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The Time Has Come…Goodbye from GleeHab

I mentioned this on Twitter a few days ago, but I thought I would write a small announcement here.  It is time for me to retire GleeHab.  The thought of it is so bittersweet but it’s time to move on.  I still adore Glee and I always will – but my life is requiring a lot more of my attention these days and it is time for me to focus on my family and my day job.

It all started when I was on bedrest with my second daughter.  I tuned in to the pilot and it was love from there on out.  I decided to take my obsession to the interwebs and had absolutely no idea it would turn into what it has become.  I have had the chance to do some awesome stuff because of this little site and to meet and connect with some amazing people.  Glee has been such a huge part of my life for the last three years and I have all of you to thank for it.

Thank you for keeping up with this little blog.  I am stunned & humbled when I see just how much traffic it gets on a daily basis.  It has been a labor of love and I have truly loved every second of it.

For your information – the site will stay live until the domain expires in December.  I won’t be updating it through the summer but if something huge happens or if I get the itch when season 4 starts, I might (and that’s a very big might) start it up again.  For now, please continue following my twitter – the name will change but I will still retweet Glee news regularly.  It will become more of a personal twitter for the most part so I’d love to stay in contact with all of you.

Again, thank you so much for your support of GleeHab and for the support of the show.  It is truly a show like none other and will continue to change the face of mainstream TV for a long time to come.  I am honored to have been a part of this era.

I am actually tearing up while writing this so I’m going to leave it at this – I have been a part of something special and it has made us all special.  Thank you for everything!


Dedicated to the ‘Glee’ Fandom

From the moment I started writing this blog I have been absolutely amazed by the Glee fandom.  I am constantly getting emails with references to awesome Glee goodies, ideas for posts, pictures, videos, and so much more.  I LOVE the Twitter world and love to communicate with all of you.  When my life turned up side down this week I felt such support and love from this incredible group of people.  The emails, comments, and tweets from all of you helped more than you know.  It is so awesome to have such an awesome group that I don’t even really know except through the cyber world.  I LOVE IT!

I love how I can tweet something I need related to Glee and in SECONDS I have it.  I love to chat with you all about the show, read all of your tweets and comments, and just plain admire your dedication to the show. There is no hostility in the fandom, people want to help others out and are always so respectful.

Glee is a show unlike any other I have seen.  It is special and we all know that but let’s not discount the fact that the fans have made it that way.  You all are the reason the show is so successful.

So I just want to say thanks.  Thanks for helping me through this week, thanks for always sending me awesome stuff (please keep it up), thanks for supporting my site, and thanks for making this group of fans the best out there!

Now, let’s all plan how we can storm HARPO studios for the cast appearance on Oprah!

GleeHab Hiatus

Hiatus sounds like such a dirty word what with the 4 months of torture we’ve been put through lately waiting for Glee to come back huh?

I have to take a step back from GleeHab for a few days.  I have been overwhelmed by the emails & tweets I have received from all of you wonderful readers and thought I’d clue you in a bit.  My step-father (really my father since I was 7 years-old) suffered a major stroke this morning and may not make it.  I am headed to be with my family.

One of two things will be happening in the next few days:

1.  I have no time for twitter, blogging, or anything else

2.  We sit around the hospital for days just waiting which means I will be bored senseless and update like crazy and drive you all nuts 🙂

I’m leaning more towards #2 since right now it’s just a waiting game but we’ll see.  Until then, please keep reading and as always send me any Glee news you get your hands on!

I’ll leave you with this…life changes really fast so make sure you always remember the most important things in your life: family, friends, and love.  And Glee 🙂

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