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7 3 HRS ‘Glee’s’ Ryan Murphy Wants Madonna — and the Material Girl is Game

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The “American Horror Story” co-creator also confirms Jessica Lange will return and that the Harmons won’t be back for Season 2.

Ryan Murphy wants to take a second stab at a Madonna episode — with the Material Girl popping into Glee‘s McKinley High.

During a visit to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Glee and American Horror Story co-creator spilled on who he’d like to next see guest star on the Fox musical.

“I want to do another Madonna episode but I want Madonna to be on it,” he says. “She says she would do it. I think that’s what I want to do.”

Glee paid tribute to the Super Bowl halftime performer in April 2010 with its “Power of Madonna” episode that featured eight tracks from the pop icon’s library including “Like a Virgin,” “Express Yourself,” “4 Minutes” and “Vogue,” which became Jane Lynch‘s first vocal performance on the series.

The episode drew 13 million viewers and a 5.3 rating in the prized adults 18-49 demographic.

In addition to spilling on Glee, Murphy also confirmed that SAG and Golden Globe winner Jessica Lange would indeed be returning to Season 2 of FX’s horror anthology drama American Horror Story, responding with a simple “yes” when asked if she would “make an appearance.”

The confirmation comes after Lange told reporters backstage at both January awards shows that she was mulling her future with the series, which will be completely rebooted with a new house, cast and location for its upcoming sophomore season. While the showrunner was mum on who else would be returning, he confirmed that Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott and Taissa Farmiga — the central Harmon family at the center of the first-year series — would not be among them.

“I’m in negotiations with four of the people who were on last year’s show, none of them were the Harmons,” he told Cohen.


More Madonna

So I’ve finally decided how I feel about this…I’m not a fan of having a second Madonna episode.  Well, let me rephrase that…I would love more of her music but I don’t know about another tribute UNLESS they can actually develop some story lines this time.  But, it has been confirmed by the Murphster himself…there is a second Madonna episode in the works.

Series head honcho Ryan Murphy confirmed the rumors on Monday at the Peabody Awards in New York City.

“We are, we’re doing a sequel to the Madonna [episode],” he told Access Hollywood.

Earlier this season, “Glee” broke tradition and devoted an entire episode to only Madonna songs, but the date when Madonna will reign supreme for a second time, musically anyway, on the show is the only thing that has to be nailed down. When asked if it will occur next season, Murphy said, “Probably. Yeah.”

Madonna is a fan of the show, after having watched it with her teenage daughter, Lourdes, and the rumors continue to run rampant that she will make a cameo on the hit FOX program.

“I can’t say,” Ryan told Access about Madge’s rumored role. “But she’s sort of the muse of our show, I think now.” She loves the show and has supported it. She gets the show is about arts education and so she’s very supportive about that.”

Source: Access Hollywood

Faux Madonna Beats Real Madonna

Thanks to Cory, one my loyal Twitter followers for sending along this great article.  Yay Glee!  Glee kids hooray!

Glee: The Power Of Madonna enters The Billboard 200 at #1. The album from the recent prime-time salute to Her Madgesty is outselling Madonna’s current CD/DVD combo, Sticky & Sweet Tour. The Glee album sold 98,000 copies this week. Sticky & Sweet Tour has sold 41,000 copies in its first three weeks. In fairness to Madonna, her hits have been repackaged on numerous compilations over the years. The Glee versions are new.

All seven selections from the EP are listed on Hot Digital Songs. “Like A Prayer” bows at #10, followed by “Borderline”/”Open Your Heart” at #41, “Like A Virgin” at #51, “4 Minutes” at #55, “Express Yourself” at #90, “What It Feels Like For A Girl” at #117 and “Vogue” at #153. Two of Madonna’s original recordings return to Hot Digital Songs. “4 Minutes” (featuring Justin Timberlake) bows at #127. “Like A Prayer” (which is starting to feel like her most classic recording) bows at #135.

Madonna’s Celebration album returns to The Billboard 200 at #86. The two-disc greatest hits set has sold 226,000 copies since its release in September.

