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Brittany-ism: Competition

A Moment of Glee: Heather Morris and Naya Rivera

Dianna Agron & Heather Morris To Be Featured on the New Season of Punk’d

This is going to be fantastic.’s Top 50 Favorite Female TV Characters

After weeks of tweeting and Tumblr-ing and Facebook-ing and Fan Forum-ing, the reults are finally in! We have counted all the votes in our inaugural Favorite Female TV Characters poll and the winner is … well, you’ll have to click through to the last page to see who the winner is. (You didn’t think we’d make it that easy, did you?)

One of the funnest things we get to do at is tally the results of our big polls and learn about our readers’ tastes. For example, with this poll, we assumed that most of the winning characters would be lesbian or bisexual. We were right, but only slightly. 26 of the 50 characters are queer ladies. We also assumed most of the winning characters would be on shows that are currently on the air. We were right about that too, but again, only barely. 27 of the 50 winning characters are from ongoing shows. Which means the whole “out of sight, out of mind” thing simply does not apply to lesbians.

What else do we know about your tastes? Well, we know that even though the majority of our readers are American, almost percent of your favorite characters are from international shows. And we know that you find the following things sexy (in this order): ladies who like other ladies, ladies who carry guns and/or badges, ladies who make you laugh, ladies with non-American accents, ladies who sing. Also, generally speaking, you like women who swear and women who boss people around.

Want to know even more about what you love? See for yourself!

The Glee Ones Are Below:

45. Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), Glee

In a school where saccharine sappiness and you-can-do-it ideology threatened to take over the student body, only Sue Sylvester was willing to take a stand against the Glee Club. Her tongue is toxic, her zingers are caustic, and her hatred for Will Schuester is a message we can all believe in.

19. Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris), Glee

It was a throwaway line that catapulted Brittany S. Pierce from silly cheerleader to lesbian darling: “If [sex was dating], Santana and I would be dating.” Now they’re doing both! Santana says Brittany is “everything that’s good in this miserable stinking world.” And we tend to agree. We also support her in her quest to get Lord Tubbington to give up ecstasy.

18. Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Glee

Rachel Berry doesn’t have any scruples about bending the whole world to her whims to get what she wants. And dammit, we love that about her. We also love her voice, her crazy sweaters, and the way she looks at Quinn when she doesn’t know anyone’s looking at her.

13. Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), Glee

Sometimes we can’t help but wonder if Glee‘s writers hate Quinn Fabray. When they’re not saddling her with bizarro kidnapping storylines or giving her solos to characters we don’t even know, they’re smashing into her with pickup trucks. Frankly, though, it doesn’t matter. We love her enough for the whole world.

1. Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), Glee

About a year ago, Naya Rivera took the top spot on our Hot 100. Now Santana Lopez has captured the trophy for Favorite TV Character. Two winners of two seperate polls who look just alike! Santana may have started out as a supporting Cheerio. Just a pretty mean girl who could cut you with her words. (“You’re about as sexy as a Cabbage Patch Kid.” “You dress like one of the bait girls on To Catch a Predator.” “Normally you dress like a fantasy of a perverted Japanese business man with a very dark specific fetish.”) But inside that hard, Lima Heights adjacent exterior is just a girl, standing in front of another girl, asking her to love her. Glee may be one of the most ridiculous shows on TV at times, but sometimes it’s also the most poignant. And for the last season and a half, Santana is the one who has kept the entire production emotionally grounded. She sings, she dances, she zings. But mostly she loves. And we can’t help but love her back.


Brittany-ism: Lebenese

Glee Spoiler Bomb! Anyone Want to See Naya Rivera and Heather Morris Make Out?

Get ready for a Glee fangasm.

A reliable source tells me that the moment Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) fans have been waiting for is coming—and soon.

All you need to know are these eight little words:

“Brittany and Santana are going to make out.”

Brittana fans, I’ll give you a moment to let it aaaall soak in. Chances are, some of you are going all Kristen Bell right now.

According to this source, who uttered those eight little words, Heather and Naya’s PDA will go down in the Valentine’s Day episode of Glee, set to air Feb. 14 on Fox.

I’m told what happens with Brittany and Santana is “sweet and it’s romantic and it will satisfy fans.”

This certainly should come as happy news to fans who have been lobbying for a kiss between Heather and Naya’s characters. (This season, there has been a cute look in the locker room, and a brief handhold, but not much more.) Consider it a glittery, puffy-painted, handmade Valentine from Ryan Murphy straight to you.

In other Glee news, last night’s amazing Michael Jackson episode  (packed with more big-production musical numbers than ever before) gave the series a nice ratings uptick, helping Fox win the night among young viewers. The show also served this important public service message: Never put rock salt in your slushie. So. Not. Cool.


Brittany-ism: Time Machine

Heather Morris on Letterman

Ryan Murphy’s Killer Fashion Shoot

With his new project, ‘American Horror Story’, the ‘Glee’ co-creator has spun a gothic soap opera so addictive, it’s scary. Here, he casts the stars of his current hits—dressed in the season’s retro-femininity—in his favorite nail-biters.

Creature From the Black Lagoon Starring Lea Michele

“That movie was very primal and creepy—it’s about something coming from the earth. It really freaked me out as a kid. For me, it precedes Jaws…‘Don’t go into the water,’ ” says Murphy. “I love Lea in this role; she gets that sexual thing and that ’50s style of acting, in which everything was pushed and heightened and melodramatic.” He adds: “I wonder if anyone could remake it and make it scary. I doubt it, since it’s about an amphibious flipper man. That’s two things that you don’t want to put together: swamp and sex.”

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Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Starring Dianna Agron

“I always thought The 50 Foot Woman was about sexual hibernation turned to awareness,” says Murphy. “And in most of the horror movies I like, a female character wins.” Murphy calls the film “sexy and glamorous. But no matter how you cut it—weird.”

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Suspiria Starring Naya Rivera

“When we were planning the show, I watched a lot of Italian horror [including this Dario Argento 1977 occult classic], because it’s not afraid to be sexual,” says Murphy. “I love the trippy cinematography—‘Is it real? Is it fake? Are they dead? Are they alive?’”

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The Birds Starring Jayma Mays

“The movie is all about artifice; it looks very backdropped and stagey, but quite beautiful,” says Murphy, who based Jessica Lange’s bouffant in American Horror—one befitting her character as a “manicured and put together” Golden Age castoff—on Tippi Hedren’s in The Birds. Mays, who plays “virginal and sweet… very Tippi” on Glee, gets into the spirit with Peter Pan–collared innocence and “artificial, Hitchcockian” brows.

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Repulsion Starring Heather Morris

“This part, more than any other [in these pages], is about sexual awakening, longing, and fear,” says Murphy, who wove “horror and sex around a seasonlong theme of infidelity” in American Horror’s dark domestic melodrama. On Morris as Catherine Deneuve: “It’s all about the hair, isn’t it?”

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