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14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards

Congratulations, Lou Eyrich!!

Lou Eyrich & Jennifer Eve Nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award

Congratulations to Lou Eyrich and Jennifer Eve on their Costume Designers Guild Award nominations.  The show will be held on February 21, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  If you’re in the area and have an extra $300 lying around you can purchase tickets here!

I’m taking donations so I can go, just sayin’.

Lou Eyrich Reflects on ‘New York’ episode

Costume designer Lou A. Eyrich was just this side of gobsmacked upon discovering she and supervisor Marisa Aboitiz had been nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy Award for their work on the “Glee” episode, “New York.”

“I just didn’t expect it,” Eyrich explained. “But I’m thrilled, obviously. But there is so much good TV on this season, so many great shows. And all the great period shows.”

In fact, this year, all “Glee” competes against is period pieces: “Boardwalk Empire,” ”The Borgias,” ”Game of Thrones” and “Mad Men.”

“So, it was, I felt like the little engine that could,” Eyrich said, “even though ‘Glee’ is not a little engine, obviously anymore.”

Eyrich continued discussing her work on “New York” during a recent interview at an Academy-hosted reception celebrating costume nominees, held at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles.

“We threw it together,” she confessed. “We landed in New York on a Saturday night, shopped all day Sunday, threw them in the clothes. Some of it was done in L.A., but, literally, we just had to throw them out there in Central Park and on the steps in Times Square. And it just was so fun. And we just thought that, ‘Let’s just submit this one.'”

From the episode’s first frame, a 360-degree pan of Times Square to actress Lea Michele in an eye-popping multi-colored mini coat, it was clear this wouldn’t be just any old “Glee” episode, at least in terms of design — starting with That Cat. It’s something Marlo Thomas easily could have worn on the ’60s sitcom favorite “That Girl.”

“We were told that they wanted it to be kind of a little nod to ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ and all the iconic New York places where we were going to shoot,” Eyrich said. “And they wanted it a little romantic and so with a little bit of ’50s, ’60s flair. So we just fanned out and shopped and that just magically worked. But then we didn’t want it to look too vintage. So we added it with fun tights and platforms and a little beret.”

In fact, two of the characters, Kurt (played by Emmy nominee Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Michele) actually do have breakfast at Tiffany’s in the episode. “And then they go perform on the stage of ‘Wicked.’ And just trying to come up with something cute and youthful, but that they would dress up for and again, threw it together in a day,” Eyrich noted, with a laugh.

This marks Eyrich’s second nomination for “Glee” (“The Tudors” took the prize last year), but she’s certainly no newcomer, with credits dating back to Prince’s 1990 feature “Graffiti Bridge.” She’s worked regularly with “Glee” producer Ryan Murphy for more than a decade, with shared credits including “Popular” (1999-2001) and “Nip/Tuck” (2003-2010).

But “Glee” is something even more special to Eyrich. “For me, personally, just seeing the effect that it has on people — I’ve never worked on a show that has brought people so much joy,” she said. “And then also one with more controversial topics that it brings it to the light. Then again, I think that Ryan Murphy is always good at making those social images, social issues come to light in a beautiful way.”


EMMYS: ‘Glee’ Costume Designer Lou Eyrich

Choosing one episode to represent a costume designer’s work from an entire season for a Creative Emmy nomination is often a nerve-wracking, nail-biting, judgment call. Take Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich, who was initially leaning toward “The Substitute,” the episode that introduced Gwyneth Paltrow as a temp teacher in Fox’s hit musical series. “Because it shows the broadest range of all our kids and it breaks them down so you see what they are like character-wise,” Eyrich initially told Deadline just four days before the Creative Emmy submission deadline. She was especially fond of the scene in which Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) has a fever and hallucinates that his students are identically-attired toddlers. And there’s also Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Lea Michele’s Chicago number, plus the mash-up of “Singin’ In The Rain” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

But after Eyrich started shooting the season finale in New York, she changed her mind — now her submission is that episode, just in time for the April 29th deadline. “It was just so fresh, different, and fun for me. We popped all the color, and there was such excitement from the adrenaline of shooting there. Ryan Murphy loved what the kids were wearing. He and the director were really excited, and some photos even ended up in People magazine. Another reason I chose it was that we had just one day to dress, fit, and alter everything and get it boxed up by midnight and sent overnight to New York. So it was one of the most challenging episodes. And we pulled it off.”

Emmy-nominated for Glee last season and for Nip/Tuck in 2005-2006, Eyrich believes her most memorable fashion moments in the season finale this year consist of: Rachel (Lea Michele) in a Mary Tyler Moore-ish brightly-colored, striped vintage jacket (rented from a costume house), a beret (Hollywood Hatters), and bright yellow shoes (bought at Anthropologie) with cinnamon colored tights; another Lea look: vintage dress, capelet and gloves, that were very Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day, for a Big Apple date with Finn (Cory Monteith); and the different sets of costumes for three show choirs: the New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline, and an a capella group.

Even so, why not choose the episodes everybody was talking about: the buzzed-about kink of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” or the wow factor of the extravagant “Britney Brittany”? “We were inspired by the original costumes of the Rocky Horror movie,” explains Eyrich. “I didn’t get to create the costumes. Same with ‘Britney,’ I don’t feel I created those costumes. I was just paying homage to someone else who created the costumes.”