The success of the Glee album is akin to people buying original cast albums to Mamma Mia! and Jersey Boys rather than compilations by ABBA and the 4 Seasons, respectively. I would rather have the real thing in all three cases, but some fans are more connected to the theatrical show than they are to the artist involved.

Madonna was the perfect choice to be the first artist saluted with a Glee episode and album. Such other superstar divas as Barbra Streisand and Cher are prime candidates for future salutes, but it’s always best to be first. This is far from the first indication of Madonna’s pop-culture impact. There have been many such indicators through the years, from “Weird Al” Yankovic’s 1985 parody, “Like A Surgeon,” to Train’s current “Hey, Soul Sister,” with its Madonna name-check.

Some will be surprised by the album’s #1 ranking. Madonna peaked as a chart and cultural force in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But she has more than held her own in the past decade. Madonna’s last four studio albums, stretching from 2000’s Music to 2008’s Hard Candy, have all debuted at #1.

The first-week sales tally for Glee: The Power Of Madonna includes 74,000 digital copies. That’s 75% of the total. Digital has accounted for that big a chunk of the weekly sales tally on only two previous #1 albums. Both were earlier this year. Ke$ha’s Animal (76% digital) and Hope For Haiti Now (100%).

The title, Glee: The Power Of Madonna, is a nod to Madonna’s 1998 hit “The Power Of Good-bye.” Madonna has had 37 top 10 hits on the Hot 100, but that isn’t one of them. The song peaked at #11.

Pop Quiz: Three of Madonna’s 55 Hot 100 hits were cover versions of songs that first charted for other artists. Name them.

All three Glee albums to date have made the top 10. Volume 1 peaked at #4. Volume 2 hit #3. Glee is one of only six weekly series in television history to spawn three or more top 10 albums. Sing Along With Mitch, which ran from 1961 to 1964, generated five top 10 albums during the run of the show. The Monkees, whose eponymous show ran from 1966 to 1968, had five top 10 albums. American Idol, which debuted in 2002, has spawned five top 10 thematic albums (not counting albums by individual contestants). Hannah Montana, which debuted in 2006, has yielded five top 10 albums (not counting the movie soundtrack or strictly solo releases by Miley Cyrus). The Partridge Family, whose eponymous show ran from 1970 to 1974, had three top 10 albums.

Quiz Answer: The three Madonna chart hits that first charted for other artists were “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” (Rose Royce, 1979), “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” (Festival, 1980) and “American Pie” (Don McLean, 1971).

Source: Yahoo Music

Madge vs. Sue

Check out this side-by-side comparison of Madonna’s original Vogue video and the one that the creators of Glee did with one Ms. Sue Sylvester!  One word.  AWESOME!

Source: Broadway World

Madonna Sequel in the Works

I’m not sure yet how I feel about this.  Once was wonderful, twice may be too much…

Glee is heading back into the groove with Madonna.

The afterglow from last night’s smashing (and highly rated) Madge-themed episode has barely dimmed and already series creator Ryan Murphy is talking to the Material Girl about a sequel!

Murphy confirms that he’s in discussions with M’s camp and that “Madonna and her people are into it and want it to happen.” The follow-up would air early next season and feature six more songs from the pop icon’s immense catalog of hits. (There’s talk that fans might be able to vote on which tracks should be used via a poll on

The Glee-Madonna marriage has already reaped huge dividends for both the show and the star. Tuesday’s episode attracted a potent 13.5 million viewers, down just 5 percent from last week’s record-setting spring premiere. Additionally, the soundtrack from the ep is currently No. 1 on iTunes, and two of the singles are in the top 20.

The power of Madonna indeed.

Thoughts? Is Glee smart to stay in business with Madge? And which hit should Sue tackle next? “Human Nature,” perhaps?

Source: EW

GleeHab Review: The Power of Madonna

I am old.  So old in fact that I vividly remember the series finales of such shows as M*A*S*H, Cheers, Family Ties, and other monumental hours of television that have lived forever inside my pop-culture savvy brain.  But, no other hour of television in my life to date has been quite as epic as Glee’s tribute to Madonna that aired last night.

