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GleeHab Review: “On My Way”

Whoa.  I almost feel like that’s enough to sum up the whole episode.  Almost.

I’d just like to put this out there: this episode contained some seriously heavy material.  A lot of people are upset that Glee, a comedy, dug so deep into this but I have to say that I applaud them.  The only beef I have is that they did not put a major disclaimer before the episode warning the audience that some of the material could be triggering.  At the end of this review, I have posted the phone numbers for several support lines.  I beg of you, if you are suffering, please call them.  And I’m not even joking when I tell you that my inbox is always open.

Let’s continue…

Young Barbara Streisand & Old Betty White

Oooh Sebastian you are so easy to hate.  And I loathe you.  I love Grant though, super cool dude I’ve heard.

Sebastian crashes Kurt & Rachel’s bridal bliss to threaten New Directions, and more specifically Rachel, with some mega blackmail.  Finn Hudson naked…in heels…and Photoshopped.  That little brat threatened to upload that picture to the internet if Rachel didn’t drop out of Regionals all together.  He encourages her to come down with the Asian Bird Flu like Tina had (is that how they’re explaining her complete disappearance from one and half episodes?) and drop out of competition.

Rachel is of course horrified and is left in quite the conundrum.  She knows they’ll win if she sings but she knows Finn will be mortified if she doesn’t drop out.  Back in the choir room, Finn is livid and shocked that Rachel has decided to perform and Will tries to convince them all to take the high road.

Can’t say I blame Finn in this one and what Rachel said was a little harsh.  I know he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing after he graduates but she didn’t need to kick him in his ego by telling him that their future depends on her.  It’s all just ugly.

Who Knocked Up Sue?

Quinn is summoned to Sue’s office to be the first to know that Sue is all sorts of pregnant.  Was she asking for advice?  Apparently not.  Quinn however, thought she’d seize the moment and ask for her spot on the Cherrios back.  Aaaaaand Sue shoots her down.  I guess her “nice” preggo hormones hadn’t kicked in yet.

Gird Your Loins

And no, I’m not talking about Dreamy Darren singing his beautiful heart out.  I’m talking about the sequence that goes on throughout his incredible performance of “Cough Syrup”.  I have to say, I have not been the biggest fan of Darren’s solos to date but this one was absolutely phenomenal.  I was literally shaking in my seat from the whole thing.  I would post the whole performance and the sequence that goes along with it but to be honest, it is still hard for me to watch.  The long and short of it is that Karofsky’s bullying hits its peak when his peers write “fag” on his locker.  He goes home and gets online and sees all of the horrible things people have posted about him.  He puts on his Sunday best, walks into the closet, and attempts to commit suicide.

I would like to stop right here and give major props to Max Adler who plays Dave Karofsky.  I can’t imagine what an emotionally taxing role this was for him.  He did a superb job and really needs his own shout out on this.  You could actually feel his pain.  Bravo, Max. Bravo.

Whose Job Was It?

Continuing with this heartbreaking plot, we now find ourselves in Figgins’ office where Bieste, Schue, Emma, and Sue are all talking about what happened.  Emma asks probably the most poignant question, “whose job was it?”  Something like this isn’t anyone’s fault.  Figgins was right to want to tell the student body of what happened.  The sick thing is, is that it takes something like this to make people understand the horrible repercussions bullying can have.

Cut to Kurt calling Quinn out on her bullshit.  Dave was not being selfish and her comparing herself to be anything close to what he was going through was asinine in my opinion.  I’m not discounting what Quinn went through but I didn’t agree with the reasoning behind her words.  Thank God Kurt stepped in and told it like it was.  We also learned that Kurt was holding himself responsible for what happened.

Let’s Get Married!

On to some lighter subject matter.  So Finn & Rachel are still being stupid in their quest for premature marriage.  Ugh I hate this storyline with the fire of a thousand suns.  Love Finchel, hate this plot.  So they agree to get married after they win Regionals…and blah blah blah.

Sebastian Has a Heart?

Sebby calls the gang to Lima Bean to institute a truce.  He destroyed the photos and tells them that he wants to win fair and square.  He then goes on to explain how he played a part in bullying Karofsky.  And then he utters a sentence that makes me so mad that I want to punch a wall, “It’s all fun and games, until it’s not.”  I have news for you, it is never fun and games.  Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now…

Will Schuester.  Teacher of the Year.

THANK THE GLEE GODS that Will had a chance to redeem himself after that Spanish Teacher debacle.  Now this deserves a playback.

This was perfect.


I’ll discuss the Regionals performances in a second but let’s all pause right here:

Yup, that’s none other that Glee co-creator, Ian Brennan.  This made me giddy.

So, now on to Regionals.  AMAZING!  PERFECT!  INCREDIBLE!  And a much-needed lift after such a depressing first half.  Whew.

I loved the Warblers’ performances but I have such a soft spot for the New Directions in competitions.  I ALWAYS cry when they perform.  Ugh it just destroys me in the best possible way.  How cute was Finn making everyone get up?  AND YAY!!! They won and they deserved it.  Duh.

P.S. Long live the Troubletones

After all is said and done, Quinn gets her cheer leading cred back, Rachel gets her buddy at her wedding, and it looks like the wedding is on.

It Gets Better

Kurt brings this heart wrenching storyline to an emotional head when he visits Karofsky in the hospital.  He apologized for not returning his calls and Dave apologized for making his life miserable.  The saddest part about all of this is that this is not a storyline created by Ryan, Ian, and Brad.  This is real life and every day people suffer like Karofsky did.  What people don’t always see though, is that it really does get better and Kurt painted that picture for Dave.  It was beautiful.

Going to the Chapel

Hold the phone…when I was pregnant I was never nice.  But kudos to Sue for using her hormones for good and being genuinely happy for Will and New Directions.  I always love it when they humanize Sue but I’m hoping we’re not seeing the last of her nasty ways.  She’s the perfect villain and I’d love to see a balance of the two.  My guess is that as she gets further along in her pregnancy (it’s going to be so weird to see this play out), she’ll resume her normal bitch behavior.  Lord knows I did.

I’m asking this question again, can Rachel’s dads just stay on the show forever?  I can’t even tell you how much I love these two.  Add Burt and Carole to the mix and it is like an epic foursome of awesome.  I love their plotting to stop the wedding.  I was giggling so hard.  They need a spin-off.

Soon we cut to Finn seeing Rachel in her wedding dress for the first time.  He’s awestruck (she was gorg) and they seemed genuinely happy.  I will say this about them, they are in loooooooove.  I still don’t think they should get married though.

And perhaps they won’t because something HUGE happens that may indefinitely postpone the nuptials.

Cliffhanger, meet Cliffhanger

Quinn is rushing back to make it time for the wedding after picking up her bridesmaid dress.  Rachel is bugging her to hurry and Quinn dutifully ignores the first text as while she’s driving.  But it is the second one that causes the biggest cliffhanger in Glee history.  She goes to answer is and is broadsided by a truck.  And then it’s over.  Fade to black.  To be continued.

WHAAAAAAT???  We don’t know if Quinn is OK and we don’t know if Rachel & Finn got married.  It’s like the biggest double whammy ever.  And SO RUDE!!  Now we have to wait seven freaking weeks to find out what happened.  Ugh damn you Glee and your constant and painful hiatuses (is that the plural of hiatus?)

Well, there you have it.  This episode emotionally drained me.  I thought Glee was about opening yourself up to joy.  I can’t say I’m particularly joyful after that but it was an incredible episode.

Tell me, what did you think?  Hit the comments and let me know!

And for your information:

Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433

LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255

Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386

Sexuality Support: 1-800-246-7743

Eating Disorders Hotline: 1-847-831-3438

Rape and Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673

Grief Support: 1-650-321-5272

Runaway: 1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000

Exhale: After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253

GleeHab Review: “Heart”

I had relatively low expectations for this episode, to be honest.  But, I was pleasantly surprised!  Love was definitely in the air – and it was crazy and super cheesy but kinda cute.  It wasn’t Glee’s finest, but it was tolerable.  Time to review – remember, play nice!

Sugar Freaking Motta

Samuel Larsen aside, I have LOVED LOVED LOVED the new characters they have added this year.  My number one favorite?  Sugar.  Played by the ridiculously talented Vanessa Lengies (of American Dreams fame, remember that show?), Sugar steals every scene she’s in.  Is she the new Brittany?  No.  She’s her own awesome, scene-stealing, energetic ball of awesome.

Anyway…Mr. Schue tells everyone that it’s time to raise money for Regionals and they all gripe and moan at his plan to make them sing classroom-to-classroom.  Can’t say I blame them.  Didn’t work out so well for them last time.  Sugar swoops in and saves the day by giving Mr. Schue the $250 they need for costumes…and hairspray.  Once she’s saved Regionals, she then proceeds to give everyone valentines and invites them to her Sugar Shack.  The catch?  Everyone has to bring a date.  No single people allowed! Uh oh, shit’s about toe get real!

