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Jennifer Aspen

As most of you know by now, Jennifer Aspen let her fans know that she will not be appearing the back 9 episodes of Glee. While her return was promised with the best intentions, it seems the story lines have drifted away from Kendra and we are sad to report that we won’t be hearing her snarky & hilarious lines anymore.  At least, for now.

Jennifer was kind enough to call me yesterday and give me the scoop (god, I love that woman) and we talked all about how she’s super bummed but she doesn’t think Kendra is gone for good.

While there are no concrete plans for Kendra’s return in the 2nd season, we both can’t imagine that she would be out forever because she’s such a beloved character and pretty pivotal to the show.  So, instead of Kendra being gone for good, she and I decided that she has run off with Dr. Woo to St. Lucia and that she’ll be back!  Remember, Terri can’t think without Kendra!

Jennifer wanted me to thank all of you for the tremendous support you’ve been in her campaign to get a song.  She LOVES seeing all of your tweets and LOVES writing you back and has been overwhelmed by the love you’ve all shown for her and Kendra. She is busy working on other projects, plans to spend time with her hubby, and take a road trip to visit family in Arizona.  She may even pop by to see the Glee tour while she’s there.

So, I’m hopeful that Kendra isn’t gone for good.  If she were, there would be some pretty pissed off people!  Jennifer loves Glee, loves the cast, loves Kendra, and has had a blast working on the show.  She is almost certain that we’ll see her again but for now we hope she enjoys her time in St. Lucia 🙂

Jennifer will still be active on Twitter and would love to hear from you, so continue to follow her personal account @JenniferCAspen!

Thanks for chatting Jennifer, it is always such a pleasure!  We can’t wait to see you back!


One More Reason to Give Kendra a Song

As if we need more reasons to give my girl Jennifer Aspen a song on Glee, she posted this most excellent picture on her Twitter yesterday afternoon.

First of all, even in her singing/driving frenzy she’s beautiful and I’m totally digging her shades.  Second of all, she can clearly sing her heart out and we need to hear it on Glee.

So I’ve decided that we really need to kick this Twitter campaign in to high gear.  I am going to Tweet GLEEonFox every day until they give this lady a song!  Join me, will you?  Just follow them, I’m sure you already do, and Tweet away but make sure you put Jennifer’s handle (@GiveKendraASong) so they can link directly to her.  If you don’t follow GLEEonFox you can do so by clicking here.  And of course, don’t forget to follow Jennifer Aspen!

I can’t wait to see how many of you participate in this – HAVE FUN!

Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Aspen

Last Tuesday I had the best afternoon!  I interviewed Jennifer Aspen, the genius behind Kendra’s character on ‘Glee’.  I can say without a doubt that she is absolutely the most delightful, kind, and freaking hilarious person I have ever spoken to!  I am always a little nervous when I do interviews but I was instantly at ease and felt like I was talking to an old friend instead of a major celebrity on the hottest show on TV (and easily one of the best characters on that show!).  We spoke for nearly an hour so the dialogue is very long but I promise it will be worth every minute you spend reading our interview.

Find out how we got her started on her Twitter campaign to get Kendra a song; how she could have been Heidi Montag; and get a little teaser of what is to come for Kendra in the back 9!

Rachel: How did you end up in LA?  Where did you get your start?

Jennifer: Well I grew in Prescott, AZ and then my parents were divorced.  And then my mom went to Santa Cruz, CA.  And then I split my time between those two places.  So I was like in the most conservative place and the most liberal place.  So that was interesting.  And then I got to LA because I got accepted to UCLA, so I went to UCLA for theatre and I have a BA in theatre from there.  And then I was here and I graduated.  They don’t really teach you how to get an acting job at all. They do teach you about theatre and the history of theatre and how to do plays and all of that which was great.  So when I graduated, I asked other actor friends and they’re like, well you get a waitressing job and headshots.  So I did that and that’s how it happened.

Rachel: So did you do a lot of theater/plays because of all the education you got or did you go straight to other projects?

Jennifer: No, I did a lot of plays. I had done plays in high school.  I did musicals in high school and a couple of plays. I did “How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying” and a musical called “Runaway”.  I directed, “The Miracle Worker” at the age of 17.  I mean was doing that because I loved it but I didn’t realize that people do that for a living.  So when I cognated to that and I realized that you could actually go to school for that, that’s when I got serious about it and then went to UCLA.  You do lots of student written plays and there are some weird…people get really artsy in college.  I did some Shakespeare, and did “Midsummer Night’s Dream” — My first professional gig was in theatre actually at the Pasadena playhouse, a famous theatre here in Los Angeles.  I did “The Lion In Winter” for that. So I started in theatre and didn’t get my first film thing until a television show, but I had been doing theatre for years before that happened.

