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Behind the Scenes: “Michael”

Behind the Scenes Photos from “Michael”


GleeHab Review: “Michael”

What would Micheal Jackson do?  Have Heather Morris dance more in this episode.  Other than that, it was wonderful.  Let’s not waste any time and moonwalk our way through Glee’s tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson.  See what I did there?  I’m hilarious.

I feel like the best way to break down this review is to take it musical number by musical number since that’s what seemed to dominate.  That being said however, there were some major plot developments and for that I have to say…kudos writers.  Last time we had a tribute episode it was basically a concert with no plot.  At.  All.  I am so glad they managed to keep the story going.

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

So the artists formerly known as The Troubletones (may they rest in peace) were all sorts of jealous that New Directions got to do Michael Jackson for Sectionals.  Will overhears the conversation and plants the bee in their bonnet with the promise of possibly doing Michael for Regionals.  This gets everyone excited and bam!

This was a very Darren heavy song and usually I’m kind of luke warm to him but he did a solid job.  The production value was awesome as well and had me groovin’ so, I approve.  The only thing I had to keep reminding myself of was the fact that the whole “no spontaneous musical numbers” thing goes right out the window in tribute episodes.

As we go into the next musical number we have a sweet little hallway scene between Rachel & Finn where he’s basically begging her for an answer to his proposal.  I have to say this storyline bugs me big time but more on that later.

We flash over to The Lima Bean where the crew is discussing Michael and in walks the sleazy but awesome Sebastian to shake things up.  Turns out young Blaine blew their Michael cover and told the Warblers that New Directions was going to tackle the king of pop.  Not cool, Blaine.


I can’t say I loved the direction in Bad but the song itself and the storyline going with it was great.  Honestly, give me Naya in any scene and I’ll love it.

New Directions wants to claim Michael as their own and in an effort to do so, they challenge the Warblers in an empty parking garage.  What ensues is some awesome dancing (needed more Heather) and some slushie madness.  And down goes Anderson.  Uh oh!


First of all, I love Artie.  Love him.  I loved the entire scene leading up to the epic that was Scream – standing up for himself and finally saying what everyone else was thinking was great.  It took rock salt in Blaine’s eye to get everyone to get mad enough to stand up for themselves.  And then Scream happened and I loved the scene even more.

I am so glad they chose Scream as the video remake for this episode.  Like Vogue before it, it was nearly frame for frame identical and Kevin and Harry absolutely KILLED it.  Seriously, Harry where have you been all my life.  I will say this for Mr. Murphy…he promised more focus on the likes of Harry and other previously less prominent characters and, he has delivered.

But I digress…Scream was perfect.

Never Can Say Goodbye

Oh hey there Quinn.  Nice to see you again.

I am so glad that they stopped her crazy bitch ways and turned her into the character I know and love.  She has really matured and as much as I hated her for the first part of the season, I did love how they showed that transformation.  And now she’s giving Rachel some really solid advice.  Psst…Rachel, TAKE IT.

In other news, Quinn is going to Yale.  Does that mean we are losing Dianna next year?  I guess only time will tell.

Human Nature

After Kurt & Santana decide to peacefully take down Sebastian (bummer I wanted Sebby to get the tramp stamp) we get some cute Sam & Mercedes time.  Overall, Sam kind of annoys me but his pursuit of Mercedes is adorable so I’m ok with him.  And I kind of loved Human Nature.  Very sweet for you Sam & Mercedes lovers out there.

This Isn’t a Musical Number But…Burt Hummel for Father of the Year

Again.  I swear to Glee, Burt Hummel is the most precious man on the face of this planet.  Could the scene with Kurt & his NYADA letter have been any more awesome?  I was straight up sobbing.

“You beat them all.  They threw everything at you.  They tried to beat you down and you know what?  You were unstoppable, Kurt.  I am so proud to be your dad.  They can never take this away from you.  Right now, in this moment, on this day, you won.”

Someone hold me while I cry.  Also, Rachel was heartbreaking at the end of this scene.


Pointless song.  Pointless scene.  It was terrible.  That’s all I’m going to say.

Smooth Criminal

E.P.I.C.  That’s how you spell Smooth Criminal.  The chemistry between Grant & Naya was palpable and they did such a fantastic job on this number.  Not to mention 2Cellos – that’s some serious talent.  The whole scene was simple but poignant and easily my favorite of the whole episode.  In fact, I feel like it deserves a re-watch.

Turns out Sebby (yes, that’s what I’m calling him.  Deal with it.) put rock salt in that slushie and thanks to Santana’s underboob everyone knows the truth.  But instead of calling the police, Kurt decides that narking on him isn’t the best move.  So the fight moves to the auditorium.

But not before Rachel Berry gives up all her dreams and says yes to Finn’s ridiculous proposal.  Can you tell I’m not a fan of this story arc?  Seriously writers, take Rachel’s entire “DREAM ALL THE DREAMS” persona and flush it down the toilet in Lima forever.  Finn is doing what with his life exactly?  In the words of Juno McGuff, “whoa, dream big.”

As for I Just Can’t Stop Loving You…I feel the same way I do about Ben.  Sorry Finchel lovers, it was unnecessarily long.

Black or White

The only thing I didn’t like about this number was that they didn’t do the entire song.  They could have cut Ben in half and had the rest of Black or White and the episode would have been just as good, in my opinion.

Anywho…New Directions brings the Warblers to their turf to surrender.  They are giving them Michael Jackson but not before they perform the hell out of one of my favorite MJ songs.  Sebby isn’t impressed and only steps down after Santana outs him on his rock salt slushie.  Dun dun dunnnnn.

Now, on to Rachel Berry.  The young lass is at a crossroads because she is in fact a NYADA finalist and now she’s engaged.  Now what does she do?  If the writers know what’s good for them, they’ll have her wake up and realize that getting married at 18 is only something crazy people do and that she should go after the goals she’s set for herself since season one.  But that’s just this girl’s opinion.

That’s a wrap, folks.  Now it’s your turn…tell me your thoughts, pretty please!

P.S.  Here’s next week’s preview.

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GLEE: Members of the glee club confront the Warblers in the "Michael" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Jan. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

GLEE: L-R: Brittany (Heather Morris), Blaine (Darren Criss), Santana (Naya Rivera), Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) perform in the "Michael" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Jan. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


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