LeRoy & Hirum Berry

Where have these two been all my life?  Seriously, why have they not been in the series from day one?  I have to admit that I was a little sad when they announced that they would finally reveal Rachel’s dads.  I was kind of hoping they’d keep them hidden for the entire series kind of like the Wizard or something.  But I was majorly surprised when I instantly fell in love with Mr. & Mr. Berry as soon as they rolled out on that piano!  I have loved Brian Stokes Mitchell since I saw him in Ragtime and I’ve loved Jeff Goldblum since…well…forever.  PERFECT CASTING!

So, Finn & Rachel and summoned to the auditorium for a pretend meeting but wind up getting a hilarious intro to the Misters Berry.  Get this, they are TOTALLY cool with Rachel & Finn getting hitched.  Hmmm…I smell some reverse psychology here.

God Squad?

Is this like the Celibacy Club but with Jesus?  Yes, apparently it is.  Enter Samuel Larsen.

Ok, if you watched The Glee Project like I did, then you know who he is.  If you didn’t, he’s one of the 372340 people who won The Glee Project.  I didn’t like him then, I don’t like him now.  Plus, he really needs to wash his hair.  Oooh and I reeeeeeallly don’t like his character.

Jump to the lunch room where the gang is talking about who they are taking to Sugar’s party.  Tina and Mike are going together of course.  Puck is taking a whole sorority apparently.  Kurt is going with his “secret admirer” who he assumes in Blaine.  When asked who he is taking, Rory says Sugar.  And then comes the Artie/Rory stare down.  Dun dun dun.  Turns out both lads have their eyes set on Sugar.  Time to battle it out gentlemen!

Tine & Mike

So cute singing L-O-V-E!  Thank you writers for giving them their own full song.  And for actually having Jenna in the episode considering the fact that she was mysteriously absent from middle of “Michael” and the entire last episode.  What the hell is up with that?

During their super cute song, we get a fun montage of Artie and Rory battling it out for Sugar.  Loved it!


Ever since “Sexy” I have adored these two.  ADORED THEM!!  I really want the CD Brit was making for Santana.  In cast you want the track list, just look at the picture.  It’s epic. 

So, Santana is so thrilled with her valentine from Brit that they go to give each other a little smooooooch and Figgy goes and breaks up the lesbian love fest.  Dammit, Figgy!

Turns out the Fig-ster was getting complaints about the “teen lesbians” PDA in the hallways of McKinley.  Santana quickly brought it to his attention that Finn & Rachel are a million times worse.  I totally agree by the way.  Then Figgy said that he would rather see the two of them kiss than “that so-called Finchel”.  Once again, I totally agree.

The root of the problem seems to be that someone complained for religious reasons.  That set Santana off and rightfully so.  Don’t even get me started on my agreement with her “double standard” comment.  It’s okay for a heterosexual couple to kiss in public but not a homosexual couple to do it.  I assume they are trying to make a point here but for a show that touts its views on sexuality the way that Glee does, I’m surprised they used this as a subplot.  Especially since they were so pro-equality and anti-bullying last season.  Poor form in my opinion.

The Finchel Bomb

Ughhh this storyline makes me so livid.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Finn & Rachel in theory but this whole marriage thing is the stupidest sack of dog crap I have ever watched on TV.  I LOVED the glee club’s reaction to their announcement because it was exactly what I would have done.  Tina & Mike are on board.  Artie too.  The rest?  Not so much.

Thank goodness Artie took over on his awesome cover of “Let Me Love You” and knocked this ridiculous Finchel moment down.

Now…before I get dozens of emails and tweets telling me I’m a horrible person because I don’t support Finchel (it happens every week), let me defend myself.  1.  There is no need for them to be the constant scene stealing couple.  2.  They are TOO DAMN YOUNG to get married.  3.  We have endless scenes of Finchel, they dominate the show, and people like JENNA who is also a series regular is straight up missing (with no explanation) for an episode and a half.  How is that ok?

Meanwhile, Artie is wooing Sugar by singing his butt off and being awesome.

Stereo Hearts

First on the God Squad’s list of people to serenade this Valentine’s day?  Oh look at that, a song from Finn to Rachel.  I’ve decided that The God Squad is just Glee’s way of adding more reasons for the cast to spontaneously break out in song.  I’m okay with it, really.  I just still don’t like Samuel or his character, Joe.

After Rachel’s serenade, Santana gives the squad $10 and asks them to perform a song for Brittany knowing that Joe is probably the one that complained to Figgy about their PDA.  Joe is visibly scared of this.

Rory the Love Leprechaun

That’s what I’ve named him.  He sang “Home” so beautifully and I love him so he wins in my book.  He also won in the Sugar fight…for now.  Turns out his sob story about his fake deportation was a real turn on for Ms. Motta.

The wooing continues as Sam gives Mercedes a box with a makeshift statue of St. Valentine in it.  (Yes, I’m ignoring the God Squad meeting.)  She finally tells Sam how she feels about him and that she came clean to Shane.  I had hoped this would mean it would all come up roses for those crazy love birds but alas, Mercedes feels like she needs to figure things out.  And the best way to figure out your love life?  Sing the sh** out of a classic Whitney Houston ballad.

Oh my heart broke into a million pieces during “I Will Always Love You”.  Amber did such a phenomenal job on this and it was done beautifully.  I cried.  Like a baby.

Hudson-Hummel-Berry Goodness

Oh LeRoy and Hirum, how I love you (even if your version of “You’re the Top” was kinda weak).  It is at this marvelous dinner theater that we learn of the Hudson-Hummel-Berry’s plot to derail Finchel’s wedding.  They do so by being 100% on their side and encouraging them play out this engagement thing.  Unfortunately their plan goes kaput despite the love bird’s fight.  By the way, the wedding is in May.  Or is it?

Things to take away from this scene: Jeff Goldblum & Brian Stokes Mitchell are perfect.  Rachel’s night-time ritual is pretty much the best thing ever.  Finn really wanted to get some.  THEIR DINNER CONVERSATION WITH THE LUBE OMG! Velvety Viennetta and teenage lovemaking.  Seriously, there was just so much epic in this entire scene.

The Sugar Shack…

…and a shocker to blow us all away.  So you know how Kurt was getting those love notes and valentines from “Blaine” throughout the entire episode?  Well, it turns out it wasn’t Blaine.  Nope.  It was Karofsky.  Yes, Karofsky, who beat him up, angry kissed him, and bullied him for the better part of a year.  WHOA!!  I can’t say I was entirely surprised but I did think it was a huge shock.  I loved Kurt in this scene.  He was so sweet.

Ok so I want to go to a Sugar Motta party.  Did you hear about her presents to her guests?  OMG.  Continuing with the epic party, the God Squad decided to make good on their deal to deliver Santana’s singing telegram to Brittany.  AND IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!  I am sure that all of the Britanna fans out there (myself included) were super happy with that smooch.  Love is love man!

Love Shack.  This song is in my top 5 favorite songs.  Top five people, that’s a big deal.  And I fear, although I think Darren is crazy talented, that he destroyed that song for me.  In a bad way.  Why couldn’t they have Kurt sing the whole thing?  Regardless though, it was great to see Blaine back in action!!

And that’s where it ends.  Like I said, not Glee’s strongest hour but definitely fun.  I loved the credit at the end with the Whitney Houston tribute – made me cry all over again.

Tell me, what did you think of the episode??  Hit the comments my friends!

Next week brings Regionals and “On My Way”.  Evidently there is a HUGE cliffhanger – any thoughts?  Check out the promo below!

And then prepare yourself for seven long Glee-less weeks.  UGH!

GleeHab Review “The Spanish Teacher”

Hola!  See what I did there?  So yeah, “The Spanish Teacher”, not my favorite.  It wasn’t horrible, it was even pretty entertaining but I’m just not sure it flowed as much as I would have liked it to.  I didn’t feel that there was as much character development in this episode as has been in the previous ones.  It was a filler episode in my book.  Anyone else feel that way?  Anyway, let’s just get right to it.

Poor Will

Will tries his hardest to teach those kids the best way he knows how.  But he realizes that he’s not doing a good job.  When Figgy calls his teaching skills into question, he panics and gets his butt into night school.

Seriously though, what is Glee doing to his character?  Just when I’m excited that he actually gets a real storyline, it becomes one that forces him to make a complete fool out of himself.  Yes, in the end it starts to work out at the end but where is this going?  And don’t even get me started on continuity with his storyline.  Sigh. It makes me sad.


This is a hot topic at McKinley these days since that crazy white supremacist of a history teacher got booted.  Tenure is a huge deal and there are lots of people vying for the spot.  Will wants it so he can support his family.  Sue wants it because she’s well…Sue.  And Roz wants it too.  Sue’s pretty sure she’s got it in the bag but Will needs to step up his game.

Enter Ricky Martin.

David Martinez

I didn’t hate him.  In fact, Ricky was good.  And it sounds like he’s gonna be back.  So, Will takes his night school Spanish class and then gets to know him a bit.  Turns out David has a real passion for teaching and he helps Will get some of that back.  It’s no coincidence to me that Will’s face lit up when he was talking about Glee and having the kids learn Spanish through music.  That’s where his passion lies.