Rachel: I think I first saw you in “Party of Five” years ago

Jennifer: [Laughs] Yeah, you’re not alone.  I did three other series between that and ‘Glee’

Rachel: What drew you to ‘Glee’?

Jennifer: The script! So good!  Like you mentioned, I did “Party of Five” and I did three series and they were all sitcoms and I played the wife, each time – the wife in the sitcom, the wife in the sitcom, the wife in the sitcom which I really enjoyed, don’t get me wrong.  I would happily do that again, but I was definitely looking for something different that on the page you are like this is totally exciting and that was the script from the moment I got it. I was like this is what I have been looking for!

From the beginning, I mean for me, and this is hand on a Bible swearing, this is what I said to my husband when I got that script, I said, ‘they are going to shoot this pilot, they’re going to pick it up right away, they’re going to premier it after “American Idol” and it’s going to win everything.’  I said that right off the bat.

Rachel: Well, you were right!

Jennifer: The thing is, it was that obvious. I never felt in the course of reading it, and auditioning for it, and shooting it – I never felt like maybe this isn’t going to work, not one time.  Everything just seemed just fall in to place perfectly.  The cast and the wardrobe and the way they shot it and the feeling on the set – everything was going right.  So you could just tell that was going to happen.  I was never worried and I am sure some people were, it’s an expensive venture, but it always just seemed obvious that that’s what was going to happen.

Rachel: How did you get the role?  Was it an open casting call?

Jennifer: I’m a really lucky girl.  I actually originally read for the role of Terri.

Rachel: Really?

Jennifer: Yeah.  And that didn’t work out, sadly.  I was crushed [laughs].  And then I thought wow, maybe I am not going to do this show, I can’t believe it!  Because I was so certain, like I said, because I read pilot so Kendra’s not the in pilot script.  So I read for Terri and I was so certain from the beginning that I was going to be on this show.  So in the end when I didn’t end up getting the role of Terri I was absolutely stunned.  I just couldn’t believe it, you know?  I was so sure.  So I had to walk away while they shot the pilot in disbelief you know, like I can’t believe it!  I kept expecting any day to get a phone call like, ‘okay yeah you can do it.’  And months went by and it was still on my mind like I still felt like a part of it and then I got a phone call out of the blue from Ryan [Murphy] and he gave me that role.

Rachel: Oh thank goodness he did!

Jennifer: I mean I don’t know that he wrote it like, I am writing this for Jennifer.  I don’t know what his process was in coming up with Kendra, all I know was that I just got a call one day saying, ‘there is part for you.  Ryan wants to have it.  It’s going to be an amazing role.  Here is one page of sides and you just tell us if you want it.’  And I was like, oh! My God and I read the one page and I was laughing so hard.  It was from that first dining room scene where she is like – ‘I can’t, my fibromyalgia is acting up.’  I was like I am in, absolutely in!

Rachel: Kendra is one of the best characters on the show, by the way.

Jennifer: Oh thanks!  I wish I could take full credit for that, but that is absolutely the writing, absolutely the writing.

Rachel: Well I am sure you add your own twist here and there which I think is so awesome.  I mean your character is totally crazy.  How did you create it?  How did you take what they wrote for you and then transform that into your character?

Jennifer: Well, I think it was one of the — there is something to me and probably other cast members feel like this but and with Ryan and the other writers’ writing.  I mean I am obsessed with their writing just so you know.  I stalk them on the set and I’m like, ‘how did you come up with that?  How did you think about that?  What is your process in the writing room because it’s so perfect!’  And the character, just as it is on the page I read Kendra and she was just clear to me.  It’s like oh my god she is just this.  And Ryan had some very specific ideas about the wardrobe, which is huge part for me of getting a character down.  He was the one that came up with the stirrup pants and the cowl neck sweaters and the huge belts.  That was him.  And I came into the fitting and I was like oh my god, like this is not cute unless you’re Gisele and even then that’s a challenge, not faltering.  But when I put it on and after that wardrobe fitting it was like Kendra just came out.

Rachel: And the hair!

