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Behind the Glee: “SEXY”

GleeHab Review: “Sexy”


I cannot believe that I have to write this but many emails and, what seem to be death threats, are forcing me to do so.  Raise your hand if you remember a time when I said that I was NOT excited about Gwyneth Paltrow coming to Glee. Now, raise your hand if you read my review of “The Substitute” and realized that I still didn’t really love her.  I liked her, thought the episode was solid, but still wasn’t convinced.  Then I watched it 800 more times…  NOW, raise your hand if you have EVER had a change of heart.  HA! Gotcha!

Now, I’ll continue – but only if you go into this remembering that this is my humble opinion.  I welcome yours but please don’t bash mine.

This episode was absolutely…fantastic, wonderful, perfect, and any other adjective for GOOD you can think of.

Chastity Charms

So, Emma I see you are still terrified of the “hose monster”.  Poor thing.  But hey, the whole scene was pretty hilarious.  Also, I’m pretty sure I want those chastity charms even if I’m not exactly…chaste.


She’s back.  My Gwynnie is back and I could not have been more thrilled to see her walk through that lunch room door.  I also could not have been more thrilled to see Emma eat crow when Will full on did a happy dance once she walked in.  I’m sorry, but I’m still on the TEAM WILL side right now and Emma is still making me mad so you’re just going to have to deal with it.  I love Will & Emma together, I always will but right now he’s better off without her.  She needs to figure her crap out and while she does so, I’m happy to see Will having some fun with Holly.

Information is Power

Holly you speak the truth.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for teaching kids that celibacy is an option but not that it’s the only option.  Emma has a point that it’s important to teach kids about it but Holly also has a point that education is key too.

I was wondering how they would work this episode in terms of the storyline.  I knew the musical numbers that were being performed before hand but was totally curious as to how they were going to work it so that it wasn’t borderline inappropriate and they did it spectacularly.

But not without this first:

That’s the first time they’ve put that before an episode.  I wonder if they are going to do that from now on.

Anyway, kids are exposed to constant sexual imagery all day, every day and they need to be educated.  You go Holly Holliday, you go.

Sweet Valley High

The amazing that was Santana’s “Sweet Valley High” reference knows no bounds.  I loved it.  Also, I continue to LOVE where the writers are taking Santana this season.  But more on that later.

So Brittany thinks she’s knocked up.  Poor girl.  Honey, storks don’t bring babies.  But leave it to her BFF to spill her secret.  It’s ok though, we know Santana was having some issues working out her feelings so we’ll let this one slide.


This. Scene. Was. Amazing.  Oh my…I loved it so much.  There was nothing particularly epic about it, just the fact that all of a sudden my TV flashed to Holly dressed like the Body Electric and I just about passed out from laughter.  And her talking about Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook just made my mommy mind race.  It was so fantastic!  And of course, throughout this amazing Jazzercise class (can I please be in her class?) she sets up the whole point of the episode.  Slip in some sex talk to the kids’ daily routine and it will all be clear to them.  Brilliant.

And I agree Holly, will being president of the celibacy club is indeed a waste of some fine man-butt.


Will brings up the point that it’s time for the kids to get a little education on the sex front…


“We’re gonna get under the covers, all together, and get the ditty on the dirty!” God, I love her.

And I LOVED this number.

Totally inappropriate and I’m sure the PTC will be up in arms once again but I don’t care.  It was great.  Admittedly, I have watched it an unhealthy amount of times.


Nope, I’m not talking about “Kiss” because that can never be overplayed.  I’m talking about Blaine/Kurt/Warblers.  Actually, just The Warblers.  They are making me crazy filling up the episodes with pointless musical numbers.  I get how they were trying to tie this one in tonight but was it really necessary to do the whole song?  Also, those girls were totally wearing my high school uniform and it was really distracting.

So, I think I need The Warblers to go away now.  I still love me some Kurt & Blaine and Darren is still wonderful but let’s move this storyline along shall we?  Ok, glad we all agree.

Oooh, She Mad

Emma’s pissed off that Holly is being so open about talking to the kids about sex.  Hmmm could it be you’re mad, sweet Emma, because you yourself are terrified of the subject?  Because I think that’s the case.

Sex Tapes, Girl Talk, and Sexified

Lauren wants to make a sex tape with Puck.  Birttany & Santana are trying to figure out how they feel about each other.  Kurt is trying to learn how to be sexy.  Let’s start with the first one shall we?

I’m totally indifferent towards Lauren & Puck.  I don’t hate them but I don’t really care about them either.  The sex tape thing was kind of funny but, eh, I’m totally lukewarm about them.

I need to know Santana’s story.  I need to know what has happened in her life that has made her so confused about sex and so closed off to letting people in.  I loved seeing this develop later in the episode.

Blaine teaching Kurt how to be sexy…kinda funny.

Oh and OMG how could I forget this?

Sacred Sexy Sharing Circle

I loved this.  All joking aside, this was real.  That’s what I loved the most about this whole episode (and it was the same with Blame it on the Alcohol), they brought up real life situations and educated people on them but still made them fun and creative.  I loved it so much.


I can’t put my love for this into words so I’m just gonna leave you with this…

Blaine and Burt & Kurt’s Sex Talk

Blaine tips Burt off to Kurt’s need for some sex ed…

Man, I wish my mom had that good of a sex talk with me!  I just got the “um you know about sex?” talk and that was that.  This was so sweet!  Not only was it sweet, but THIS was the part of the show that really brought out the moral of the episode.  Glee is sneaky like that, throwing the moral of the story in where you least expect it.  It was great and I adore Burt, always have, always will.