Oh Sue Sylvester

I can always count on Sue to make a ridiculous situation even more ridiculous.  Fact: Sue wants to have a baby (what!).  Another fact: no one wants to have one with her.  So of course the natural conclusion is that she finds someone and forces them to be the father.  And what more appropriate a group than a bunch of teenage boys.  Really Sue?

When Will tells her that it’s a terrible idea to recruit the kids, she decides to set her sights on someone older.  Him.  My thought process at this point is, “this is getting crazier by the second.”

Sue leave him to go see Figgy (which she thought was her tenure spot but really was just another complaint) and tells him to help himself to the cheer leading magazines while he uh…you know.

What Will You Be Doing in the Year 2030

I just can’t wrap my head around the direction of this episode.  It seemed forced to me – forced in the sense that they needed to find a way to give Ricky Martin a part.  Unfortunately, I feel like I’m the only one who feels this way but oh well.

Anywho, Will challenges the Glee club to Latin week.  You know, because they need to learn Spanish in order to exist in the world in 2030 when apparently the whole world will be speaking only Spanish.  Again, forced.

Once again, my favorite person in the episode is Santana because she asked the real questions and was actually realistic in her questioning of “why now?”  My thoughts exactly, Santana.

Sexy and I Know It

Tell me how Will can get blasted for doing Toxic with the kids and David Martinez can get away with doing “I’m Sexy and I Know It”?  Whatever, it was entertaining and I love choir room songs so I was okay with it.  And it had Duende for sure.

Oh Look It’s the Guidance Counselor

Remember that time Emma was a guidance counselor and not someone’s wife or fiance?  Yeah me neither but tonight, tonight she was again!!  Look at that!  It’s about damn time.  Her counseling to Sam & Mercedes was a little unorthodox but it got to the heart of the issue.  No talking – makes perfect sense actually.  Deny yourself something you think you want and then find out if you really want it after you’ve been separated from it.

Actually, I really liked Emma in this episode.  I know, gasp.  She was her own woman, she actually gave advice, and she wasn’t totally whiny and lame.  Congrats writers, you gave a woman a strong arc and had her do her job.  She deserved that tenure spot.  There, I said it.

NeNe Leakes

Now this is casting I can get behind.  I’m always the happiest with casting I thought I would hate (Gwyneth).  NeNe Leakes is the best thing to happen to Glee in the last few weeks.  She is hilarious, she can deliver a line like a beast, and she is a breath of fresh air.  Keep her on forever ok? Ok.  JUST WATCH THIS HILARIOUSNESS.

Sleepover Time

Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel have a Twilight Saga sleep over complete with Twilight level drama.  The long and short of it is that Rachel spills the beans about her engagement to Finn.  Kurt & Mercedes lose their minds and tell her she’s crazy and then Kurt leaves to go talk to Finn.  They’re right, she is crazy.  But what comes later is epic on Kurt’s part.

Rachel’s little speech about choosing to know that you have the right person hit Mercedes.  She’s got a decision to make and she chooses her song carefully.  And pretty much sings the entire thing to Sam.  Oh you Sam/Mercedes lovers out there probably ate this up.  It was so cute!

After Mercedes brought down the house (god I love when she sings) the boys took on Bomboleo/Hero and it was just hilarious. Those shoes?  Gotta get some of those.  Dont’ think it didn’t go unnoticed that Sam totally sang that to Mercedes.  Ugh the cute!  And the tricky way to get around Emma’s no talking rule.  Sneaky kids!

Don’t Hog My Finance’s Nog

OMG Emma.  Her pamphlets never cease to amaze me.

This scene though was amazing.  I have said it once and I’ll say it a million more times, I love it when they make Sue human.  The way she talked about Will?  Ugh, my heart exploded.  Made me want her to have a kid.

Kurt Saves the Day

This whole scene was perfect.  Kurt said everything I wanted to say to Finn and Rachel about their engagement.  Look, I’m not discounting that they are in love and I know lots of people get married right out of high school but Kurt made the most valid points ever during this.  No one is saying that they shouldn’t ever get married.  All I think is being said is that they should wait.  Finn should find out what he really wants from life.  He’s an amazing guy and so much more than his father.  He deserves to give himself that chance to succeed.  Rachel needs to live her dreams without being tied down.  I got married very young and trust me, it is hard to do what you have always dreamed of doing when you are so young and so inexperienced.  They are settling because they feel like it’s the next logical step and it’s not.  Thank god Kurt helped Finn see that.

Trouble in Lover Land?

Will was in a mood.  Wouldn’t you be?  Emma was being cute and peppy and he was in no mood for it.  Yes, he was mean.  No, she didn’t particularly deserve it BUT she was there.  This is what happens in a normal relationship.  You wind up hurting the people you love the most.  It sucks, but it’s true.  However, it leads to progression in said relationship.  It’s just weird when couples don’t fight so I’m glad the writers threw in some angst for these two.

P.S. I want all of Emma’s pamphlets.

Best Number of the Whole Episode

La Isla Bonita.  One of my all time favorite songs and sung beautifully by David and Santana.  Also, it was kinda hot.  Not even gonna lie.

And then we get to Will’s number and I was in agony the entire time.  Don’t get me wrong, we all know I love when that man sings or dances but this was just painful.  I was so embarrassed for him.  Ugh.  The best part of the whole thing was the end when Santana ripped into him.  Thank god she was there to help him realize that his real passion lies in teaching Glee.


…of Spanish night school goes to Will Schuester.  And then the bomb hits – Will doesn’t want to teach Spanish anymore.  In fact, he’s not even sure he wants to teach anything but Glee anymore.  Maybe History but still…where are they going with this?  He’s the heart of the show, there is not Glee without him so what’s going to happen?  I’m about 99% certain Ricky Martin will be back as it sounds to me like he accepted the job.  And now, what of Will?  And will they actually address this in the coming episodes?

Mystery Narc

We know that Santana was the one to complain to Figgy about Will but we didn’t know who complained to him about Sue…until the very end.  Turns out Becky is less that happy with how things are going on Cheerios and wanted it to be known.  Surprisingly, Sue was not mad and came out on top.  What a lady!  Now raise your hand if you think she’ll actually have a baby.


Is that their ship name?  Whatever it is, it doesn’t look like it’s happening just yet.  Sadness – I really like them.  But I bet it’s gonna happen for them soon enough.  I hope so at least because Shane’s annoying.  And at least 50.

Professor Dollface

Shocker!  Emma got tenure.  Gotta say, I saw that one coming a million miles away but she deserved it.  And she also deserved a good apology from her man because he was kinda mean.  Good thing she got it in the form of the most romantic Will moment I’ve ever seen.  These two are in it for the long haul and that’s sweet.  I really hope they give them some, shall we say, physical development because this is just getting ridiculous.  My fear is that the writers forget all the adult storylines after this episode.  Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

Ok, now that I’ve reached the end of this terrible review I realize something.  This episode was built around Ricky Martin.  I feel like they got the go ahead to have him on the show and then they forced a storyline for him.  It was much like the time Olivia Newton John was on the show.  I loved her and I loved her parts but the whole episode was weak overall.  This was your quintessential filler episode and the perfect outlet for them to use their stunt casting to promote Ricky in Evita and lead them into their next two huge episodes.  I didn’t hate it (I hated what they did to Will but that’s another rant for another time) but I didn’t love it either.  It was…meh.

Now it’s your turn to sound off, hit the comments and tell me what you thought.  And remember friends, let’s play nice.  There is no need to get nasty.

Here’s what we have to look forward to next week:

GleeHab Review: “Michael”

What would Micheal Jackson do?  Have Heather Morris dance more in this episode.  Other than that, it was wonderful.  Let’s not waste any time and moonwalk our way through Glee’s tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson.  See what I did there?  I’m hilarious.

I feel like the best way to break down this review is to take it musical number by musical number since that’s what seemed to dominate.  That being said however, there were some major plot developments and for that I have to say…kudos writers.  Last time we had a tribute episode it was basically a concert with no plot.  At.  All.  I am so glad they managed to keep the story going.

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

So the artists formerly known as The Troubletones (may they rest in peace) were all sorts of jealous that New Directions got to do Michael Jackson for Sectionals.  Will overhears the conversation and plants the bee in their bonnet with the promise of possibly doing Michael for Regionals.  This gets everyone excited and bam!

This was a very Darren heavy song and usually I’m kind of luke warm to him but he did a solid job.  The production value was awesome as well and had me groovin’ so, I approve.  The only thing I had to keep reminding myself of was the fact that the whole “no spontaneous musical numbers” thing goes right out the window in tribute episodes.

As we go into the next musical number we have a sweet little hallway scene between Rachel & Finn where he’s basically begging her for an answer to his proposal.  I have to say this storyline bugs me big time but more on that later.

We flash over to The Lima Bean where the crew is discussing Michael and in walks the sleazy but awesome Sebastian to shake things up.  Turns out young Blaine blew their Michael cover and told the Warblers that New Directions was going to tackle the king of pop.  Not cool, Blaine.