Jennifer: Yes, the hair!  Ok, the hair was me.  I wanted that hair.  I did.  First it came from the script, then it came from the wardrobe fitting, and that kind of inspired this idea with the hair and then how the character was for me; how she talked and her righteousness, and her nuttiness, I think is just amazing.  You know she could do anything and completely justify it as being the right thing!  So when I put it all together and I am walking towards the set, I swear to God I am another person.  Just like things just happen, like a Kendra switch and I’m just there.

Rachel: You mentioned the way she talks.  You sound nothing like her by the way.  You completely transform your voice and your line delivery is the best!  How did you come up with that?

Jennifer: It just happened.  I didn’t think that must about it.  I mean there were certain things that were in the character when I was playing Terri, when I auditioned for Terri.  There were certain things that I came up with for that character, totally different then what Jessalyn [Gilsig] does and Jessalyn is great but it was a very different thing and I had not gotten to use those things yet.  One of those things was just this, almost non-thinking certainty.  Like kind of – like the actual mind is just kind of dull and the mouth goes and I hadn’t gotten to play that yet.  So I know I took that from there and put that on to Kendra and I just thought that it was so funny.  So I did put that in to Kendra and there was a tiny bit of an accent there which I thought was funny because it was kind of naturally happening as I was practicing the lines and I thought, wait a minute, no body else has an accent on this show.  And then I thought, oh my God, it’s so funny because George Bush has this accent but none of his family members have it.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed that…his parents don’t have it, you know what I mean?  It’s just completely, you know, so that was really funny to me that that was a small part of Kendra.  So I kept that instead of going, well that doesn’t make sense.  It just suddenly seemed funny to me.

The things Kendra says are so crazy but they make perfect sense to me when I say it.  It’s like it makes perfect sense.  There is no doubt in Kendra; she has no doubt about what she’s saying.  Never.  So that’s definitely in there for sure.

Rachel: Do you have a lot of freedom, are you able to ad lib or improvise?

Jennifer: Well, when I work with Ryan yes, because Ryan directs some of the episodes.  He is also one of the writers and so because he is there and he encourages that to happen, so it happens.  I don’t’ know what has made it in to the show because, if I’m being completely honest with you I have only watched one of my episodes.

Rachel: Oh really?

Jennifer: Yeah.  I am not a huge fan of watching myself.

Rachel: I can understand that.  I hate watching myself in home movies; it’s the most embarrassing thing.

Jennifer: Yes!  It is the exact same phenomena; it’s the exact same thing.  But every once in a while you know, like every once in a while you’re friends take a good picture of you and you’re like, awesome!  But most of the time you’re like oh God, throw it away.  It’s the same thing, although you know it does – it is kind of important to do because you have to have some kind of quality control.  Technically it’s a product you are putting gout, like if you made shoes and sold them and you never look to see what they look like.  But it takes a lot for me to sit down and push play and watch myself.

Rachel: I can definitely see that.  That would be hard for anyone.

Jennifer: Yeah, well some people have no button on it at all.  They can view it very objectively and think, I should use less eye shadow or I think I could be a little more in the character.  But yeah, I don’t – I am not a fan.  For example if someone takes a picture of me on set when I’m in wardrobe and I’m in my spot…they take photos and they will be like look and I’m like no!  Don’t show me!  It will burn in my mind [laughs].  It will ruin it for me!

Rachel: Well, if you don’t watch yourself don’t worry – you definitely hit it!

Jennifer: Well I can tell when I’m doing it.  I can tell from the experience that it’s working.  I was there when we were filming it so I can tell that it’s working.  And, the other people, the cast quotes that character all the time.  They love Kendra.  It’s like one of their favorite things to do and they tell me about it all the time so I know that it is working well so I why do I need to watch it?  [Laughs]

Rachel: What’s it like working with Ryan Murphy?

Jennifer: Oh it is so great.  I mean he’s creatively so incredible.  It’s really fun.  It’s very light.  It’s fun and light but you’ve got to be on your toes and you’ve got to be sharp because he does not suffer fools.  You’re not going to go there and be a moron and not know your lines or not be sharp.  That doesn’t fly with him because he’s so sharp and he’s so on it.  So you’re definitely challenged to not be a moron.  So it is really fun but it’s a highly creative and you’ve got to be very alert because there’s a lot of great ideas going around and you don’t want to miss them.

Rachel: I’d imagine it’s pretty busy.  It’s such a huge cast and you’re probably shooting a million different things at once.

Jennifer: Yeah, especially for – you know because I don’t sing and dance on the show…which, you know, it must happen.  It must happen or my life won’t be complete.

