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Happy Holidays from GleeHab

Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful readers.  This blog is nothing special, just a place where I post the news of our favorite show, but it has been so much fun for me to do and I thank you for reading.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy time with your families, friends, and loved ones.  Drop me a comment or a tweet and share what you’re up to, I’d love to hear how everyone is celebrating.  As for us, we’ll be enjoying watching my almost-3-year-old really understand and LOVE Christmas while her little sister (16 months) tries to eat everything in sight.  Should be great!  Thank you again for reading and for being so fabulous!

  XO, R

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading GleeHab so faithfully and being so awesome!  I hope you all (whether you celebrate or not) have a wonderful day!


Spoilers and Stuff…

So the time has come again when we start seeing pictures from the set, extras tweet spoilers, and gossip rags & entertainment sites start giving us some major details about the upcoming season.  Personally, I would like to stay away from spoilers but that doesn’t mean you guys want to.  However, I don’t want to spoil too much on the site.  So here’s what I’m going to do…whenever I post something that would be considered “spoiler-ish” I will make it very clear in the title of the post.  As for pictures from the set, I will link you to those that I find or are sent to me but, I will NOT post them directly on the site unless they are officially released by Fox.  I consider set pictures paparazzi pictures and you all know how I feel about those.

So there you go, if you’d like more information on any “spoiler” posts I publish, simply email me and I will be happy to lead you to the source.

Thanks, everyone!

Psst: Spoiler Pics of Dianna & others on set here!

So Much to Post…

but I just saw Harry Potter, it’s 12:46 AM and I am too tired/emotionally drained to do anything.  I’ll post tons of stuff tomorrow morning 🙂


I’m out for a few days!


I’m really going out west to celebrate my husband’s graduation from medical school but Atlantis would be nice too.

Thanks as always for reading and have a wonderful week!  See you all on Sunday 🙂

It’s Vegas Baby!

I’m livin’ it up in Vegas for the next couple of days – regular Glee goodies will resume on Sunday night!


Stay Tuned…

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that the review and other posts will be posted a little later this afternoon. Thanks, as always, for reading!


GleeHab Review: “Silly Love Songs”

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post this review.  This week just got away from me and I just couldn’t get my act together – so thank you for your patience.  I can’t promise this is my best review, it was written in a rush and I’m having trouble getting back into review mode after the hiatus, so please bear with me.  THANKS!

Last week’s Glee was another great one, in my humble, opinion…and speaking of opinions, here we go.

Puck & Lauren

This is an odd combination but I’m kind of digging it.  Scratch that, I’m digging Lauren in this whole deal.  She’s hilarious.  To be honest though, I’m not sure how I feel about the pairing.  They’re funny together but Puck’s far too shallow.  When Lauren stood him up, what did he do?  He sucked face with the first skinny girl he could find.  Oh well, Lauren & Puck’s scenes were great so I’ll have to see where they are taking this.  Oh and hold up, I can’t be the only one that remembers when Puck said he didn’t “dig on fat chicks”.  Right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Operation: Finn’s a JERK

An arrogant, hypocritical jerk.  Wow, you win one football championship and all of a sudden you’re allowed to be a total ass?  How could he be so hypocritical?  He broke up with Rachel because she cheated but then he turns around and does the exact same thing with Quinn?  That pissed me off.  But I have to say, the kissing booth scenes were pretty hysterical.  LOVED Becky!  LOVED Santana!  LOVED Rachel!

When Harry Met Sally

So Kurt & Blaine are kind of adorable.  I continue to LOVE Kurt despite the fact that everyone thinks that he’s too much of a focus lately.  But OMG when they were in the Limabean, my heart was breaking for the poor boy.  There is nothing worse than liking someone who you think likes you back only to find out that he/she doesn’t.  He kept it together though, all while looking fierce with his Gucci messenger bag.  I’m sorry but, the red & green strap is a dead giveaway – how on earth can he afford that? 😉

Greatest Love Song Ever

That’s their assignment.  Choose and perform the greatest love song of all time.  I think this is an awesome idea, set forth by our ever vigilant and handsome vest-wearing Glee Club director.  Oh but leave it to Finn to ruin it all with his obnoxious attitude.  (Sorry to all you Finn lovers, I usually love him too but last night he was working my last nerve.)  So he decides to kiss every girl in school to raise money for the Glee Club.

Now, I know that Finn’s part here, where he basically introduces the entire premise of the episode, is what we’re supposed to be focusing on here but I’m sorry I just can’t stop re-watching Santana’s parts.  I have been luke warm towards Santana in the past.  She has annoyed me a bit and at first I did not love her voice but my goodness has she grown on me!!  She is full of all sorts of win this season and I can’t get enough of her snarky, sassy ‘tude.  Not to mention the fact that I think her voice has really progressed.