I can’t say I loved the direction in Bad but the song itself and the storyline going with it was great.  Honestly, give me Naya in any scene and I’ll love it.

New Directions wants to claim Michael as their own and in an effort to do so, they challenge the Warblers in an empty parking garage.  What ensues is some awesome dancing (needed more Heather) and some slushie madness.  And down goes Anderson.  Uh oh!


First of all, I love Artie.  Love him.  I loved the entire scene leading up to the epic that was Scream – standing up for himself and finally saying what everyone else was thinking was great.  It took rock salt in Blaine’s eye to get everyone to get mad enough to stand up for themselves.  And then Scream happened and I loved the scene even more.

I am so glad they chose Scream as the video remake for this episode.  Like Vogue before it, it was nearly frame for frame identical and Kevin and Harry absolutely KILLED it.  Seriously, Harry where have you been all my life.  I will say this for Mr. Murphy…he promised more focus on the likes of Harry and other previously less prominent characters and, he has delivered.

But I digress…Scream was perfect.

Never Can Say Goodbye

Oh hey there Quinn.  Nice to see you again.

I am so glad that they stopped her crazy bitch ways and turned her into the character I know and love.  She has really matured and as much as I hated her for the first part of the season, I did love how they showed that transformation.  And now she’s giving Rachel some really solid advice.  Psst…Rachel, TAKE IT.

In other news, Quinn is going to Yale.  Does that mean we are losing Dianna next year?  I guess only time will tell.

Human Nature

After Kurt & Santana decide to peacefully take down Sebastian (bummer I wanted Sebby to get the tramp stamp) we get some cute Sam & Mercedes time.  Overall, Sam kind of annoys me but his pursuit of Mercedes is adorable so I’m ok with him.  And I kind of loved Human Nature.  Very sweet for you Sam & Mercedes lovers out there.

This Isn’t a Musical Number But…Burt Hummel for Father of the Year

Again.  I swear to Glee, Burt Hummel is the most precious man on the face of this planet.  Could the scene with Kurt & his NYADA letter have been any more awesome?  I was straight up sobbing.

“You beat them all.  They threw everything at you.  They tried to beat you down and you know what?  You were unstoppable, Kurt.  I am so proud to be your dad.  They can never take this away from you.  Right now, in this moment, on this day, you won.”

Someone hold me while I cry.  Also, Rachel was heartbreaking at the end of this scene.


Pointless song.  Pointless scene.  It was terrible.  That’s all I’m going to say.

Smooth Criminal

E.P.I.C.  That’s how you spell Smooth Criminal.  The chemistry between Grant & Naya was palpable and they did such a fantastic job on this number.  Not to mention 2Cellos – that’s some serious talent.  The whole scene was simple but poignant and easily my favorite of the whole episode.  In fact, I feel like it deserves a re-watch.

Turns out Sebby (yes, that’s what I’m calling him.  Deal with it.) put rock salt in that slushie and thanks to Santana’s underboob everyone knows the truth.  But instead of calling the police, Kurt decides that narking on him isn’t the best move.  So the fight moves to the auditorium.

But not before Rachel Berry gives up all her dreams and says yes to Finn’s ridiculous proposal.  Can you tell I’m not a fan of this story arc?  Seriously writers, take Rachel’s entire “DREAM ALL THE DREAMS” persona and flush it down the toilet in Lima forever.  Finn is doing what with his life exactly?  In the words of Juno McGuff, “whoa, dream big.”

As for I Just Can’t Stop Loving You…I feel the same way I do about Ben.  Sorry Finchel lovers, it was unnecessarily long.

Black or White

The only thing I didn’t like about this number was that they didn’t do the entire song.  They could have cut Ben in half and had the rest of Black or White and the episode would have been just as good, in my opinion.

Anywho…New Directions brings the Warblers to their turf to surrender.  They are giving them Michael Jackson but not before they perform the hell out of one of my favorite MJ songs.  Sebby isn’t impressed and only steps down after Santana outs him on his rock salt slushie.  Dun dun dunnnnn.

Now, on to Rachel Berry.  The young lass is at a crossroads because she is in fact a NYADA finalist and now she’s engaged.  Now what does she do?  If the writers know what’s good for them, they’ll have her wake up and realize that getting married at 18 is only something crazy people do and that she should go after the goals she’s set for herself since season one.  But that’s just this girl’s opinion.

That’s a wrap, folks.  Now it’s your turn…tell me your thoughts, pretty please!

P.S.  Here’s next week’s preview.

GleeHab Review: “Yes/No”

Welcome back, Glee and WOWZA what a welcome it was!!  This episode was 100% made of awesome.  Flashbacks, surprise marriages, heartbreak, love, and SO MUCH MORE!! Let’s not waste any time.

Summer Lovin’

Had me a blaaaaast.  Sorry, I just had to sing for a second.  Grease is easily one of my favorite shows ever (I played Rizzo in my high school production, yup!) so I was giggling like a school girl when they opened with the “Summer Lovin'” scene.  I love it when Glee takes classic scenes and remakes them move for move.  Kudos Glee-ple – you done good on that one.

Oooh and how cute were Sam & Mercedes.  Gotta love that they gave a little background on what went down with them this summer.  Have to say though, the scene stealer for me was Sugar (Vanessa Lengies).  I love that crazy girl and the little tiny things she’s brought to Glee this season.  THAT is how you add a new character to a huge cast, give her small parts that stand out.  Nailed it!

Helen Mirren

I legit squealed when I heard her voice paired with…Becky Fey Jackson, the hottest bitch at McKinley High School.  I was fully expecting Helen’s voice to be used for Bieste or Emma or even Sue but this was the best surprise of the whole episode.

“Is that a mohawk Puckerman, or did someone glue a squirrel to your head?”  She asked the question we’ve all been asking ourselves for weeks!

We learn, after this epic monologue, that Becky has her sights set on Artie.  So sweet.  Goodness, Lauren Potter hit this episode out of the park but, more on that later.

Wedding Bell Blues

I can’t say that this was my favorite song in the episode but it was sweet as the Swedish Fish I’m inhaling at the moment.  Poor Emma wants her man to pop the question but how on earth is she gonna drop hints to let him know she’s ready?  Oh, here’s an idea…let’s dress up as those chicks from the Royal Wedding and don a wedding dress and prance around the school singing a retro-classic 5th Dimension song about a girl who is frustrated that her boyfriend won’t propose.  Amazingly cute and perfect.  Sue and Bieste were the show stealers in this one for me, and Will of course.

Oh but hey surprise wedding – BIESTE AND COOTER SITTIN’ IN A TREE!!! Now that definitely calls for two chickens people!  YAY!!

After Emma’s embarrassingly charming serenade, Will decides it’s time to pop that question and of course, he enlists the Glee club to help.  BAM!

Sam & Mercedes

I kinda love ’em.

Sam reminisces with Mercedes about their summer fling in the hall and is desperate to win her back.  Too bad she has Shane now.  But for some reason, I think that’s going to change pretty soon, especially since Sam’s desperate to get that varsity letter.  They’re sweet.

Meanwhile, Artie gets shot down by Sugar and hit on by Becky.  It’s a roller coaster ride for that boy that’s for sure.

Crooked Nipples

NeNe Leakes…I was skeptical to no end, kind of annoyed even.  But girl brought her GAME and had me laughing my face off.  I loved EVERYTHING about her scene and really think she did a tremendous job. I also think that Sam being on the synchronized swimming team is about the best thing ever.  Hilarious.

One more thing, “If you pee in my pool, I will kill you.”  OMG NeNe you have my heart.

Moves Like Matthew Morrison

I mean…like Jagger.  This one is just going to speak for itself…

But really, it’s so good to see Glee using Matt for what he is good at – he’s so much more than introducing the weekly lesson.  But enough about that, Harry and Kevin killed it too!  Jeez, Kevin danced more with his upper body than most people can with their whole body.  And of course Harry was amazing.  I wish Glee would do more numbers like this.  I love the group number, they’re my favorite, but I love a number that takes a few people and focuses on them.  This definitely did it.  And it was ten kinds of hot.

“I Met with A Recruiter”

While Will is with Finn looking at rings for Emma, Finn drops a bomb on Will after he asks him to be his best man (how sweet was that by the way).  Turns out Finn wants to join the army to be just like his dad.  Little does he know that he’s about to get hit in the face with a two by four.

Can I just say that I love the relationship Will & Finn have?  I’ve loved it since day one and it just gets better.  It makes me sad when people are so naive to think call Will a pedophile because he is a teacher with heart and genuinely cares about his students.  I am the person I am today because of teachers like Will Schuester.  Finn may have had his ups and downs but overall he is a good egg and he really is everything Will says he is.

Flashback Central

I had a hunch that “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was going to be a flashback sequence.  And oh how I loved it.  From the first one where Will first sees Emma and on to the rest, it was so sweet (I’m using that word a lot tonight).  This was a lot like “Moves Like Jagger” for me in the sense that it showcased a few glee members instead of the whole group.  In fact, this episode was a perfect blend of group vs. smaller group numbers.  I loved it and it was perfectly placed.  The song was beautifully arranged as well – those harmonies were like a thousand nightingales singing in my ear.