Rachel: I completely agree!

Jennifer: I think it could happen in a nightmare of Will’s.  That would be great.  I really think that could happen.  So…but the people that are singing and dancing, I mean they are truly really working their tails off because we’ll be filming a scene – we’ll come in and we’ll rehearse it and for me while they’re setting up the lights and the camera and all that stuff I have down time.  But the people that are singing and dancing they go next door for rehearsal or they go to go record a song, you know there is no down time.  They get to work a good hour or two early for dance rehearsals and singing and all that so that’s a tremendous amount of work that they’re doing.  I think it’s so great that all of these awards that these guys are getting, that we’re getting, I feel like it really is double the work load of most shows.  For sure it is.  It’s not even that I feel that it is, it definitely is.  And so it’s really being rewarded for you putting out a tremendous amount of work and I feel like the cast is really weathering that well instead of getting a lot of reward for a little bit of work and you kind of feel guilty about that.  It’s not like that.  They really have earned those accolades and they really – I can’t speak for myself that much because I really don’t have to do the singing and dancing YET!  But those that do, are really working double time for sure!

Rachel: Were you surprised at ‘Glee’’s success?

Jennifer: No!  No!  Not at all!  [Laughs] Nope, I wasn’t.  There was nothing surprising about it.  I was just happy to be on it and even like – ‘yeah we’re going to win the Golden Globe, uh huh!’  It was an obvious thing to me.  It wasn’t like ego or like ‘we’re going to win’ it wasn’t cheerleading.  It was just an obvious thing it was just ‘that’s completely going to happen’.  Now it becomes carrying on what’s been working.  It’s only been 13 episodes.  From this point you can be Desperate Housewives or you can be Sex and the City.  You know what I mean?  You can have a huge first season and first year and then just sort of be there and you never get nominated again or you can be Sex and the City and just awarded and you get better as the years go by.

Rachel: There is probably an element of pressure on them for the final 9 of the season.  I mean, they haven’t even done a whole season before they started winning all these awards so they really need to stay on their game, which I’m sure they will but I bet it’s a little nerve racking.

Jennifer: I imagine that it’s like that.  I haven’t seen the first 3 episodes back because I come in on the 4th.  But I’ve heard about what’s happening and it sounds to me like there is some really great stuff happening.  The Madonna episode sounds like it’s going to be epic!

Rachel: I have dreams about that episode, I’m not going to lie.

Jennifer: No!  Listen I’m broken hearted that I’m not in it and I actually even pitched – I literally…I am Madonna.  Madonna was literally like my opinion leader, who I looked up to, what is she doing, what is she wearing?  I went through a stage where I was dressing like her all the time and so I really pitched to them.  I was like ‘Will can have a nightmare and he comes home and Kendra is doing the “burning up” video in the driveway.  That would be so funny!  It would be amazing!’  It didn’t make it but I have heard…I know what Lea is singing and there’s one character that singing that is going to be so funny.  I think it sounds to me like they are very much on the right track and I am so excited for that Madonna episode.

Rachel: You mentioned you come back in the 4th episode and we know you’ve got to come back for at least a portion of the last 9 because Terri moves in with you right?

Jennifer: That’s right.  Terri is living with me and then something really ridiculous happens.  I’ve been told, I haven’t seen the script, I’ve just been told what the plan is.  And it will be really scandalous.  I mean it is like, Oh! My God!  To the point where Jessalyn is like ‘Oh my god, I have to film this, oh my god, help me!’.  So it’s going to be good, it is going to be so good!

Rachel: What can we expect from you?  Do you play a big part in Terri’s evolution from married woman to…whatever happens?

Jennifer: Yes, I’m sure that Kendra’s role as always – I always think of Kendra being Terri’s mind.  You know, Terri’s the body and then Kendra is the mind directing the body so I always think of Kendra like that.  So, whatever Terri’s actions are you can bet that Kendra is behind that.  Directing it.  So I assume that that’s how it will continue.  And, you know, constantly chastising Will because Will to Kendra is just a joke…but sexy.  Because that’s how she thinks [laughs].

Rachel: Yeah, that’s right!  He’s a “sexy grease monkey”

Jennifer: [Laughs] Yes!  Ugh, I wish I had seen that episode because I had done a couple of takes where I really inappropriately looked up and down his body.  And I don’t know if that made it in.

Rachel: Oh yeah, it did!