The first album I got in my transition from audio cassette to compact disc was True Blue, easily one of Madonna’s best albums.  I had every word to every one of her songs memorized from a young age (much to my mother’s conservative dismay).  So, when news first broke that Madonna had given Glee full rights to her entire catalog I nearly lost my mind.  I knew that meant they would do some of her songs but I never imagined that it would eventually evolve in to a full episode dedicated entirely to the Princess of Pop!  Thank God Ryan Murphy seems to love Madonna just as much as I do because his creative wheels started turning and produced incredible excellence in last night’s episode.

We start off with Sue Sylvester writing in her journal, and I’m pretty convinced that any Glee episode that starts off this way is a winner in my book.  Not only is she writing in her journal but it seems to be a journal dedicated to Madonna herself with all sorts of crafty sparkly stuff all over it.  Awesome.

Sue’s voiceover says it all: “Madonna. Simply saying the word aloud makes me feel powerful; even in voice-over. How I have worshipped her ever since I was a little girl. Sorry Angie Jolie, Catherine the Great … Madonna is the most powerful woman to ever walk the face of the Earth.”  She’s up to her wily ways as usual and continues to use her roofie induced sexual blackmail over Figgins and he allows her to blast Madonna’s Greatest Hits through the halls of McKinley High.

We head on over to the gym where Sue is giving the Cheerios a pep talk and subsequently asks Santana what her bracelet says “WWMD” (I want one now, please) and instructs the girls to date younger men all while only going by their first name.  Both traits of Lady Madonna herself.

Cut to Rachel Berry looking awkwardly around the choir room at the other girls and finally gets the guts to pose the “When am I ready to have sex?” question to her cohorts.  Santana offers her stellar advice and tells her “do what I do, never say no” when Brittany follows up with “yeah, what’s the worst that can happen?  Sorry Quinn”.  Classic.

Always quick to take his Glee kids under his wing, Mr. Shue overhears and tells them to talk to someone about it, you know, like his lady-love Ms. Pillsbury.  Rachel says she already tried that and we get a great scene with Emma & Rachel where Rachel reminds Emma that she clearly can’t talk to her mom about it because she has 2 gay dads.  Oh, oops, good try Emma.

Will winds up in Emma’s office unloading his issues on her as always (and subtly telling her she needs to step up her guidance game) and she agrees to help him get the guys to treat the girls with more respect and forms a “girl saving team” with Will.  P.S.  I loved Emma’s little quip about Ann Coutler.  Also, did you catch the newest pamphlets in Emma’s office?  Freaking fantastic!

Will wanders down the hall and hears some great Madonna tunes blasting from the gym and enters to find a most outstanding cheer routine choreographed entirely to “Ray of Light”.  On stilts.  He’s impressed and when Sue notices him there (because “I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves living in your hair”) she insults him but he brushes it off and gets some Madonna themed ideas of his own.

Cut to the choir room where Will is chastising the boys of the club about being more respectful to the girls and gives them the assignment of finding a Madonna song that teaches everyone about respect.  Rachel of course loves this idea and starts it all of right by gathering all the girls together for a phenomenal performance of “Express Yourself”.  EVERYTHING about this scene was perfection – the outfits, the hair, the moves, the music, and Kurt totally rocking out like a fangirl in the audience.  Pure win.

Later, Santana & Brittany discuss possible younger guy hook ups and Santana becomes increasingly concerned that she has yet to find a younger man (Britt has already landed herself some 7-year old boy toy).  Cue bright idea – Santana should rob Finn of his V-card, and he totally counts because he’s 3 days younger than her.  She approaches him and he turns her down because he’s still diggin’ Rachel.

