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‘Glee’ Stars Dish Initiation Rituals, Pranks on Set and Gwyneth’s Return!

Last night at the Fox Fall Eco Casino Party at The Bookbindery in Culver City, C.A., Glee stars were shining brightly! Indicating they’re already back on set and filming the fourth episode, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Amber Riley dished about initiation rituals for new stars from The Glee Project, pranks on set and Gwyneth Paltrow’sreturn to the hit show!

Cory told reporters that returning to set after the summer hiatus is kind of like going back to summer camp. “It sort of is,” he explained. “It’s like you spent a month and a half away from your family and then, all of sudden, you come back to them again. Its back to work, but I missed them.”

In case you’re wondering if there’s an initiation process for the new stars from The Glee Project, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” He told OK! “We have a hazing ritual that we like. It’s kind of like being tarred and feathered, but it involves a steep set of stairs and like sacks of flour. I can’t tell you exactly what happened, but everybody who is new that comes on the show, that’s what happens.”Chris added, “I hope that we can haze the hell of them! I think that one of them is younger than me so I am not the baby anymore. But, I am into the mental games. Mental games! I am going to pretend that I have like the worst case of bipolar disorder and they aren’t going to know how to handle me. It’s going to be great.”Although Chris’ plan sounds pre-meditated, Amber has a different strategy. She told OK!, “Here is the thing…I am the prankster on the set so I have not had time to sit down and think about it yet! I have to know their personalities before I really get them. You have to know their fears.”

Amber admitted to OK! some of the pranks she’s done have involved fires such as “some smoke and a small fire.” In addition, there were “some love notes that were not real.”

Pranks aside, Amber revealed that yes, Gwyneth will return to Glee! “I am sure that she will come back this year. Holly Holiday – that chapter kind of didn’t close so I am sure that she is going to come back. She’s great!”


2011 Creative Arts Emmys

The 2011 Creative Arts Emmys were held in Los Angeles on Saturday night and Glee represented with 2 wins!  Among the nominees were Kristin Chenoweth, Dot Marie Jones, and Gwyneth Paltrow (all for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series).  Gwyneth, sadly, was not at the ceremony but she took home the Emmy for her role as sassy (and major kick ass) substitute, Holly Holliday.  Congratulations are also in order for Robert Ulrich who took home the statue for Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series.  Lou Eyrich, Glee’s costume designer was also nominated.  Chris Colfer & Brad Falchuck were presenters as well.

*photos to be added as they become available and of course, I’ll post any video from the red carpet or show when I find them.

Paltrow loves ‘Glee’ character but skips Emmys

Gwyneth Paltrow says she was “totally thrilled” to be nominated for an Emmy for her guest starring role on “Glee,” but she won’t be at the ceremony this weekend where the winner will be announced.

The 38-year-old actress says she just reunited with her children in London and couldn’t return to Los Angeles for Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards, where TV guest roles are honored.

Paltrow would, however, return to “Glee” to reprise the free-spirited substitute teacher Holly Holliday, if invited. She says she “loves doing that show” and Holly is “probably the most fun character I’ve ever gotten to play.”

Meanwhile, Paltrow has been busy promoting her latest film, “Contagion,” where her role was probably NOT the most fun character she’s ever gotten to play. She’s Patient No. 1 in a killer pandemic.


Is Gwyneth Paltrow Heading Back to ‘Glee’?

Seeing how Gwyneth Paltrow has made such a splash with her unforgettable appearances on Glee, it only makes sense that fans would want to see her return.

That is, of course, she doesn’t even think about trying to hook up with Matthew Morrison.

So, what does the Oscar winner have to say about another possible encore performance?

“I would love to go back on,” Paltrow tells E! News. “You know, I’m not sure if I will or not, but we’ll see. It would be hard for me to say no. I have such a good time doing that show. So, we’ll see if they ask me back or not.”

Until then, the actress is keeping busy promoting her latest film, Contagion. The thriller, centering on the worldwide outbreak of a deadly virus, reunited the actress with her Talented Mr. Ripley costars Jude Law and Matt Damon, who plays her husband in the flick.

“It was so great to work with him again,” she says. “We’re different in a lot of ways with all our kids and so we talked a lot about our kids and showed pictures.”

Speaking of rugrats, Paltrow is so “happy” that her good friend Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé are expecting and admits that becoming a parent really puts everything in perspective.

“I think motherhood is the biggest blessing of all time and it give your life real meaning,” she points out. “It’s always interesting when you’re a woman with success and you’ve achieved a lot, and then you have a baby and you realize everything you thought was an achievement really is nothing until you have a kid, and I think that will be [Beyoncé’s] experience.”

Any advice for pal Jay-Z?

“I’d tell him directly,” says Paltrow, adding with a laugh: “But I wouldn’t say it on television.”


Gwyneth Paltrow for ELLE Magazine

Once a Gleek, always a Gleek in my book so do yourself a favor and check out Gwyneth Paltrow as she covers Elle Magazine’s September Issue.  She.  Is.  Stunning.


The Spellbinder: Gwyneth Paltrow

We all thought we had Gwyneth Paltrow pegged. Then the Academy Award–winning actress, rock-star wife, and cookbook author shimmied with Cee Lo at the Grammys and tangoed on Glee—and we swooned. Hollywood’s most unexpected funny lady opens up to Mickey Rapkin about her marriage, her career, and finally figuring out that“it doesn’t matter what people think of you”

On getting support from Beyoncé on her surprise duet with Cee Lo Green at the Grammys: “This story always makes me cry…It’s 10 in the morning and Beyoncé schleps it all the way down to the Staples Center to watch. I mean, She’s Beyoncé !”