Jennifer: [Laughs] It did?!  Ok!  Because I really want to see it.  I’m definitely going to see that one and the one in the Gynecologist office.  I’ve heard those are really funny.

Rachel: I would really encourage you to watch every episode you are in because you will just laugh.  You’ll just laugh.  My husband watches the show with me which I think is great because he’s a total nerd and watches the Science channel all the time but he watches with me and when you first came on the screen he was like, “wait, that girl is hilarious!  She needs more screen time!”

Jennifer: I know!  I definitely feel that way.  [Laughs]  Having not even seen it, I want more screen time!  I’ve always known I’m a small part of a gigantic show.  I mean there is an unbelievable number of cast members but it also frees me up to pursue other things at the same time as being a part of something that has so much exposure.  I mean, everybody watches it!  I mean, Tom Hanks watches the show.  Tom Hanks!  Everyone watches this show!  I’m sure Spielberg watches it, anyone with kids draws them in and then they’re hooked!  Like you said, it’s not a kids show and I think that Ryan really captures this adult mentality and kind of pop culture referencing to the last few decades.  So he really kind of sweeps us all up as a group.  I definitely came in to awareness of pop culture in the mid to late 80s like when Madonna was really coming up and those references were definitely in there for people where those decades are part of their pop cultural history.  It is part of the thinking and the musicality and the writing of the show so it is really is so all-inclusive.

Rachel: One of my questions was do you get to sing in the back 9 but it sounds like not yet.  But hopefully, maybe because you’ve done musical theater before?

Jennifer: I’ve done musical theater before and I can sing.  I mean I don’t sing like Lea [Michele].  Let’s not get it twisted.

Rachel: I don’t think anyone sings like Lea!

Jennifer: I know it’s so gross, my God! [laughs] No, I don’t sing like that but I can sing and I did have to sing when I auditioned originally.  It was so exciting!  I love singing, I have to tell you.  Love, love, love to sing.  Makes me happy!  So you know what I think I should do?  I literally think I should start like a Twitter petition!

Rachel: You should!

Jennifer: I signed up for Twitter months ago with my name, Jennifer Aspen and never Twittered.  I just at least wanted to have my name be, me.  And then I was like, OK…but I definitely need to get it started. I need to get the whole Twitter phenomenon going!  So I went on Twitter, put in my email, forgot your password?  Yes!  So they sent me my password and I haven’t debugged it.  But that’s the way to do it.  I really think something like GiveKendraASong at or however it works.

Rachel: I think that we should totally start it!  And you know what, you’ll get it too because the Twitter following for ‘Glee’ is out of this world.  I mean I’m just a little piece of it and just do it in relation to my site but it’s crazy!  You get a petition going…it’ll be done!

Jennifer: Oh my god, I just wrote it down because I think GiveKendraASong at sounds great!  I’m going to do it!  I’m going to start a petition because it has to happen!  I mean I really really really ugh, I mean the entire process of it happening would be phenomenal!

Rachel: Just the way you would execute it, just being in character would just be, ugh!  And the nightmare for Will, he would probably beat you senseless.

Jennifer: Oh my god, it would be so amazing to sing as Kendra because you know – the other thing I definitely think about Kendra is that she’s like [laughs], it makes me laugh just thinking about it.  She’s definitely in to her sexiness.  She’s so dramatic.  So I could really see it being like, you know, she’s the best thing in the whole world!  And is very – did you ever see, oh my god now I’m really laughing, did you ever see one of Heidi Montag’s videos?  I literally, I’ve only seen one and it’s the one where she’s on the beach in a bikini.  Ugh!  [Still Laughing] Maybe it’s the only one but I feel like Kendra would do it like that!

Rachel: Oh my god, my head is going to explode!  I’m so excited about this possibility!

Jennifer: It would totally be like that.  I mean, God bless Heidi Montag.  I really mean that.  I feel horrible for this girl gone down such a wrong road.  I mean it could be my sister it could have easily been me!  I’m not judging because it really could have been me.  I mean there was a point in being in LA and not knowing where you were and being disoriented where if somebody came along and said, this is the solution to stardom I might have gone, “great! Let’s do this!”  So I’m not trying to be nasty about her but I am saying that that video makes me laugh because it’s not like Beyonce working at singing and dancing and being a performer.  It’s like a person who thinks they’re amazing at singing and dancing.  They can’t really move well, it’s awkward, but they think they’re amazing so that definitely how I would see Kendra!

Rachel: That would be so awesome.  I would seriously have a party, just for that episode!