On-Set with Lou Eyrich

‘Glee’ costume designer talks regionals dresses. Plus: Will the Warblers’ uniform change?

This was posted the day after “Original Song” but I wanted to wait until after the madness of Paleyfest to post it.  Also, I Love Lou.


Last night’s Glee unveiled not only three original songs, but also some highly original costume choices. When it comes to deciding the New Directions girls’ outfits for regionals, Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich asks, “Is it youthful, is it pretty and soft, and does it fit Ryan Murphy’s vision?”

Last year’s regionals dresses came from Betsey Johnson, which Eyrich says makes the “perfect show choir dresses.” This year, the show needed a designer who’s used to making dresses of varying sizes on a tight turnaround, so who better than a bridal designer? Eyrich’s team ordered aqua bridesmaids dresses from Los Angeles-based Jenny Yoo (who also did the girls’ dresses for Kurt and Finn’s parents’ wedding) on a Wednesday; Yoo made them on a Thursday, and on Friday, Eyrich and her team fit the dresses on the girls — who require a wide range of sizes — and added sashes around the waists and applied jewels from deconstructed BCBG necklaces to the fronts.

The biggest twist on the ensemble, though, came below the waist. The ladies of both New Directions and Aural Intensity sported black leggings, mostly for practical reasons but partly for style. “Their dance numbers are very athletic,” says Eyrich. “They’re jumping on boys’ shoulders and sliding on their knees — we have to give them [leggings] for protection and comfort.” For New Directions, at least, the leggings were also part of an ’80s Cyndi Lauper look, along with the big Doc Martens the girls wore with them. The boots came as an addition straight from the top: “Ryan Murphy liked the sweet, youthful dresses but wanted to make it more Balmain. Just a little more fashion-y and trendy, not just another dress with dance shoes, because we’ve done that so many times.”

As for some other Glee-toure curiosities:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There was some talk early in last night’s episode about changing up the Warblers’ uniform. Is that actually going to happen?
Nope, that was just a joke from the show. It’s a blessing for us that they wear the same thing week to week! [Laughs]

Speaking of uniforms, how do you feel about Quinn, Santana, and Brittany no longer wearing their Cheerios outfits all the time?
Creatively, we love it! It makes a lot more work for us, and the girls [Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, and Heather Morris] were thrilled to get out of the cheerleading uniforms at first. But now they see how many fittings they have to do, and they’re like, “Hmm, maybe we should go back to Cheerios uniforms.” We’re having a lot of fun with it, though.

Where did you find Rachel’s crazy green dress from the alcohol episode?
It’s vintage — we rented it from a costume house. Ryan wanted her to be wearing an inappropriate ’70s style hostess dress when she opened the door as guests arrived. You can find dresses like that at vintage stores, in Los Angeles, at least, like Jet Rag or American Vintage.

Do you know what people are wearing at Nationals yet?
We’d love to get a jump on it. We were just talking about Nationals this morning. We usually wait for the music so we know: Is it upbeat? Is it rock and roll? Is it reggae? But we want to get a jump on it and show Ryan some ideas because we’ll be doing two big episodes in a row.

I guess people don’t talk about the boys’ fashion as much, but what kind of thought process went into designing their regionals outfits?
We start with the girls and find a color that works for them, because it’s harder to find a dress that works on seven different girls. Since we chose aqua and black for the girls, we wanted to color-coordinate. We put the New Directions boys in black Levi jeans, black tops, and a skinny black tie to dress them up a bit.


Congratulations Lou!

Once again, Lou has taken home the Costume Designers Guild Award for a contemporary series.  And once again, it was very well-deserved.  Congratulations, Lou!

Congratulations Lou!

Lou Eyrich, the genius behind every single costume on Glee, has been nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award…again.  Lou has been nominated for OUTSTANDING CONTEMPORARY TELEVISION SERIES.

Lou was nominated and WON last year so here’s hoping she takes home the prize again – she certainly deserves it!

Jessalyn, Lou, and Jayma at last year's CDGAs


Chris, Jayma, and Lou Talk Fashion and Secret Santas

…and other Glee goodies!


Lou Eyrich to Recieve a 2010 Style Award

…presented to her by none other than Jayma Mays and Chris Colfer!


The Palazzo is transforming the Hollywood Style Awards into a luxury resort for the evening where the most stylish in the fashion world will be honored on Sunday, December 12 at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California.

2010 Hollywood Style Awards celebrating today’s marquee talent and entertainment industry heavyweights in the behind-the-scenes arena including premier hair and make-up artists, stylists and designers. The Palazzo is home of world-class dining from a collection of award-winning chefs such as Carnevino by Mario Batali, CUT by Wolfgang Puck and Table 10 by Emeril Lagasse, luxury shopping highlighted by Barneys New York, Tony Award winning Broadway musical The Jersey Boys and featuring at the event LAVO, Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, Laguna Champagne Bar, Fusion Mixology Bar, CUT, Sweet Surrender and AZURE Luxury Pool.

THE PALAZZO LAS VEGAS will also present the 2010 Future Female Style Icon award to Katie Cassidy


Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design in Television Lou Eyrich (Glee)

PRESENTERS TO INCLUDE: Emily Blunt, Heidi Klum, Lea Michele, Jayma Mays, Chris Colfer, Zooey Deschanel, among others to be announced

HOSTED BY: Comedian Natasha Leggero



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