Rusty & Rose Pillsbury Are Back

And they are as nasty as ever.  But, they bring up some valid points.

So…Will wants to ask Rusty’s permission to marry Emma and after some debate about why the Christmas tree is still up in the middle of January (I just took mine down dude, don’t hate), Will finally gets the nerve to do it.  And Rusty says no.  NO.

Ok ok ok, Wemma lovers prepare your burning stake but, her parents were right to question Will’s thought process on this.  They know as well as anyone what Emma is like and they also know that he is divorced after being married to one nutty person.  Now, Terri wasn’t a clinically ill nut case, that was self-induced, but Emma has a real problem and one that has sort of been placed on the back burner with the exception of “Born This Way”.  There are real questions to ask when thinking about marriage and making sure you’re compatible with your partner is one of them.  So, I have to say that I am glad that they pointed out things like babies and the messes they make (they make a lot) and everything else they noted.  It made Will make a decision that was a perfect balance of heart and logic.

You Go Artie

Everyone needs to back the heck off of Artie for his friendship with Becky.  Yes, I know that they all think he’s leading her on, and in some ways perhaps he was, but I’m so glad Artie stood up to them.  I was majorly crushing on him this episode.

The Scene That Broke My Heart Into 9 Million Tiny Pieces

I was not prepared for that scene with Finn.  Not even a little bit.  I heard there was a big bomb dropped in this episode but I was thinking more along the lines of the Warblers going to the moon or the request to cover every song in Sinead O’Connor’s catalogue but NOT THIS.

Finn shows up for what I assumed is a planned meeting with Will only to be met by Emma, Burt, and Carole.  Before I continue, I have to say that this scene really hit home for me because I literally lived it, which I why I think I took it the way I did.  To be honest, it’s hard for me to watch so I’ll just say that Romy Rosemont deserves an Emmy for those 5 minutes alone.  Cory was undeniably perfect and convincing – it was heart wrenching.  Ugh, I cry just thinking about it.


Oh thank you, thank you Glee-ple for making Sue a human again.  I was getting so tired of her cartoon-ish ways and her lack of meaningful lines.  I loved her scenes with Artie when he goes to her for advice about Becky.  Girl has her heart set on him big time and when he gets a steamy text from her, he straight up freaks out.  Sue is there to give Artie a dose of “get it together and be honest with her” and then goes back to the insults in true Sue fashion.  I loved it.

The Schuester’s?

So Emma decides to confront Will about their relationship and then Will decides to bring up the things her parents pointed out.  It doesn’t go well and it’s totally heartbreaking.  Jayma was great in this scene, absolutely great.  I wasn’t worried though, I had a feeling they would work it out eventually.

I am so glad that they took a minute to really discuss their relationship.  It was needed because taking a step like marriage when you’re not one hundred percent open with your partner is not a good idea.  I sort of wished they had addressed the sex issue though.  Believe it or not, sex is a fairly necessary act if you want to have your own biological children.  This is something that should have come up but maybe they’re saving it for an episode that is entitled “WILL FINALLY GETS LAID”.  Here’s hoping.

Without You

Kind or random in my opinion.  I sort of feel like it was just a way to meet Lea’s “solo-per-episode” quota but she sang it beautifully so I’m cool with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I get how it fit into the proposal assignment and the Finchel plot but still, I didn’t think the whole song needed to be in there.

We Found Love

Hold on to your panties Wemma (and general happiness) shippers the wait is over.  Also a note to anyone who loves seeing hot glee clubbers in wet swimming suits, you too should hold on to your panties.  Watch again…

Am I the only one who freaked the hell out when Artie dove into the pool?  I was so relieved to see him on a raft, alive and well.  Anyway, this proposal was so cheesy it was perfect.  And I always knew Matt Morrison could walk on water.  Now, everyone can rejoice because she said YES!!!  I don’t think there was any ever doubt.  Not even gonna lie, I totally cried.  LOVED IT!!

Don’t Let Them See You Cry

Lauren Potter was a shining star in this episode.  Not only did she score Helen Mirren as her inner monologue, she was brilliant.  I was sobbing once again when she walked down the hall after Artie “dumped” her.  He was sweet about it but it was still sad for Becky.  And of course she went to Sue and she was also perfect.  What a wonderful scene!

Dun Dun Dun

Now the question is will Rachel say yes?

Finn took it upon himself to secure his future with Rachel but taking a cue from his beloved teacher by asking Rachel to marry him.  Um WHAT???  You’re 18 you crazy kids!  Ahhhhhhh can you spell cliffhanger?

Well, that wraps it up folks.  I absolutely loved it.  It may rank up there with my top 5 episodes to date simply because it was perfectly balanced, had a little something for everyone, and was a perfect way to bring Glee back for its back half.  It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Eric Stoltz directed this episode.  He is one of the Glee greats and I always love his episodes.  So cheers to Eric and to the rest of the Glee cast and crew on a job well done.  This one was top-notch!

Next up?  MICHAEL!  Check out the promo below.

Reminder: it has been moved from January 24th to January 31st due to the State of the Union Address.

HIT ME UP! What did you think??

GleeHab Review: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

It seems this episode is getting mixed reviews but this girl has to say…IT WAS MAGIC!  Now before I get swamped with the inevitable “you just have your Matthew Morrison glasses on” emails, Matt’s brilliant directing aside, this episode was everything a Christmas special should be.  Especially a Glee Christmas special.  It had a cheesy plot, over-the-top music, and a relatively unbelievable storyline…therefore,  it was perfect!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I loved this as the opening scene.  Amber brought down the house as always and it was just so super cheery and bright!  I loved last year’s Christmas episode but it was so sad.  I was happy to see them all smiling and having fun in the choir room as usual.

Cut to the hallway where Rachel clearly didn’t get the message of the song.  Instead of heeding Mercedes’ singing advice, Rachel presents Finn with a list of goodies that she just has to have.  Well, at least 5 of them.  Oh my, Rachel was so awesome in this episode!  I may not be Lea’s biggest fan but I love Rachel Berry something fierce.  That crazy chick always makes me laugh and Lea freaking nails her performance every single week.

Christmas Humanizes Sue

I’m not sure how I feel about Sue this season.  I’ve gotten mixed reviews from all of you but for some reason she’s not my favorite like she once was.  I think the political storyline took her boisterous character and amped it up to the point of annoyance for a few episodes there.  I was happy to see the softer side of Sue in this episode.  She was still sharp-tongued but she was also human again, I like that.

Anywho…Sue asks Artie, Blaine, and Kurt to help her out at the homeless shelter.  After some grumbling and confusion, they agree only to back out of their deal once their big holiday special takes shape.

Rory Flanagan, Never Leave Me

There were two people added this season that I want on the show forever in some capacity:  Rory Flanagan and Sugar Motta.  I’m never a fan of adding new people but somehow Glee makes it work and these two have been amazing additions.  Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) wasn’t in last night’s episode but Damian McGinty was perfect as always.  He is just brings such a cool dynamic to the cast and he sings like and angel.  “Blue Christmas” made me sad and happy all that the same time.  Poor Rory, you can come to Christmas at my house!  Luckily, Sam takes Rory under his wing…what a guy.

After Rory’s rendition of “Blue Christmas” the club decides that this Christmas needs to be a little brighter.  After all, last year’s was miserably sad and depressing.  Well guess what?  Turns out PBS wants McKinley’s Christmas elves to put on an original Christmas special.  Turns out it costs too much to show a video of a burning piece of wood for an hour so for 800 smackers it’s McKinely’s turn.  And Will suggested Artie as the director.  BAM!

Chewbacca, Judy Garland, and Christmas

As part of Artie’s directorial deal, he insists that the special be three-fold: 1, Chewbacca must be present, or at least there should be references to the iconic Star Wars Holiday Special of 1978; 2, It must be shot in black and white; and 3, It is a full throttle homage to another iconic Christmastime treat – the Judy Garland Christmas Show.


Ok I lied when I said I loved everything about this episode.  I didn’t like “River”.  Lea has an amazing voice but in my opinion she doesn’t have one that can cover Joni.  I’m a Joni purist and this song bummed me out.  It was too breathy, too overdone…Joni is soulful and sort of bitter.  This was trite.  I was with Artie on this one.  Sorry.

Black and White Bliss

Hold on to your hats folks because you are about to hear some major love from me about this whoooooole sequence.  But first let’s hear Artie’s set up for the show:

Ok back to the black and white business.  GENIUS.  Pure, unadulterated genius.  Here’s the thing with Glee, they are not afraid to do whatever the hell they want to make something completely original.  A special within a special and shooting it all in black and what?  What can’t you love about that?

From the cheesy dialogue to the politically correct “best friend and holiday roommate” explanation – to characters that eerily resemble Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and all the singing and dancing in between, I loved it all. Let’s bullet point it shall we?