This was beautiful.  Naya Rivera just constantly topped herself in this episode.  I loved everything about her and her crying was amazing.  I loved seeing her evolve through this and I found myself totally loving these two.  And Gwyneth KILLED this song.  And her guitar playing skills were stellar.  Everything about it was beautiful.  Landslide has always been one of my all time favorite songs and this version will most definitely be on repeat (it already is).  Claps for this whole scene!

Afternoon Delight

This was painful for me to watch.  Absolutely painful.  And now I have a rant…

Jayma Mays is an excellent actress.  When Glee first premiered she was interviewed many times and spoke about how excited she was to be playing a strong female character.  She has always been quirky but she has never been straight up dumb.  Tonight, she was straight up dumb.  I feel so bad for Jayma in that the writers are turning her character into some prude who obviously missed the Human Sexuality semester on the path to her counseling degree.  I get that she’s still a virgin but please explain to me that she cannot hear words like “Thinkin’ of you’s working up my appetite, looking forward to a little afternoon delight” and realize that it is about SEX!  I’m sorry, I am very dissapointed in the writers for this turn in her character.  AND ANOTHER THING – Emma may not have known what the song was about but what about Rachel, Quinn, Puck, and Carl?  REALLY??  And if they did know, why didn’t Rachel clear it up for her when Emma was panicking about the song at the end?

On an non-serious note, Will & Holly laughing throughout the song, Artie’s face, and Heather’s dancing was classic.  The song on the other hand, eh, not my favorite Glee cover.

Sex Ed by Holly

Well it finally happened…EMMA STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR WILL!  I want you all to know that I still adore Will & Emma together and this made my little shipper heart speed up a bit, but I am not getting my hopes up just yet.  There is still a long road for Emma to travel before she gets her annulment/divorce and before they both finally realize that they want to be together.  This is an AMAZING development but I didn’t lose my mind.  I’m still waiting for an epic fight, a kiss in the rain, and a final confession of love.  It will be a while before any of that happens so for now I’m all about Emma finding herself and Will getting his mack on with Holly.

My heart did break for Emma a little bit though.  It is quite a brick to the face when you realize your marriage is as good as over.  And her reaction was pretty amazing.

Meanwhile, grody Carl is at the Radisson. YAY!


Somewhere between 8:00 PM and 9:01 PM I started to really root for these two.  I don’t know if it was for Naya’s incredible performance or if it was because they are legitimately adorable but either way, I loved this scene.  Upon second watching, I was full on crying at the end of it.

Kudos to Naya.  This was absolutely phenomenal.

Call Her a Homewrecker and I’ll Kick You in the Face

Even though Holly knew that Emma still had feelings for Will, she also knew that it was going to be a while before Emma was a free woman…which means that Will is totally fair game.  TOTALLY.  That’s all I’ll say on that.

Episode Grade: A+ and I’m not just saying that.  It was really fantastic.  Now just tone down the Warblers, keep Gwyneth on forever (in any capacity), and I’ll be a happy girl.

Sound off!  What did you think?

Behind the Glee: “Sexy”

“Sexy” Goodies!

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited for “Sexy”!  Check out some videos below…

Gwyneth Paltrow

Matthew Morrison

Stevie Nicks

Cory Monteith


Source: Fox Publicity



New Promo: “Sexy”

Episode Stills: “Sexy”

GLEE: Will (Matthew Morrison, L) and Holly (guest star Gwyneth Paltrow, R) share a moment in the "Sexy" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, March 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

GLEE: Emma (Jayma Mays) performs in the "Sexy" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, March 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

GLEE: Emma (Jayma Mays, L), Quinn (Dianna Agron, C) and Rachel (Lea Michele, R) perform in the "Sexy" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, March 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

GLEE: Carl (guest star John Stamos, L) performs in the "Sexy" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, March 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

GLEE: Carl (guest star John Stamos, L) and Emma (Jayma Mays, R) perform in the "Sexy" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, March 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Source: Fox Publicity

“Sexy” Song List Revealed

“Kiss” (Prince) performed by Holly Holliday and Will Schuester
“Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)” (Joan Jett) performed by Holly Holliday and New Directions
“Afternoon Delight” (Starland Vocal Band) performed by Carl, Rachel, Puck, and Quinn
“Landslide” (Stevie Nicks) performed by Holly Holliday with Santana and Brittany
“Animal” (Neon Trees) performed by Dalton Academy Warblers

Gwyneth Paltrow Returns to ‘Glee’

And the heavens opened and angels sang!


She earned rave reviews for her Glee guest spot last November as substitute teacher Holly Holliday. Now the Academy Award winner is returning to the Fox hit on March 8 — and she’s getting frisky with Matthew Morrison’s Will Schuester. In this exclusive shot, the pair begin a romantic dance number. ”We lock up in that frame and then it cuts right to us doing a tango to Prince’s ‘Kiss,”’ says Morrison. ”[We shot] on the auditorium stage with candelabras all around us,” he continues. ”I had never done the tango before. We’re kicking in between each other’s legs. She was so scared the whole time, like, ‘I’m gonna kick his balls. I’m so sorry, Matt.’ I was like, ‘Get in there!”’


Episode Stills: “Sexy”

GLEE: Burt (Mike O'Malley, R) tries to have a discussion with Kurt (Chris Colfer, L) in the "Blame It on the Alcohol" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Feb. 22 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

GLEE: Kurt (Chris Colfer) has a heart-to-heart with his father in the "Blame It on the Alcohol" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Feb. 22 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

GLEE: The glee club watch a performance in the "Sexy" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, March 8 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Source: Fox Publicity

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