Emma’s all sad because for some reason Madonna isn’t playing in her office and she asks Sue about it.  Sue quickly answers by verbally punching Emma in the gut with some remarks about her being a prude and a crazy who can’t control herself – “simply put, you have all the sensuality of one of those pandas down at the zoo, who refuse to mate”.  So, of course, she therefore doesn’t deserve Madonna.  Then the little squeaky clean wheels in Emma’s pretty little head start turning…

Finn confronts Rachel about Jesse and she tells him that she is still indeed dating him and he’s all pissed off but jumps in to a song with her anyway and they do a darling mash-up of “Open Your Heart” and “Borderline”.  The main reason I loved this sequence is because of the ingeniously creative background players – did you see all the AWESOME Madonna get ups featured as Finn & Rachel got their minstrel on down the hall?! I nearly fell off my chair.

Moving on to some more epic hair bashing from Sue to Will and then…oh wait a minute…Will bashes Sue’s hair! Way to finally get a back bone Mr. Shue.  The Flowbee and Florence Henderson comments were pretty awesome and hurt Sue enough to get her to think about her looks.  Mercedes and Kurt pay her a visit and offer to give her a makeover.  Cue the birth of the much anticipated Vogue remake.  I’m only going to say this once.  I loved it.  Beyond loved it.  BUT I am sad that Fox released it a week early.  I felt gipped.  That is all.

After Mercedes & Kurt chat with Sue about giving her a new look the 3 virginal couples have a come to Jesus meeting with each other and decide that they are ready to take that next step.  Finn takes Santana up on her offer, Rachel meets Jesse in the library to tell him she’s ready to move ahead, and Emma catches up with Will in the stairwell.

Emma & Will’s scene here cracks me up the most.  Emma goes on some great diatribe about how she needs to take control of her body and actually utters the words “which is why, I’m planning on doing the nasty with you tonight at your place”.  Um yes, little innocent Emma said THE NASTY and THEN she says “foreplay shall begin at 7:30 sharp”.  God, I love her!  Will’s face is pretty priceless and of course he’s perfectly fine with it.  Emma runs off and Will rejoices in his sudden evening plans.

Then comes the actual “Vogue” remake (epic) and we jump right in to “Like a Virgin”.  This is where I started to go crazy.  As a nutty Wemma shipper (yup, I said it) I was loving everything about this.  There have been mixed reviews of “Like a Virgin” so far.  Some thought it was too racy for primetime, not tastefully done, or just plain bad.  I DISAGREE on all counts.  Turn on any other TV show these days and you’re going to see a lot more skin, a lot more touching, and a lot more sex.  I thought it was perfect.  So get over it and enjoy the scene because it was one of my favorites.  The only thing I was disappointed about was that it was Finn who gave it up and not Emma.  It just reiterated the fact that it’s ok to give it up for revenge but not for love.  What’s that about?  Here are the facts: she’s at least 30, she’s in love with the guy, and she needs to overcome her fears.  Maybe it is because of this mindset that I have been pregnant twice in one year but come on, give it up Pillsbury!  There, I said it.  Now you can hate me.

We head back to the halls of McKinley to see that Sue has not kept any of her smokin’ Madonna looks and gets some self-confidence of her own when Figgins reminds her that she doesn’t need the Cone Bra (yes, it deserves capitalization) to be more powerful.  That’s a good thing too because she was poking kids eyes out left and right.

Back in the choir room Rachel and Finn meet again and she gives him the impression that she did the deed with Jesse and he confesses (lies) that he couldn’t go through with it with Santana.  Um liar, he totally did.

Then Emma walks in to Will’s office and apologizes profusely for basically blue balling the poor guy twice (remember last week?) and he says that he can’t date her until his divorce is final, all the while boosting her confidence by telling her that she did the right thing by deciding she wasn’t ready.  Luckily, he filed for divorce that day so there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.  He gives her a card for counselor so she can get some help, she obliges and takes her forgotten shoes (Penelopes of course), thanks him and leaves.

And then BOOM – in walks one Jesse St. James in to Will’s office to join the ranks of McKinley High and New Directions (who else saw that one coming?).  The glee club is PISSED about that (and Brittany thinks that Jesse is Will’s son) but Will brings them back all down to earth as always but not before the fact is addressed that no one other than Rachel or Finn ever get solos.