  • “Let It Snow” – cute (too long)
  • “My best friend and holiday roommate” hilarious and very PBS
  • Is Kurt British?
  • 60’s special with high-speed internet = winning
  • Rachel Berry.  Enough said.
  • “Favorite Things” – liked it. Didn’t love it.
  • “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” – cute
  • “Christmas Wrapping” – I LOVE THIS SONG and I thought Heather and the girls were great.  So sue me.
  • Itchy the Holiday Elf – I feel like I should be offended that they brought the actual Christmas story (you know, the birth of Christ?) into the episode but I didn’t mind it.  I thought it was sweet.  Is this the “fair and balanced” side of Fox?
  • The end.

Where’s Patches?

Well, the last 10 minutes of the Glee Christmas Spectacular were cut off because the Yule log found its funding again so the kids had time to rush over to the homeless shelter and serve up some  holiday cheer.  Here’s my one question though – and only die-hard, front 13 enthusiasts will get this – where was Patches?

After a very moving, very Glee rendition of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (buy it here, all proceeds go to Band Aid), everyone is warm and fuzzy.  Sue’s face when she saw them all walk in made me smile.  Watch the performance below – it kicks major ass.

A Pig Named Barbara and The True Meaning of Christmas

After Rachel decides to keep the pig Finn gave her (even after he presents her with earrings AND her very own star) she and Finn decide to go help Sam & Rory spread some real Christmas love.  Turns out all you really need on Christmas are your friends, your family, and the people you love.  All together now…AWWWWWWW.

And there you have it.

A note on Matt’s directing:  It was perfect.  Congratulations to him on a job well done.  I can imagine how hard it is to direct such an enormous cast.  Not to mention the fact that this was an episode unlike any other with new sets, black and white film, and tons of music.  I loved analyzing the camera angles and all the shots.  He did a phenomenal job.  Kudos!

Well, you all know how I feel about the episode – now it’s your turn.  What did you think?  Hit the comments and let me know!

As for what’s in store for Glee’s return in January?  Check out the promo below!

GleeHab Review: “Hold on to Sixteen”

I can honestly say that I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this episode.  It took me right back to how I felt all through season one.  The episode ended and I was straight up in tears and bursting with pride.  Is that weird?  Yeah, ok but we can still be friends right?  LET’S DO THIS!!

You Go Rachel Berry

You can always count on Rachel to be the perfect blend of crazy and balanced.  It’s a strange dichotomy but it works for her.  She showed that right away when she told Quinn not to rat Shelby out for sleeping with Puck.  It is about time someone put her in her place and I liked that it was Rachel to do so.  Rachel obviously has a major attachment to Shelby (duh) but she was also looking our for what would make Quinn happy.  I am liking this blossoming friendship and fully support it – especially if it means that Quinn stops being a total bitch.

Even Homeless People Have Facebook

In a desperate effort to fix the fact that New Directions doesn’t have 12 members, Finn convinces Will to let them go find Sam Evans.  How many of you were excited to see Chord back on Glee?  I have to say I was fairly indifferent but I think they worked his return in nicely.  The strip club was a pretty hilarious touch. And Sam’s parents made me smile.  All in all, I think it’s a good thing that Sam’s back.

Meanwhile, Sebastian is stirring up trouble as always.  Does anyone else think this whole Sebastian thing is a pointless storyline?  Perhaps they will do something with it when the show comes back in January but for now, I’m over it.

Back to the choir room where Sam busts out in “Red Solo Cup” that was kind of awesome.  I’m not a country music fan and I don’t love Sam’s voice but I loved this number.  Made me LAUGH!!  Also, I always love the choir room numbers and Santana at the end was awesome.

Side note: I don’t know what it is this season but somehow they are keeping up with the storylines despite the fact that they have a million of them going on at a time.  It may not happen in every episode but each storyline has been consistently maintained through this whole season.  Am I the only one that feels this way?  Besides the fact that Will/Matt is ridiculously underused, everyone has had some face time.  I think the key to make the show successful again was adding more writers to help balance out the view.  Claps, Glee people!

Tina Cohen Chang

I have always loved Tina.  She’s kind of like the strong silent type that comes out of nowhere (when given the chance) and steals the show.  In my opinion, that was the case in this episode.  It’s a little sad that it took Rachel being suspended to give Tina a proper lead (ABC) but regardless, she was fantastic.  Also, I love Tina and Mike.  They are super cute and so supportive of each other.  And even though it looked like there was trouble in paradise for these two, it all came together in the end.  I have to say, WAY TO GO Tina for standing up to Mr. Chang.  That takes balls.

Angry Blaine

I am all about the return of Sam if it means less screen time for Blaine.  I am so sorry to those that love him but I am just…tired of him.  I did however like that there was some closure to the Finn/Blaine rivalry storyline.  It was time for that to go.  After their little fight ultimately Finn and Blaine agree that in order to win they have to unite.  Bam!

May The Best Glee Club Win

What’s good is a competition if there isn’t a face off in the choir room first.  The Troubletones were kind enough to let New Directions know that they were welcome to join them at Regionals if they lost.  WHOA.  That pissed ND right off and then it was onnnnnnn.

After The Unitards (omg that name) performed Rachel intercepted Quinn and pretty much talked her out of outing Shelby & Puck.  Seriously Rachel, you kicked a lot of ass in this episode.  And of course Shelby was flawless as usual.  I had to laugh when she told Quinn not to wish her life away.  My mom always told me that.  I wish I had listened.

YOU GUYS I WAS SO TORN!  Who was the best?  No doubt it was New Directions since they (spoiler alert) won and all but DAMN if the Troubletones didn’t bring their A game.  And Lindsay Pearce was ON FIRE with the Evita number.  Everyone was just sooooo good.  But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t full on sobbing by the end of New Directions’ set.  SOBBING PEOPLE!

Let’s check out the performances again shall we?

Mr. Mike Chang

I can’t even… If I wasn’t crying after all the performances (which I was) I was TOTALLY BAWLING after that little interlude between Mike and his dad.  Glee, why you gotta go and turn me into a blubbering mess?!

And The Winner Is…

I knew who won.  I hate that.  BUT that didn’t make the moment any less amazing.  I had serious butterflies in my stomach, my hands were shaking, and I was grinning from ear to ear.  I  WAS SO HAPPY!  The cheers, the slow motion, the hoisting of the trophy…all of it just made me giddy.  It was the same feeling I had when I saw the pilot.  Crazy I know but it was incredible.  Glee really is about opening yourself up to joy (all together now, awwwwww).

We Are Young

So Quinn and Rachel and besties now.  I’m cool with that.  Please please tell me that this means psycho-crazy Quinn is gone.  It certainly seems like it since she goes and wins back the girls.  I have a major question though, since the Troubletones are no longer does that mean Shelby is gone??  Say it isn’t so!

So they all have a big love fest and sing a “We Are Young” and once again I am a puddle of tears.  I have so many feelings.

This episode was STELLAR.  A+ all the way.  The songs were great, the story was excellent, the performances were second to none.  What a fantastic way to end the build up to Sectionals.

TELL ME!  What did you think??

Up next week: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” directed by the one and only Matthew Morrison!  I’m super duper excited for it (beyond excited really).  Check out the promo below!

GleeHab Review: “I Kissed a Girl”

I went into this episode totally spoiler free and once again, it was great.  However, I am a hot mess of anxiety and nerves after watching it all play out so let’s just get to the point.

In Which I No Longer Loathe Finn

I am hoping this feeling stays.  He was mega kick ass in this episode, which was exactly what I needed to get him back in my good graces.  In fact, I darn near cried when he was talking to Santana by the lockers.  And even though my 80’s self died a little inside when I first heard “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, it worked so well in context.  Thank you Glee writers for making Finn good again!  More on Finn later.

In between the Finn awesomeness we have a little scene with Rachel and Kurt where he practically confesses to her that he’s thinking about cheating.  Note: Brittany is bribing the students for votes.  I know this is pretty normal but Figgins doesn’t play fair later on…just remember that.

Back to Finn being great – Lady Music Week FTW!  Don’t worry Santana, I wouldn’t have been  thoroughly moved by “Perfect” either.  Can we please have less Blaine?  I am majorly looking forward to his stint on Broadway just so we can have a break from him for a little while.  Sorry Blainers.

Sue Fancies Oliver North and Emma is STILL a Virgin

Sue likes dudes and is out to prove to The Sauce that she wants some man candy.  So naturally she whips out her trusty “Sue’s Booty Calls” book and checks her list.  Dan Quayle is too needy, Stephen Baldwin is a train wreck (duh), and darn that Oliver North and his biting.  Too bad for David Boreanaz, looks like Sue is after Cooter Cooter the Football Recruiter.

Meanwhile in the faculty lounge, Bieste is chowing down on a Turducken while Emma tries not to barf.  Then she goes on to describe her and Cooter’s rockin’ sex life (actually weightlifting life) and Emma tries not to run out of the room paralyzed with discomfort.

