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‘Glee’ Promo: “Grilled Cheesus”


I can’t believe next week is the season finale.  The last 9 weeks went by so fast and I am going to go in to serious mourning while we wait for new episodes in September.  Check out the promo for next week’s season finale!

Episode Preview: JOURNEY

Preview: FUNK

Here’s another great preview for Tuesday’s episode of Glee! Looks like Jesse is back to his mean ways…

Glee Promo: FUNK

Will.  Lap Dance.  Funk.  Happy.


Sooooooooo excited for this episode!!


I have to admit something…I am more excited for NPH’s episode of Glee than for the Madonna episode.  Yup, I said it.  NPH is one of my all time favorite actors and he is singing a duet with Matthew Morrison.  Not just any duet…my all time favorite song. EVER.  I am a die-hard Aerosmith fan and I can not wait to see these two duel it out on DREAM ON!  I was worried that it was going to suck but this preview calms my fears.  AND to top it all off we get to see Will in high school!  PRECIOUS!!!

A Little Preview of Tonight’s ‘Glee’

This doesn’t have too much new footage but it’s a little different take on previous promos.  So excited for Glee tonight!!

Promos for “Laryngitis”

Tuesday is only…um…5 days away so that means we don’t have to wait much longer for the next episode of Glee. But to hold you over check out a couple of promos!


This has been out on the web for a few days now but I thought I’d post it anyway.  I’m SUPER excited for Tuesday!  How about you?

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