I Need to Be Wooed

…mixed with some Puck & Lauren.  If we’re being perfectly honest here, I just can’t wrap my head around this pairing.  I know I’ve said it before.  I’m glad the writers are trying to go there but I just don’t know…I do know one thing though, Lauren is hilarious.  “I spell woman Z-i-z-e-s.”  Turns out it’s going to take more than just Puck standing up for her and a dinner invitation to win her heart.

Gap Attack

So I basically ignored 90% of this part because as soon as I saw this…

…on my TV screen I was like, “OMG HOLY CRAP!  PAVAROTTI IS BACK!!”

But for real, this was super sad.  Poor Kurt gets his little heart-broken right then and there and I died a little inside.  Say what you will about the magnitude of Kurt’s storyline but this was a kick in the pants for anyone.

The best part about it however, was that it resulted in this…

I have been DYING to see some actual friendship development on the show lately and I loved this whole scene.  For once Kurt, who always walks around with an aire of confidence, was the one who needed the help.  I loved it.  Oh and you GO Mercedes!  Sing for all the single sisters out there.  Seriously, so much love for this scene.

Fat Bottomed Girls

Great performance.  Mark/Puck really killed this number.  But I’m with Lauren…it would have made me feel like crap too.  In fact, having been called “Free Willy” from one boy in my class all through elementary & middle school – I can guarantee you that I would have been crying in a closet for the remainder of the day.  I just wanted to freaking hug Lauren.  The sentiment was nice but the follow through was sad.  I have to hand it to the writers on this one because I half expected to see Lauren standing there stuffing her face throughout the whole song.  That seems to be what they do best, write the fat girl with a prop box of cookies in her hands all the time.  So, I was glad to see Lauren stand up for herself a bit.

Finn Sucks

That’s my general take on him for this entire episode.  He is a hypocrite to the Nth degree.  He is cocky like nobody’s business.  And he is just plain ANNOYING!  Ugh – I hated him in this episode.

Sam on the other hand, well I still generally dislike his character because he’s super boring, but at least he grew a pair for this episode.  Kudos, Sam.

So, Finn tells Rachel to be proud of being alone or whatever…I honestly stopped listening to him talk about 10 minutes into this one so I can’t really grasp his storyline this week.  Sorry.


AWESOME.  That is all.

Don’t Make Me Rip That Weave Out Cho Head

“I won’t tell Lauren to look out for poachers who may mistake her for the endangered white rhino.”  Ooooh dayum girl…it’s on!  I’m sorry but I could NOT stop laughing all through this scene!  Blah, blah, blah…bullies…blah, blah.  This was not bullying, this was a straight up cat fight.  And it was funny as hell. 

When I Get You Alone

More like when I back you into a corner in The Gap.  This was a little awkward but the facial expressions on Kurt’s face were worth the whole thing.  It was a great number though, I’ll give it that much.  I felt so bad for Kurt here.  I also feel like Blaine is a little bit of an idiot.  Did he really not realize that Kurt was in love with him?  And if he did and he was just trying to play dumb, wasn’t it particularly mean of him to showboat his crush on weird-haired-Gap-boy like that?  I guess Blaine got his just desserts in the end didn’t he?

I’ve Had Mono So Many Times It Turned Into Stereo

Santana kisses the mono kid, Santana kisses Finn, Finn kisses every girl in the school AS WELL AS Quinn in the auditorium.  Just a question…how come all the other girls didn’t get it?  Sorry, that’s been bugging me.


I can not tell you how much is IRKS me to see this.  First Puck gives her chocolates – ok, I get it, chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  But do you really have to have her sitting there eating the entire box?  Then he corners her in the library and tries once again to convince her to go out with him and offers her…what?  A ring pop?  UGH IT MAKES ME SO MAD!!  I’d say, sing her a nice song to make up for it but…ya know instead he sang her a song about girls with fat bottoms.  Ryan Murphy, just because a girl is heavy doesn’t mean she is constantly eating.  The fact that you are showing her this way completely negates the fact that you are writing someone like puck to fall in love with her.  Nice try.

Auditorium of Shame

I have to say, I bet somewhere backstage of her all-white production of The Wiz, April Rhodes’ buttons are bursting with pride at the fact that her auditorium is being used for some tonsil hockey.  I however, wanted to barf.  Mostly because Finn was on my screen again and he just REALLY pissed me off in this episode.

Anyway so Quinn says hey I can’t do this anymore until I figure things out with Sam…blah blah blah.  They kiss like the giant hypocrites that they are and then BOOM they both get Mono and are instantly near death.