Emma lovers, be warned…

Dear god Emma Pillsbury, you are a 32 year old woman dating (in my opinion) the most incredibly good looking man ever to walk the planet who is selfless, talented, and willing to put up with your batshit crazy and you still haven’t given it up.  For god’s sake he said he wants to marry you, he stood up to your crazy ass parents, AND he has done everything in his power to help you with your OCD.  Is it too much to ask to at least give the poor man something?  If it’s a stable relationship you’re looking for, trust, compassion, and support then you have it.  Now just take the freaking plunge and do it already!!

And don’t get me started on poor Will.  His only storyline that has had any potential was wiped out with the random “Burt Hummel Wins!” headline at the end of the episode.  Not to mention the fact that he is constantly getting crapped on by everyone and can’t catch a break to save his life.

End rant.

I’m The Only One

Puck has got it bad for Shelby.  Can you blame him?  What was equally as bad was his cover of one of my favorite songs.  Let’s pretend it didn’t happen ok?  AND SOMEONE PLEASE CUT THAT DEAD ANIMAL ON HIS HEAD!

Side note: Vanessa Lengies is all sorts of awesome all the time.  She’s like the silent comedienne and whenever she’s in a scene she makes me laugh so hard.  Use. Her. More.  Seriously, watch her closely when she’s on screen.  Hilarity will ensue.

After Puck’s song, Quinn continues being annoying and continues to make me hate her.  Puck on the other hand is one of my favorites this season.  His little speech to Quinn after she propositions him was one of my favorite parts of the episode.  If you want to know how I feel about Quinn this season, just watch that.

Glee Always Does This

Some people thought the episode was very sexist.  I agree with that.  The feminist in me would have loved to have seen an episode about a lesbian coming out be 100% female.  I would have loved to see the girls do more than just “I Kissed a Girl” to support Santana but unfortunately Glee, can’t do that.  I’m sure they can, but they never will.  Let’s just be happy we finally have female writers.  Girl power times are ahead, I can feel it!

What Glee always does however, is bring it home with one  poignant scene.  The scene where Finn is talking to Santana in the hallway was that for this episode.  Watch it again and try not to be moved.

Sue, You Suck!

No one takes Bieste’s man.  Not cool, Sue…NOT COOL!  As hilarious as it was, my heart was breaking for Bieste.

Cut to the gym where Jacob is interviewing candidates and Britana are being crazy cute.  Bieste is still so sad that even a pep talk from Will doesn’t help.  Instead she calls on some Dolly Parton tunage and kills it!  My god, I love Dot Jones!

I Kissed a Girl


In my opinion this one scene/musical number made up for all of the blatant sexism in the episode and just made me plain happy!  Watch it again just for fun.

Tisk Tisk Tisk Rachel Berry

So Kurt wins. Yay!  Whoops, actually he’s booted out because Rachel stuffed the ballot boxes.  Here’s a tip Rach, when stuffing ballot boxes, make sure you do your math.  I can’t say I had much sympathy for Rachel on this one.  She did wrong and she deserved the punishment.  My heart broke for Kurt though.  BROKE!  Oh and P.S. Berry, NYADA is probably going to frown upon your suspension.  Just a thought.  Could this be a way for the Glee writers to cover their butts after the whole “everyone’s graduating” bomb they dropped this summer?

Hot For Teacher

Well then, Puck and Shelby did the nasty.  Is it wrong that I totally support it?  Yeah.  Remember what our dear Holly Holliday said, “It’s not about who you’re attracted to, it’s about who you fall in love with.”  And Puck’s fallen hard.  Too bad Shelby is suffering from buyer’s remorse.

Heartbreaking Santana Scene Number 845382

Santana’s folks were cool with her sexuality.  Her grandma?  Not so much.

There isn’t much to say about this scene except that Naya Rivera should win every award known to man.


I wasn’t going to go much into Quinn in this review because she is making me insane.  But I have to agree with Puck when he said that she needed someone.  I don’t agree that she didn’t get support from the glee club when she was pregnant and going through her rough time.  She did.  What she didn’t get was support from anyone else and that makes me sad.  There is a guidance counselor at the school for a reason.  Her mom ditched her; her dad gave up on her.  Anyone would be a hot mess after that.  I don’t blame her, I just wish they would hurry up and write her back to her normal bitchy cheerleader self because this crazy Quinn is making me nuts.  Oh and Puck, you’re dumb for telling her you slept with Shelby.

Constant Awesome

One of my favorite songs sung by one of my favorite people.  I loved how they ended this episode despite the huge bomb Rachel dropped.  When all is said and done, Glee brings it home and creatively, progressively, and uniquely finishes what it started.  There is of course a long road ahead for Santana but the group came together and helped her through it.  I love getting that warm fuzzy feeling at the end like I got last night.

There’s a bumpy road ahead for Rachel it seems.  And what are New Directions going to do without their shining star?  From the looks of the promo (below) it seems they are out to find themselves a male stripper…er…Trouty Mouth.

This episode got some major mixed reviews…please tell me what you thought and hit those comments!

GleeHab Review: “Mash Off”

This. Episode. Was. Awesome.

Hot For Teacher

When I heard this song I was like, “meh” and kind of wigged out.  But then I watched it and a) I was laughing my butt off and b) I loved it.  I can’t say it’ll be #1 on my iTunes anytime soon but, I LOVE how they worked it into the episode.  I have to say, this season has really stepped up its game when it comes to awesome song placement/transitions.

All the guys were ridiculously hilarious in this scene and oh so adorable Will was so cute and clueless when it came to the real reason why Puck chose that song to perform.  Now for the important stuff, am I some sort of sick fool to totally love this Puck/Shelby thing they’ve got going on?  I mean, Puck stated that he’s 18 and legal at least a dozen times so I’m not completely nuts right?  I love it.  And when Puck holds that baby?  I’m done for.  Dear Puck & Shelby, make babies.  Love, Me.

Winning Is Really All About Poo Flinging

This episode is all about competition, man.  From Sue’s slanderous “Baboon Heart” claims to New Directions vs. The Troubletones and Kurt’s apparently weak campaign platform, it’s all about who is going to come out on top.  Unlike Sue however, Will and Shelby agree that they should play fair.  And fair they play…at least on the musical side of it.  The teachers stay neutral but it is an all out war between the clubs.

Ok, can we talk about something here?  I’m torn.  I’m so torn that it is literally causing me physical pain.  I love the Troubletones.  I really do.  And I feel so bad because you know, New Directions is Glee.  They are the glee club and I feel like I am stabbing every one of them in the back because my love for The Troubletones is growing by leaps and bounds every time I listen to the Adele mash up.  And don’t get me started on the betrayal my fictional husband, Will Schuester must be feeling right now.  But I can’t be tamed…I love them.  I am really hoping that they randomly team up at Sectionals and somehow compete as one team…but I guess only time will tell.

Anyway, moving on…Will & Shelby perform another kick ass mash up as an example (throwback to Endless Love from season 1) of how to play nice.  And BAM the first official New Directions/Troubletones Mash Off is born.  Ugh, why are they doing this to my divided heart?!  Also, I’m purposefully ignoring Quinn in this review because I sort of hate her right now.

I’m From Lima Heights, I Was Raised On Insults

Naya just keeps getting better and better.  I’m telling you, the second I think she can’t be more awesome, she outdoes herself in a big way.  This episode was certainly no exception but more on her stellar performance later.

Santana unleashes the insults on Finn in the hallway and Finn decides he doesn’t want to take it anymore.  Sooooo he challenges them to a not-so-friendly game of dodgeball to duke it out.  BRING IT NEW DIRECTIONS!

Before they can do that, Rachel and Shelby have a sweet little moment.  I have to say, I’m glad they’re not totally ignoring the fact that Shelby is Rachel’s biological mom this season.  Shelby has a major story arc but they are at least keeping things kosher on the storyline front.  Is that continuity I smell, Glee writers?

If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball

10 points goes to the person who gets the movie reference.

Well this was an excellent mash up and good clean fun.  Well, until Rory started bleeding.  Notes: poor Kurt, adorable Rory, girl power Troubletones, etc…

Finn Sucks

I can’t even begin to describe my anger when Finn straight up outed Santana.  I know he’s dumb but is he really that stupid?  I mean come on, he has a gay step brother for God’s sake.  Didn’t he learn anything from what Kurt has been going through?  Does he actually think that just because he thinks he knows anything about dealing with being gay, he has the right to out her like that?  I was so livid.  So so livid.  And, just when you think it is limited to just the halls of McKinley, some idiot gossip fiend blabs it so that Santana and her sexuality are on display for the whole state of Ohio to see.  Claps for you Finn, claps for you.


After a heated melt down between Burt and Will, we cut to Shelby’s house where Puck is holding Beth and my ovaries explode.  There is something about him this season…and it’s so weird because I don’t find him at all attractive but Puck is really on his game.  So much so that he totally spills to Shelby that Quinn has been doing everything she can to get Beth back.  Shelby is shocked to find out that she planted all that stuff to get her investigated and she’s crushed.  Ugh, my heart.

