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GBK’s Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Damian McGinty, Josh Sussman, Dot Marie Jones, and Iqbal Theba all hit up GBK’s Golden Globes Gift Lounge this weekend.  Looks like everyone had fun!

Josh Sussman: American Music Awards

Max Adler & Josh Sussman: Ron White Shoe Collection Launch

Ashley Fink, Iqbal Theba, and Josh Sussman: Fashion’s Night Out, LA

Ashley Fink, Iqbal Theba, and Josh Sussman were on hand to host Fashion’s Night Out at the Beverly Center in LA last night .  Looks like it was a smash hit!

What Happened to Jacob Ben Israel?

He wasn’t around much during season 2 – here’s what Josh Sussman had to say about that…

Glee | Mystery solved! Recurring player Josh Sussman pretty much confirmed what we suspected, that McKinley High gossip king Jacob Ben Israel was forced into a particularly low profile this season as the result of rubbing people the wrong way with his orgasmic writhing during last fall’s “Toxic” performance. “People found that episode very offensive [so] I guess they wanted to give the audience a break from me,” Sussman surmises. “But then I was so happy when I got the phone call and I got to come back [for an April episode]. It was such a relief, like, ‘OK, they’re giving me another chance.’” Sussman’s hope is that as with semi-reformed bully Karofsky, Glee now takes a moment “to redeem Jacob and show a side of him that’s less hateful” – and perhaps even carrying a song in his heart. “I’d love to serenade Rachel,” Sussman suggests. Eek, I’m getting uncomfortable already.


2nd Annual Thirst Gala

Dot, Iqbal, and Josh were all on hand to support this great cause!

Cast Members at TCF Television Distribution – Los Angeles Screenings Party

Josh Sussman Wants a Solo

Josh Sussman wants to go from high school reporter to singer…


Josh Sussman has revealed that he would love to sing on Glee.

Speaking to Digital Spy at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Sussman explained that he hasn’t filmed any musical scenes yet.

“Probably the next season… I hope!” he said. “It hasn’t happened yet, I can tell you that. I’d love to sing on the show, I’m just waiting for them to ask me.”

Sussman, who plays Jacob Ben Israel, said that he would like to perform a Disney song and claimed that a duet between Jacob and Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) would be “totally awesome”.

However, he added: “I don’t think he’ll ever make the glee club. He has performance anxiety and he was in glee club last season, but he only lasted half a second, so I don’t think that will ever happen.”

Sussman also revealed that he would like Jacob to have a romance on the show, saying: “My character is still pursuing Rachel and he’s not going to stop with that… so you never know. We’ll see what happens.”

‘Glee’ Peeps at the Kid’s Choice Awards

Jane, Cory, Kevin, and Josh Sussman were all on hand to walk the orange carpet for the Kid’s Choice Awards.  They all look great but I just can’t get over how ADORABLE Kevin is with his niece and nephew!  I bet those kids were on cloud nine.  LOVE IT!

Iqbal Theba, Max Adler, and Josh Sussman at GBK Gift Lounge

Iqbal, Max, and Josh all hit up the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge – UM I WANT TO GO TO THESE THINGS!!

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