Jennifer: [Laughs] I’m going to work on it.  I really am!

Rachel: Well we’ll help get that going for you too – you’ll have a song in no time!!

Jennifer: I’m inspired right now!  Ok go – keep going [laughs]!

Rachel: So you work mainly with the adult actors in the cast so what’s it like working with Jessalyn [Gilsig] who is phenomenal and Matthew Morrison and everyone else?

Jennifer: Oh it is great!  I have got to tell you.  Jessalyn and I have the funnest working relationship going on right now.  It really is, it is like sisterly diva in a really funny way.  We are constantly trying to jokingly out diva each other on the set.  It is all about one-liners and who can top the other one.  And it is really fun and we do it in character and in other characters.  And we really, especially the last episode we shot we were having so much fun!  We were like, we need the Kendra and Terri spin off.  We have a really great time so I feel like that is coming along terrific.  And then Will [Matthew Morrison] is a lot of fun but because I’m very antagonistic towards him in the scenes so I’m not hanging out with him that much.  You know it’s kind of – I like to kind of keep – that while you’re shooting – the characters when the come together are so different than when he and I talk in real life.  While we’re shooting, in between takes I’m not so much, I mean we chat, but I’m not so much engaged.  If that makes sense.

Rachel: There is such a divide of people who love Jessalyn’s character and those that hate her.  It’s fun to see that in real life she’s really fun!

Jennifer: Yeah, she’s a good girl.  I like her.  She’s super fat! [laughs] She needs to lose some weight but yeah.  She’s so gigantic, I love being on screen with her! [laughs] Couldn’t they have found me a girl that wasn’t like, minus zero?  I mean really!  It’s awesome.  And then put me in a gigantic sweater with a big thick belt.  Let’s make it happen for me!  I’m definitely going to be on the cover of Maxim any day! [Laughs]

Rachel: So I assume you can’t really give me any details of what happens in the back 9 with you character but it sounds like…

Jennifer: No.  I mean, I have very few details but the details I do have would completely ruin everything so no, I can’t.

At this point Jennifer has signed in to Twitter to start her campaign and we go through the who process and she gets her username as @GiveKendraASong!

Rachel: Do you have any suggestions for those people who want to audition for ‘Glee’’s open casting call?

Jennifer: I would say that you better be good.  When you go and you are just like I can do this, but you better have chops.  Don’t kid yourself.  You do have to have chops and that means you have had experience or training or somehow naturally you are really able to sing.  But don’t kid yourself, just don’t.  I mean it just so embracing to watch.  It would be like if I was, you know what, I can take on Apollo Ohno.  I can do it with positive thinking.  I am going to win.  I am going to get at least sliver [laughs].  It makes no sense and I do believe in positive thinking but not when it starts to bridge in to insanity.  So my suggestion is to really come with something.  You better come with some talent.  And if you do have that talent, you should definitely do it.

Rachel: What song did your audition with?

Jennifer: I auditioned with Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson.

Rachel: Well, that’s it for my questions.  You are such a delight and so much fun!

Jennifer: Oh thanks!  It was really fun.  You totally helped me.  I am actually really inspired and I’ll see you on Twitter!

Jennifer was so much fun to talk to and I am so glad I could help hopefully give her the push she needs to get a song.  Once again everyone, follow @GiveKendraASong and make sure you tell everyone so we can get this woman a chance to sing on ‘Glee’!  She would be amazing and I can’t wait for it to happen, because it will happen!

Thank you Jennifer for your time and we can’t wait to see you back in action on ‘Glee’!


I had the amazing opportunity to speak Jennifer Aspen this afternoon!  As you all know, Jennifer plays Kendra, Terri’s nutty sister on Glee and she is without a doubt the most delightful person I’ve ever had the privilege of talking to!

I will have the complete interview up in a few days but in the meantime I have a challenge for all of you!  While were chatting we got on the topic of Twitter and the fact that we both think that Kendra NEEDS to sing on the show.  Soooo…in order to help make that happen Jennifer has started a little “Twitter campaign” and I feel it my duty to help make this happen!

Everyone follow Jennifer on Twitter at GiveKendraASong and spread the word if you want to see Jennifer sing on the show!  Make it a topic, tell all of your friends, tweet about it regularly and I’m sure Mr. Murphy will listen and we’ll get to see this incredible talent belt it out on screen!!

Thank you so much for your time today Jennifer, it was a real pleasure and GOOD LUCK in your quest!

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