Mash Off, Round 1

This was fantastic.  Even though Finn was a total jerk through the episode, Cory did a great job during this performance.  The costumes were amazing and the whole deal was pretty epic.  But was it epic enough to win?

No Selling Flatulence

Sorry, that’s all I got from this.  OH WAIT, JUST KIDDING…Rachel also kicked butt.  Way to go Rachel Berry for doing something completely selfless and genuinely altruistic.  I kind of loved it.  But, I’m still voting for Brittany.  I want Root Beer in the water fountains and robot teachers.

Shelby = Bad Ass

This scene made me so happy.  It is about time that someone, especially Shelby, told Quinn where she can stick her baby scheming ways.  For the record, I love Shelby, in case you didn’t know that already.  My thoughts during this scene were, “I want to kick Quinn in the face and hug Shelby and tell her she’s a kick ass mom.”  Quinn deserved that entire thing.  Just sayin’.

I Have Feelings

There are not words to adequately describe my state of being when the whole Santana thing was playing out in Sue’s office.  My heart broke for her.  The writers did such a good job writing this part and holy hell, Naya was perfect.  She conveyed so much emotion in those few moments.  And don’t even get me started on how amazing Burt and Will were…even Sue was redeeming herself for the time being.  It was perfect.


They jump into that killer, amazing, beautiful, haunting, perfectly placed, mash up and I was done for.  Watch it again ok?

And then Santana bitch slapped Finn.  The end.

If you can’t already tell, I loved that episode.  I legitimately could not find a single thing about it that I didn’t like.  Easily one of the best of the series in my opinion.

Tell me!  What did you think?  And after you do that, watch the promo.  Glee is back on November 29th!

Psst.  Click here to read what E! says is on the way.

GleeHab Review: “The First Time”

My oh my this Glee sure had a lot of hype.  Did it live up to it?  I’m not sure but it was a most excellent episode in my book.  You know, I have to be honest, I wasn’t that excited about it.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I felt like I had basically seen the entire episode before it even aired but I was pleasantly surprised.  I bet you Finchel and Klaine lovers out there were thrilled!  I have to say, my favorite parts were Bieste and West Side Story and Naya Rivera…but I digress.  Let’s review!

Artie the Director-man

Gosh I love Artie.  I was a little wigged out by the fact that he had a sex talk with Bieste but I’ll let it slide.  Artie puts it out there that neither Blaine nor Rachel can convey the passion needed for Tony and Maria because they’ve both never had sex.  Strange observation but I’ll go with it because it introduced the whole “first time” theme to the episode.  Best part about this whole scene?  Bieste crying.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

So Rachel is thinking that if she bags Finn she’ll be able to better play the part of Maria.  She leads him on a little bit in the hallway there, don’t ya think?  But regardless, he invites her over while his parents are on the campaign trail and I’m sure he’s thinking she’s totally ready for all the right reasons.

Cut to Blaine’s house where he is awkwardly dancing to 70s tunes and talking to Kurt about his love for those 70s tunes.  It is actually Kurt who brings up the sexy talk.  Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought it would be Blaine to question it first.  But no, Blaine is happy taking things slow.  UNTIL…


Eh.  I’m not sure that it was necessary to bring back the whole crew but whatever, I’m sure people loved it.  Can’t say I was a fan of Uptown Girl – sorry folks.  But I did love that dude Sebastian.  As much as I hate when they bring random characters in to stir the pot (John Stamos?) I usually like the outcome so I say bring it on.  Besides, he’s pretty.

Can I just say that I LOVED LOVED LOVED how they worked in “A Boy Like That’ into the scene as that killer montage.  It was perfect.  And Naya killed it as always.

Anywho…eventually Sebastian tries to move in on Kurt’s man but Blaine stands firm.  It doesn’t go unnoticed by Kurt though so when Sebastian invites them to get crazy at a gay bar, it’s Kurt that says yes.  Time for a little healthy competition!

Welcome Back Cooter

Yes, I know we’ve never seen him before but I couldn’t resit the phrase.

Well well well, looks like someone has a crush on Bieste.  Cooter Menken is roaming the locker rooms on McKinley as a recruiter from Ohio State but it looks like he only really has eyes for Bieste.

Let’s Talks About More Sex

The tables have turned when young Blaine decides that he wants to take things further with Kurt.  After hearing the item on Kurt’s bucket list that involved “having relations on a dewy meadow”, Blaine all but begs Kurt for some action.

After Kurt & Blaine’s hallway confessional, Artie decides to take matters into his own hands when it comes to his director buddy Bieste.  He calls Cooter to his office for a talk.  Turns out all Cooter has been trying to do is ask Bieste out but she never gets the hint.  Bless that woman’s heart man.  She’s adorably oblivious.


Finn fed Rachel meat on their date.  This was wonderful.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Soooo, they start making out and BAM Rachel screws it all up.  I actually felt bad for Finn in this scene.  Poor boy was so nervous and wanted everything to be perfect and Rachel had to go and ruin it with her crazy.  Poor guy.  But then again, he prayed to a grilled cheese sandwich so he could touch her boob.  I guess they’re even.

OMG Mike Chang

Mike’s dad basically gives him an ultimatum and Mike chooses dancing.  It was a brief but heavy scene and it was played beautifully by both actors.  I love love love this storyline for Mike.  It is so heartbreaking but it’s pretty spot on.  Harry is doing such an awesome job with this storyline too.  I have to give major claps to the writers – they promised storylines for those that haven’t had them before and they have definitely delivered this season.  THANK YOU!

Bieste & Cooter Sittin’ in a Tree

I’ve said this many times before but I’m going to say it again…Dot Marie Jones is one of the best things to happen to this show.  Ever.  I adored the scene between Bieste and Cooter and can tell you that it was easily my favorite scene of the entire episode.  Maybe I relate to her character and that’s why I love her so much.  No, I’m not a female football coach but I think everyone has felt like they didn’t look good enough to get the boy they wanted.  Bieste broke my heart in this scene and Dot played her to perfection!

Let’s Talks About Even More Sex

I think there was more talk about sex than actual sex.  Not that that’s a bad thing – believe me.  I liked the way there was more focus on the discussion of the act that the act itself.  The writers did a great job of pinpointing what insecurities people have about sex and taking about it but still kept the snarky humor there.  I liked the way all the girls were talking about it.  Santana was hilarious, Quinn gave her two cents, Brittany basically said she got raped at cheer camp (omg), but it was Tina that really brought it home.  That’s how Glee does it – funny, snarky, irreverent, but totally awesome when it counts.

Sidenote:  The way the writers worked in the actual numbers from West Side Story into this episode was utter perfection.  More on this later…

Drag Queen Wednesday

Hello Karofsky!  So, we learn that he transferred to a new school so he could have a normal senior year but in order to have a normal life he hangs out at the local gay bar.  It’s a little sad that he feels like he can only be who he is at a gay bar and not in his actual life.  I hope they keep his side story going because it could be a really important one for people going through the same thing.  Regardless though, Karofsky has turned a corner when it comes to hating on Kurt for his sexuality and the two have a really awesome scene.  Once again, way to go writers.

Cut to outside the bar where a drunk-off-one-beer Blaine puts the moves on Kurt.  Uh oh – there’s trouble in Klaine paradise.  Blaine wants to get some with Kurt and Kurt ain’t having it.  In my opinion, Kurt was totally right on this one.


Ok, so West Side Story.  A modern-day Romeo and Juliet and one of this Broadway lover’s favorite musicals ever.  I was so excited to see how they were going to work the musical into the episode.  I played out a million ways they could do it from dedicating an entire episode to the performance of the whole show (wishful thinking) to just rehearsals.  The writers did one better and meshed them all together!  My absolute favorite performance of the night goes to Santana and the rest of the crew for “America”.  It was absolutely flawless.  FLAWLESS!!  Need reassurance?  Watch it again below!

The Deed

Tastefully done?  Overrated?  Personally, I was a little surprised they didn’t push the envelope further and after all the hype I half expected to see soft core porn on my TV.  The fact of the matter is that we barely saw them kiss.  And that is perfectly ok.

After Rachel drops by Finn’s house no doubt to apologize, she sees that he’s really hurting.  Turns out Cooter didn’t want him and he’s freaking out that his whole life has ended.  Cory did a great job in this scene.  Rachel comforts him and promises that whatever happens to him, she’ll be right by his side.  And there you have the Finchel turning point.

As for Kurt and Blaine, their love/sex connection happened on the auditorium stage where Kurt told Blaine how proud he was of him and how happy he was that they were together.  After Blaine invites Kurt to the cast party Kurt politely declines and instead says he wants to go to Blaine’s house.

And there you have it.

I really liked this episode.  I have to say that the flow of it was my favorite part.  The way the themes of the musical meshed perfectly with the themes going on with the kids was very well done.  My favorite parts were of course Bieste and the performances from West Side Story but overall I give the episode a solid A.

Now it’s your turn!  What did you think?

Oh and want to hear Naya singing Adele?  Watch next week’s promo!

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