Ooooh Blaine, YOU MAD!

Doesn’t feel so great to have your heart broken does it, Blaine?  Back at the Limabean, Kurt FINALLY tells Blaine that he thought the boy he liked was him.  And Blaine’s like, whut?  And then Kurt pulls out the “When Harry Met Sally” card and the Klaine shippers of the world implode.  As well they should – it was adorable.

My Funny Valentine

OMG THIS WAS FANTASTIC!!  So totally random and absolutely hilarious.  I was dying.

Wrap Up

So Quinn’s all, “hmm maybe I shouldn’t cheat so I don’t end up with unwanted babies and weird glandular diseases” and Finn’s all “uh yeah whatever” and then Quinn’s all “no really, I gotta figure my shit out and so do you” and Finn’s all “uh yeah whatever” and then Quinn’s all “ok bye!”

Then Rachel comes in and actually has a few great lines and finds an excuse to bust into some Katy Perry-age and kill Firework.  Which, incidentally, ends up turning into a woman’s anthem of sorts and puts all the gals (and guys) at Breadstix to hang out and watch…what’s that?  The Warblers perform because never a moment can go by without them performing.  Once again, I’m ok with that.

So, there you have it.  The most horribly written GleeHab review to date.  I’m sorry it took me so long to get this up and I appreciate your emails.  Now, on to “Comeback”.  But first, hit the comments and tell me what you thought of “Silly Love Songs”.

Thanks for the Love

So many wonderful emails from you lovely readers about my last review.  Thank you so much!  And to answer your questions…yes, I will be reviewing “Silly Love Songs”, it just won’t be posted until late tonight.  First, I need a nap 😉


GleeHab Review: “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle”

Brace yourselves folks…I LOVED IT!  I can honestly say that I really don’t have a single complaint.  Well, one but I’ll get to that later but for now let’s start from the beginning.

California Gurls

Sue = awesome.  She’s back ladies and gentleman, in all her cannon-shooting, tantrum-throwing glory.  Goodness she was fantastic in this episode.  She & The Cheerios started us off with a “boring” routine set to Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”.  I thought it was great!  I mean come on, who doesn’t love some BMX bikers and sparklers coming out of your boobs.  Also in this scene?  My favorite line in the whole episode…”Sandbags, slap yourself with a chicken cutlet”.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The overall theme for this episode was football.  Football getting in the way of Glee Club, football getting in the way of a perfect halftime cheer routine, football making mean bullies even meaner.  It was a good tie-in, in my opinion.  Can I tell you though that my favorite part about the football theme was Coach Bieste?  Dot Jones continues to be the one of the major highlights of this season for me.  I love everything about her.  Everything.  I love how she totally unloaded on Karofsky and kicked that homophobe bully off that team!  I can’t say I’m sick of the bullying storyline yet, especially if it means it add some continuity to the episodes, but I am getting more and more irritated with Karofsky.  I just want to punch him.

Dear Journal

Not only is Sue back in all her glory, but so is her journal.  I swear one day they need to publish that thing, I would buy it in one hot second.  She’s frustrated that the sparkly boobs and bikes aren’t going to peak the judges interest at Nationals so she is searching the recesses of her crazy brain for something BIGGER, BETTER.  Well, who doesn’t love a good cannon?  Can we point out how awesome it is that Sue watched cartoons in her office?  Can we also talk about the tattoo?  I would totally get one of those!

Bieste Is The New Emma

Ever since Emma up and married that loser in Vegas, Will has finally wised up in keeping his distance for a little while.  I mean, how can you blame him?  Oh hey, how about I go have heart to heart chats with the woman who reach in, ripped out my heart, and then put it through a meat grinder.  Hmm, I’d say NO!  Since she’s no longer and option (and since apparently Jayma Mays is NEVER on the show anymore) Will & Bieste have become fast friends and I LOVE IT!  Way to go Will, it’s about time you found a friend that won’t chew you up and spit you out.  (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m still a bit bitter towards Emma but I’m sure she’ll redeem herself soon.  In the mean time I’m totally Team Bieste.)

So Will & Bieste team up to help ease the tension between the Glee Club and the football team and what better way than to show the football team how rockin’ the Glee Club can be than by singing a sappy ballad?  Don’t get me wrong, I liked the cover of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” but I just don’t know if it was the best choice to “de-gay” the Glee Club’s image.  It didn’t seem to work since everyone just broke out in an all out beat fest afterwards.

Sueclear Weapon

Not the cannon, but the TANTRUM!  Oh my, this was EPIC beyond epic.  Jane Lynch wasn’t kidding when she said that she had a hissy fit.  That put my 2-year-old daughter to shame – and that’s hard to do.  Will’s faces throughout the whole thing are classic.  I won’t sully this portion of the review with words…just watch.