On the advice Beyoncé gave her before her performance: “Beyoncé’s like, ‘Okay. The singing is great. But you’re not having any fun.’ She’s like, ‘Remember when we’re at Jay’s concert and Panjabi MC comes on and you do your crazy Indian dance? Do that. Be you!’”

On her decision to take on other roles like Glee to be able to focus more on family: “I can do short jobs. If I was still starring in three movies every year, there’s no way that I’d be the person my kids want when they fall down.”

On creating a solo album: “Beyoncé and Jay—they think that I should just go do it by myself. That I should go…in a studio and see what happens. And if it’s good, do it. And if it’s not, don’t. So that’s probably what I’ll do.”

On her much-talked about appearance on Chelsea Lately: “Doing Chelsea Handler is like doing Howard Stern: You’ve gotta rise to the occasion. It’s good to shock people who think of me as the prim Gwyneth Paltrow.”

On deciding to take on more upbeat roles: “I’m sick of doing the crying-in-my-soup part. I want to laugh. I want to sing. The main thing is, I want to have fun.”

On deciding to launch GOOP:  “When you go to Paris and your concierge sends you to some… restaurant because they get a kickback, it’s like, No. Where should I really be? Where is the great bar with organic wine? Where do I get a bikini wax in Paris? People know that I know that…”

On going public with her personal care regimens:  “It’s so much easier to sit home and not exercise and criticize other people. What I love is inspiring people. People come up to me and say, ‘I want to have two kids and wear a bathing suit and not feel terrible about myself. I see how hard you work and it makes me feel like I can do that too.’”

On showing the world a different side of herself: “If you speak to my friends who’ve known me since I was four, they’ll say, ‘That is her.’ They always said to me, ‘You’re the dirtiest person in the world and so funny. Show the world that side of you.’ I felt guarded. I felt like if I really showed people more of me and I was still not accepted, then…Who cares. You just realize it doesn’t matter what people think of you.”

On choosing not to go to her husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin for advice on music: “[He’s] a musical genius. It’s like living with Picasso, and being like, ‘Should I make a little something-something?’”

On keeping her marriage out of the spotlight: “He makes music for his fans, and he doesn’t want people to conjure a lame famous couple when they’re getting into his music. I get it.”

On the false rumors of a split: “Sometimes it’s hard being with someone for a long time. We go through periods that aren’t all rosy. I always say, life is long and you never know what’s going to happen. If, God forbid, we were ever not to be together, I respect him so much as the father of my children. Like, I made such a good choice. He’s such a good dad. You can never be relaxed or smug and think, I’ve got this thing. That’s also part of it—keeping yourself on your toes. I’m not going to take this for granted.”


Oh and check out THIS little bomb doozy she dropped while chatting…

Over a lunchtime feast provided by caterer Melrose & ­Morgan—chicken, fish cakes, rice, beans, guacamole, and salsa—the mum to Apple, seven, and Moses, five, confessed that we haven’t seen the last of ­William McKinley High’s favorite substitute teacher, Holly Holiday (sorry, Gleeks—she kept the details ­under wraps).


Brad Falchuck: “I’d Never Say ‘No’ to Gwyneth!”

Please please please please please bring her back!


According to the producers of Glee, Season 3 has such mind-blowing storylines that no guest stars will be needed to add spark to the show — but there is one celebrity they’ll never say no to.

“Anything Gwyneth [Paltrow] would want to do, I would say yes to,” Executive Producer Brad Falchuk told reporters at San Diego Comic-Con after the show’s panel. “She’s like a light. She brings a great energy and that character brings a great energy to the show.  And she’s a great talent.”

Contrary to other guest cameos that tend to take the attention away from the core cast and storylines, Paltrow’s substitute teacher Holly Holiday actually makes the plots better.

“If you look at the sexy episode last year, I thought it was using Gwyneth in a way that was really wonderful and really organic to really help tell the Santana/Brittany story,” says Falchuk. And it doesn’t hurt that Paltrow’s a cool chick. “Everybody absolutely loves her. She works so hard and the cast absolutely loves her.  So I’d never say no to Gwyneth. I don’t think anybody can say no to Gwyneth!”


Gwyneth Paltrow Not Returning to ‘Glee’?

This makes me more sad that you can even imagine.


Gwyneth Paltrow said yesterday that she will not be returning to guest star in Glee for the third season.

Speaking to Jonathan Ross at the iTunes Festival Studio Sessions last night, Paltrow, who plays supply teacher Holly Holliday in the series, said:

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t think I should. Though it’s honestly been one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.”

When asked about the progress of her rumoured solo album and record deal, Paltrow surprised the audience by saying that all the reports have been “false”.

“They’re false. I mean…I’ve had lots of offers. It’s just that every time I’ve performed it’s been as a character… But I just haven’t got my head around performing as myself yet.”


Gwyneth Paltrow at Glee! Live


Gwyneth Paltrow made a surprise visit to the Glee concert on June 29th and she kicked some serious butt!!

Gwyneth Paltrow: Glee! Live

Gwyneth Paltrow made a surprise appearance at the Glee! Live show in East Rutherford, NJ yesterday.  NEW JERSEY – I live there now and I wasn’t there.  I am very sad.  But never fear my friends!  Someone was awesome enough to record it so check out Queen Gwyneth performing “Forget You”.  ENJOY!

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