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“Extraordinary Merry Christmas” Deleted Scene: SANTA BABY

Behind the Scenes Photos: Matthew Morrison Directs “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”


B-Roll: “Do They Know It’s Christmas”

Additional (and some unseen) Stills from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

Behind the Scenes: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

GleeHab Review: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

It seems this episode is getting mixed reviews but this girl has to say…IT WAS MAGIC!  Now before I get swamped with the inevitable “you just have your Matthew Morrison glasses on” emails, Matt’s brilliant directing aside, this episode was everything a Christmas special should be.  Especially a Glee Christmas special.  It had a cheesy plot, over-the-top music, and a relatively unbelievable storyline…therefore,  it was perfect!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I loved this as the opening scene.  Amber brought down the house as always and it was just so super cheery and bright!  I loved last year’s Christmas episode but it was so sad.  I was happy to see them all smiling and having fun in the choir room as usual.

Cut to the hallway where Rachel clearly didn’t get the message of the song.  Instead of heeding Mercedes’ singing advice, Rachel presents Finn with a list of goodies that she just has to have.  Well, at least 5 of them.  Oh my, Rachel was so awesome in this episode!  I may not be Lea’s biggest fan but I love Rachel Berry something fierce.  That crazy chick always makes me laugh and Lea freaking nails her performance every single week.

Christmas Humanizes Sue

I’m not sure how I feel about Sue this season.  I’ve gotten mixed reviews from all of you but for some reason she’s not my favorite like she once was.  I think the political storyline took her boisterous character and amped it up to the point of annoyance for a few episodes there.  I was happy to see the softer side of Sue in this episode.  She was still sharp-tongued but she was also human again, I like that.

Anywho…Sue asks Artie, Blaine, and Kurt to help her out at the homeless shelter.  After some grumbling and confusion, they agree only to back out of their deal once their big holiday special takes shape.

Rory Flanagan, Never Leave Me

There were two people added this season that I want on the show forever in some capacity:  Rory Flanagan and Sugar Motta.  I’m never a fan of adding new people but somehow Glee makes it work and these two have been amazing additions.  Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) wasn’t in last night’s episode but Damian McGinty was perfect as always.  He is just brings such a cool dynamic to the cast and he sings like and angel.  “Blue Christmas” made me sad and happy all that the same time.  Poor Rory, you can come to Christmas at my house!  Luckily, Sam takes Rory under his wing…what a guy.

After Rory’s rendition of “Blue Christmas” the club decides that this Christmas needs to be a little brighter.  After all, last year’s was miserably sad and depressing.  Well guess what?  Turns out PBS wants McKinley’s Christmas elves to put on an original Christmas special.  Turns out it costs too much to show a video of a burning piece of wood for an hour so for 800 smackers it’s McKinely’s turn.  And Will suggested Artie as the director.  BAM!

Chewbacca, Judy Garland, and Christmas

As part of Artie’s directorial deal, he insists that the special be three-fold: 1, Chewbacca must be present, or at least there should be references to the iconic Star Wars Holiday Special of 1978; 2, It must be shot in black and white; and 3, It is a full throttle homage to another iconic Christmastime treat – the Judy Garland Christmas Show.


Ok I lied when I said I loved everything about this episode.  I didn’t like “River”.  Lea has an amazing voice but in my opinion she doesn’t have one that can cover Joni.  I’m a Joni purist and this song bummed me out.  It was too breathy, too overdone…Joni is soulful and sort of bitter.  This was trite.  I was with Artie on this one.  Sorry.

Black and White Bliss

Hold on to your hats folks because you are about to hear some major love from me about this whoooooole sequence.  But first let’s hear Artie’s set up for the show:

Ok back to the black and white business.  GENIUS.  Pure, unadulterated genius.  Here’s the thing with Glee, they are not afraid to do whatever the hell they want to make something completely original.  A special within a special and shooting it all in black and what?  What can’t you love about that?

From the cheesy dialogue to the politically correct “best friend and holiday roommate” explanation – to characters that eerily resemble Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and all the singing and dancing in between, I loved it all. Let’s bullet point it shall we?

  • “Let It Snow” – cute (too long)
  • “My best friend and holiday roommate” hilarious and very PBS
  • Is Kurt British?
  • 60’s special with high-speed internet = winning
  • Rachel Berry.  Enough said.
  • “Favorite Things” – liked it. Didn’t love it.
  • “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” – cute
  • “Christmas Wrapping” – I LOVE THIS SONG and I thought Heather and the girls were great.  So sue me.
  • Itchy the Holiday Elf – I feel like I should be offended that they brought the actual Christmas story (you know, the birth of Christ?) into the episode but I didn’t mind it.  I thought it was sweet.  Is this the “fair and balanced” side of Fox?
  • The end.