I was confused on one thing though – why was it such a big deal to lose the cheerleaders for the halftime show?  I mean you can have a football game without a halftime show.  Oh well…

So Will announces “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” and then they all go to Zombie camp.

After Zombie camp & some time in the make up chairs Quinn, Santana, and Brittany are cornered by Sue and pretty much forced to resign from Glee Club.  Sell outs.  Finn gets pissed off at Quinn for choosing Cheerios and rightfully so.  Oooh ooh Sam shows up though and starts to fight Finn.  Um, I’m not gonna lie, I’m over Sam/Chord.  He’s boring.  But good thing Will breaks the fight up because then we go into this…

Which I thought was pretty awesome.  Just a fun little interlude where those boys got their zombie on.  Fun fun.  As a result of their kick ass rendition of “She’s Not There” they get to walk around school like this…

Until they get slushied by the RANDOM McKinley Hockey team that showed up to finally show those bullies what it feels like to get freezing ice thrown in your face.  But really though, where did this mullet sporting hockey team come from?  If we’re going for the random factor here I’d rather have seen Ovechkin from the Caps slushie Cammy from the Habs but that’s just me.

Once again Bieste shows everyone whose boss and kicks Karofsky off for good when he refuses to be a team player.  God, I love that woman.  And look at her standing by her morals – she doesn’t care if she has to forfeit the game as long as she teaches them a lesson.  PERFECTION.

Insert Random-but-Awesome Warblers Performance

I can’t deny it, The Warblers’ cheesy cover of the equally cheesy Destiny’s Child song from my early college days makes me jam.  It was pointless but super fun and what is Glee without a little of that.  So whatevs…bring it.

By the way, how does that one guy makes that crazy high-pitched noise?  I love it!  Oh and Kurt, you’re adorable when you’re trying to be a black, late 90s pop singer.  Just precious.

The Limabean

Best. Coffee. Shop. Name. Ever.  That is all.

Girl Power

Gotta say that I loved Rachel in this episode.  I love when she’s crazy and adorable and hilarious.  She was awesome in this scene too.  “So when they snap the ball, we’re just going to lie down on the ground.  We’re just gonna lie there.”  Her enthusiasm, Tina’s badass-ness, and Lauren’s willingness to kick ass made me happy.  Gotta love a little powder puff meets actually football.

"Football Team! Football Team!"

Game Time

No bullies means not enough players but then the girls show up and it’s allllll gooooood.

Rachel's Face is awesome

Lauren kicks everyone ass, Rachel lies down, and Tina gets annoyed and runs the hell out of that ball.  I loved this game.  Finn continues to be Mr. High School and convinces Puck to get Karofsky back on board but it doesn’t work.  Then Finn runs off and gets the cheerleaders back.   And thank goodness because I’m sure Brittany would have bit it had she actually done the cannon thing.

Good thing they didn’t go because they got to do this…

The “Thriller” mash-up was amazing and Kevin and everyone did an amazing job.  I can see why everyone was so excited about it!  And you know what, it was awesome enough to change Karofsky’s mind…he showed up to finish out the number AND the game.  Good boy.  Oh and they won the game thanks to some chanting of “BRAINS” (that was my only beef with the episode, thought it was kinda dumb) and then a good run by Finn and BOOM everyone is happy and friends again.  See, it all comes together in the end.

Enter Katie Couric

Best random cameo ever.  I love Katie.  And Katie seems to be just plain OBSESSED with Glee. I loved this little segment because it shows just how delusional Sue is.  She actually thought she was being lauded for her ridiculous schemes.  And Katie’s list of the year’s biggest losers was epic. 

Miscellaneous PSA: GET OVER YOURSELVES LOHANS. Stop bitching that Glee makes fun of you.  You give plenty of reason for them to do so, so until you stop being idiots, you deserve it.  And news flash, the more you bitch about it, the more they’ll do it.  Duh.

"I hate you Dianne Sawyer"

Too bad Karofky’s born-again Glee status didn’t last.  Despite Finn’s urging, he continues to be an ass****.   And this just in…Quinn kissed Finn.  Ruh oh…there are some shippers out there that gonna be mad.

Overall, the episode was amazing.  The cast has said that it was over-the-top but brought it home in the end but I don’t think they gave it enough credit it.  It had a good story all the way through and even though it was a little obvious, it did its job to get the point across while incorporating all the awesome they wanted to pack into that episode.  So, kudos to the writers…it was a good one.  Now, let’s see how tonight’s does!

What did you think?  Liked it, loved it, hated it?  Hit the comments and let me know!

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