“4 Minutes” is next and is wonderful – Mercedes and Kurt kill it of course.  Will notices that they are now Cheerios but is quickly shut down and Mercedes & Kurt decide to do both.  Then we head back to the choir room where the boys do a pretty cute rendition of “What it Feels Like for a Girl” and even though Puck-zilla hates it they all realize that they have indeed been jerks to the girls.  Artie and Tina make up (and smooch) and Finn tells Rachel he’s sorry and turns down a dance off between Jesse and instead welcomes him to the Glee club with a macho hand shake.  Way to go Finn.

Finn leads the crew in to the auditorium where we end with “Like a Prayer”.  This was the perfect end to the perfect episode!  I loved the full choir singing along and the fact that every one of the ND members got face time.  Little known fact (well maybe)…Amber Riley’s mom was one of the singers in the choir.  Awww!

My overall rating is an A-FREAKING-PLUS!!!  So to Ryan Murphy I say, kudos my friend.  Well done indeed.  But, you have a lot of work to do come May Sweeps because I’m not sure even the legendary Joss Whedon can top this one.  But we shall see…

Madonna Stands to Profit from ‘Glee’ Episode

This does not come as that much of a shock to me.  I mean come on, Madonna is great and all but she is not totally altruistic.  She is a business woman after all.  Well, if the Twitter reaction to Glee’s Madonna episode is any indication of what the ratings will prove to show later today Madonna is going to do quite well for herself and her Glee-ful gift!

If everyone hits the notes they’re supposed to, Tuesday’s Madonna-themed episode of “Glee” is going to leave the Material Girl very, very happy — and not just from the female empowerment motif or Jane Lynch’s stylized version of “Vogue.”

For one thing, it’s the only episode so far of the hit series dedicated to a single artist.

“I could see it happening again infrequently in the future,” Adam Anders, “Glee’s” music producer told TheWrap. “But Madonna was a great choice to start with because of the depth of her catalogue.”

Indeed, that catalogue will hand Ms. Ciccone a nice chunk of financial joy from the licensing fees for the “New Directions” kids’ performance of 10 of her songs. Licensing, like live performance, is one of the few areas of the music business that is still actually growing.

It’s a very strategic move when you take a look at the calendar.

The “Glee” episode — “Glee: The Power of Madonna” — and accompanying record are out one week after Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour CD and DVD hit the market.

The album debuted in the Top 10, and the DVD topped the music-video charts.

“This ‘Glee’ episode is still a win/win for her and Live Nation’s investment in her touring and related merchandise because of the publicity and the spike in sales they’ll get for her new live DVD and CD,” a music industry insider told TheWrap.

Most expensive ‘Glee’
According to one individual close to the show, Madonna and her management granted the show total access to her entire catalogue after being personally approached by “Glee” co-creator Ryan Murphy last year.

It won’t hurt ratings for the already top-rated show, either.

“Glee’s” Anders wouldn’t confirm how much the show paid to use Madonna’s songs, but he did say that quantity helps. “The more you do, there is a bulk rate involved, so you do get a better deal. Still, because of the production numbers, this was the most expensive ‘Glee’ we’ve ever done.”

Network programs usually have a music budget of around $150,000 to $200,000 and spend about $10,000 to $15,000 to license the right to use a track.

Simon Harris of Fabric Publishing, who has had songs by its artists licensed for “Ugly Betty” and “CSI,” says “an artist or writer is not going to get rich from one song placement.” However, Harris says the rules and revenues of the game become a little different if you are a legacy superstar like Madonna.

Like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, the singer — who has not just a deep catalogue but a strong current fan base — can command about $50,000 a tune, according to licensing agents who spoke to TheWrap.

Regardless of the discount Madonna gave “Glee,” the themed episode mostly likely will end up extremely lucrative for both the show and the performer.