Where’s Patches?

Well, the last 10 minutes of the Glee Christmas Spectacular were cut off because the Yule log found its funding again so the kids had time to rush over to the homeless shelter and serve up some  holiday cheer.  Here’s my one question though – and only die-hard, front 13 enthusiasts will get this – where was Patches?

After a very moving, very Glee rendition of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (buy it here, all proceeds go to Band Aid), everyone is warm and fuzzy.  Sue’s face when she saw them all walk in made me smile.  Watch the performance below – it kicks major ass.

A Pig Named Barbara and The True Meaning of Christmas

After Rachel decides to keep the pig Finn gave her (even after he presents her with earrings AND her very own star) she and Finn decide to go help Sam & Rory spread some real Christmas love.  Turns out all you really need on Christmas are your friends, your family, and the people you love.  All together now…AWWWWWWW.

And there you have it.

A note on Matt’s directing:  It was perfect.  Congratulations to him on a job well done.  I can imagine how hard it is to direct such an enormous cast.  Not to mention the fact that this was an episode unlike any other with new sets, black and white film, and tons of music.  I loved analyzing the camera angles and all the shots.  He did a phenomenal job.  Kudos!

Well, you all know how I feel about the episode – now it’s your turn.  What did you think?  Hit the comments and let me know!

As for what’s in store for Glee’s return in January?  Check out the promo below!

Find Out What Blaine Gave Kurt For Christmas!

That noise you hear is the sound of Klaine ‘shippers everywhere shouting “Bah, humbug!”

Among the publicity shots Fox released for this week’s Christmas-themed Glee episode was an image of Kurt opening a present from Blaine in the halls of McKinley High.

But when the episode aired Tuesday night, the scene was missing from the telecast — leaving fans wondering both why it was cut and what the heck was in the box!

Well, TVLine has an answer to both burning questions.

First off, the sequence was trimmed because the episode was running long; it will, however, be included in the Season 3 DVD. (Another MIA sequence, Santana’s big “Santa Baby” performance, will be made available online as early as next week.) Second, and most importantly, sources confirm that had the present been opened in the episode, viewers would’ve seen Blaine give Kurt a… ring.

And not just any ring. A homemade ring made of gum wrappers. Blaine explains that financial issues prevented him from giving Kurt what he really wanted — an item from the Elizabeth Taylor collection — but something tells me Kurt was hardly disappointed by the no-frills offering. After all, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” ultimately emphasized charity and selflessness over consumerism and flashy gifts.

As for how that ring will affect Klaine going forward — or whether we’ll see Kurt sporting it in the halls of McKinley — we’ll just have to wait to ring in the New Year.


Sneak Peek: “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Sneak Peek: Sue Recruits Artie, Kurt, and Blaine

‘Glee’ Cast Version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to Benefit Band Aid Trust

100% of the net proceeds from the GLEE cast’s version of the BAND AID charity hit “Do They Know It’s CHRISTMAS?” will be donated to the BAND AID TRUST, the charity established to support projects in ETHIOPIA, SOMALIA, and surrounding East African countries.  The new version appears on “GLEE: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2” and will be heard on the FOX series’ CHRISTMAS episode on TUESDAY (12/13).

BAND AID and LIVE AID founder and song co-writer BOB GELDOF said, “The reverberations of this little song continue down the long 26 years since MIDGE URE and I wrote it. It could not be more timely now that GLEE with its vast global audience of young people re-introduce it to a whole new constituency who are probably unaware of the great tragedy unfolding amongst the hungry, poor and dying of SOMALIA as a result of drought and a bitter and pointless civil war. This song was made specifically with that intent. BAND AID would like to thank from the bottom of its heart all the producers and actors of GLEE who have gone beyond their normal brief of entertainment and entered into the spirit and understanding of that recording and its artists 26 years ago and its many subsequent iterations, by opening their web-site to the topic of poverty and the poor and linking it through to the BAND AID and the ONE campaign sites. This is entertainment with purpose. This is putting what you do and who you are to a focused concern and in so doing alter the lives of many thousands of otherwise voiceless people. This is beyond acting or singing or producing, lighting or directing. This is engaging. Out of the blue, what an unlooked for and exhilirating Christmas present not just for the hungry, hurt and poor but for all of us at BAND AID, ONE and the many many artists of LIVE AID and LIVE 8. GLEE…thanks.”



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