core characters instead of guest stars, and getting back to the emotional crux that made many of us fall in love with the show in the first place.

Well, get ready to fall again. This Tuesday’s episode, “Asian F,” not only presents one of the best storylines for fan-favorite underdog character Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.), it also presents the best work we’ve seen yet from Amber Riley, Heather Morris, Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays. And even better, some of you fans will be elated to hear that Mr. Schuester and Rachel are once again likable and relatable. (So long, cocky manwhore and grating diva!)

The storylines are tight, grounded, completely believable and emotionally gripping. The musical numbers are mind-blowingly good and introduced through organic, and yet unexpected, ways.

Oh yeah, and you will cry.

Without giving too much away, here’s a little scoop on what you can expect from Tuesday’s Glee:

  • An awesome Heather Morris number: “Run the World (Girls).” (You may feel an uncontrollable urge to get up and dance.)
  • Harry Shum Jr.’s first solo. It’ll blow you away! He is amazing in this episode, and proves himself fully worthy as a full-fledged series regular. Also, there’s a scene with his mom that will make you cry.
  • The best Amber Riley performance ever, as she seeks to prove she’s a lead in her West Side Story audition.
  • A “Maria-Off” between Rachel and Mercedes that “we’ll be talking about forever,” according to Kurt.
  • My favorite-ever Will and Emma scene toward the end of the episode. (Bring Kleenex.) It will bring you to your knees.
  • A “supremacist” storyline that will make you laugh…then cry.
  • A nod to The Glee Project. (There are auditions for the school play, you know!)
  • A Mercedes twist that changes the course of the season.

Coach Bieste perhaps sums up this episode best: Prepare to be “emotionally pancaked.”

Can you tell I didn’t hate it? Nahhh



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