The mini-album, featuring seven of the 10 songs that’ll be on the show, comes out online and in stores the same day the show airs. Also, fans that purchase the album off iTunes will get a version of “Burning Up” as a bonus track.

Similar to that other Fox powerhouse “American Idol,” artists who appear on “Glee,” “get a halo effect on the track level,” Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard’s director of charts, told TheWrap.

In a business beset with double-digit sales drops, “Glee” has proven a welcomed tonic, with single songs from the show — both the “Glee” cast version and the original — selling in the millions.

Profitable venture
And the “Glee” albums are doing pretty well, too. “Glee Volume 1,” which came out in November, has sold 776,000 units to date, and “Volume 2,” which came out in December, has sold 574,000.

“Those are very good numbers, both on their own and in contrast to performers like Ke$ha, who has sold 558,000 units of her album since it came out in January,” Pietroluongo said.

Madonna’s greatest hits collection “Celebration,” which has sold about 218,000 units since it came out in September of 2009, will likely see a bounce from the 2,000 copies a week it’s selling right now, thanks to the “Glee” connection, he said.

“This isn’t really about Madonna being on ‘Glee,’” a former label executive and industry insider told TheWrap, “it’s about Madonna’s place in the market.”

In October 2007, Madonna left Warner Music to sign a 10-year, $120 million deal for all her future music and all music-related businesses with concert promoter Live Nation. That deal included the Madonna brand, albums, digital sales, revenue from her tours, merchandise, online presence, DVDs, TV and film projects that are music related and associated sponsorship agreements.

Source: MSNBC


Tomorrow is going to be such a good day.  Not only is it Glee day, it is Glee meets MADONNA day!  In honor of this, here are a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure.  The first is a little chat with the cast about their love of the Material Girl and the second are two clips from tomorrow’s episode…

Sneak Peak: Madonna

Check out these great pictures from the set of the Madonna episode of Glee!  Dear God, Tuesday needs to HURRY UP!!!

Also, check out these great clips from E! online…


Did you ever think in a million bazillion years that the reason behind bringing Madonna‘s magic to Glee would because of Sue Sylvester?!

Seriously, people, that’s the real deal when it comes to this week’s highly anticipated episode, which focuses on Jane Lynch‘s beyond-brilliant alter ego and her undying devotion to the one we call the Queen of Pop.

And if you’re still not convinced, just check out the clip on top, you “sloppy freakshow babies”—whoops, sorry! Some of Sue’s Madge-ified ‘tude must’ve caught on. And wait, there’s more…


Source: E! & PopWrap

Madonna is LOVING Her ‘Glee’ Episode

There is a lot of press on both Glee and Madonna lately.  This is of course because of the beyond epic Madonna-centric episode of Glee that airs in just 4 days (um, can’t wait).  Check out this great article on what she thought when she saw the show for herself…


Madonna has given her thumbs-up to “Glee’s” upcoming episode featuring her music.

“I think Mr. Schuester is very cute,” Madonna said in a statement, referencing Matthew Morrisons’s “Glee” club leader/teacher character at McKinley High School.

“And I’m glad he’s doing such a good job empowering all the girls,” the Material Mom added.

As previously reported on, on April 20, “Glee” devotes their entire hour to Madonna songs in an episode titled, “The Power of Madonna.”

The episode follows Mr. Schuester as he expresses concern that the ladies of the glee club are being disrespected and bullied by the male members.

In order to give the girls confidence, Mr. Shue asks the glee club girls to tackle Madonna songs “in the hopes that the girls embrace Madonna’s strength, independence and confidence so that the guys will see the errors of their misogynistic ways,” FOX said in a statement.

Among the tracks performed on the episode are “Express Yourself,” “Like A Prayer” and “Vogue,” the latter track which fans were able to watch during a commercial break from Tuesday night’s spring season premiere of “Glee.”

The “Vogue” clip, starring Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, Amber Riley as Mercedes and Chris Colfer as Kurt, has already become an Internet sensation, as a fitting tribute to Madonna’s original clip.

Source: Access Hollywood

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