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Behind the Scenes Photos: “Yes/No”

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GleeHab Review: “Yes/No”

Welcome back, Glee and WOWZA what a welcome it was!!  This episode was 100% made of awesome.  Flashbacks, surprise marriages, heartbreak, love, and SO MUCH MORE!! Let’s not waste any time.

Summer Lovin’

Had me a blaaaaast.  Sorry, I just had to sing for a second.  Grease is easily one of my favorite shows ever (I played Rizzo in my high school production, yup!) so I was giggling like a school girl when they opened with the “Summer Lovin'” scene.  I love it when Glee takes classic scenes and remakes them move for move.  Kudos Glee-ple – you done good on that one.

Oooh and how cute were Sam & Mercedes.  Gotta love that they gave a little background on what went down with them this summer.  Have to say though, the scene stealer for me was Sugar (Vanessa Lengies).  I love that crazy girl and the little tiny things she’s brought to Glee this season.  THAT is how you add a new character to a huge cast, give her small parts that stand out.  Nailed it!

Helen Mirren

I legit squealed when I heard her voice paired with…Becky Fey Jackson, the hottest bitch at McKinley High School.  I was fully expecting Helen’s voice to be used for Bieste or Emma or even Sue but this was the best surprise of the whole episode.

“Is that a mohawk Puckerman, or did someone glue a squirrel to your head?”  She asked the question we’ve all been asking ourselves for weeks!

We learn, after this epic monologue, that Becky has her sights set on Artie.  So sweet.  Goodness, Lauren Potter hit this episode out of the park but, more on that later.

Wedding Bell Blues

I can’t say that this was my favorite song in the episode but it was sweet as the Swedish Fish I’m inhaling at the moment.  Poor Emma wants her man to pop the question but how on earth is she gonna drop hints to let him know she’s ready?  Oh, here’s an idea…let’s dress up as those chicks from the Royal Wedding and don a wedding dress and prance around the school singing a retro-classic 5th Dimension song about a girl who is frustrated that her boyfriend won’t propose.  Amazingly cute and perfect.  Sue and Bieste were the show stealers in this one for me, and Will of course.

Oh but hey surprise wedding – BIESTE AND COOTER SITTIN’ IN A TREE!!! Now that definitely calls for two chickens people!  YAY!!

After Emma’s embarrassingly charming serenade, Will decides it’s time to pop that question and of course, he enlists the Glee club to help.  BAM!

Sam & Mercedes

I kinda love ’em.

Sam reminisces with Mercedes about their summer fling in the hall and is desperate to win her back.  Too bad she has Shane now.  But for some reason, I think that’s going to change pretty soon, especially since Sam’s desperate to get that varsity letter.  They’re sweet.

Meanwhile, Artie gets shot down by Sugar and hit on by Becky.  It’s a roller coaster ride for that boy that’s for sure.

Crooked Nipples

NeNe Leakes…I was skeptical to no end, kind of annoyed even.  But girl brought her GAME and had me laughing my face off.  I loved EVERYTHING about her scene and really think she did a tremendous job. I also think that Sam being on the synchronized swimming team is about the best thing ever.  Hilarious.

One more thing, “If you pee in my pool, I will kill you.”  OMG NeNe you have my heart.

Moves Like Matthew Morrison

I mean…like Jagger.  This one is just going to speak for itself…

But really, it’s so good to see Glee using Matt for what he is good at – he’s so much more than introducing the weekly lesson.  But enough about that, Harry and Kevin killed it too!  Jeez, Kevin danced more with his upper body than most people can with their whole body.  And of course Harry was amazing.  I wish Glee would do more numbers like this.  I love the group number, they’re my favorite, but I love a number that takes a few people and focuses on them.  This definitely did it.  And it was ten kinds of hot.

“I Met with A Recruiter”

While Will is with Finn looking at rings for Emma, Finn drops a bomb on Will after he asks him to be his best man (how sweet was that by the way).  Turns out Finn wants to join the army to be just like his dad.  Little does he know that he’s about to get hit in the face with a two by four.

Can I just say that I love the relationship Will & Finn have?  I’ve loved it since day one and it just gets better.  It makes me sad when people are so naive to think call Will a pedophile because he is a teacher with heart and genuinely cares about his students.  I am the person I am today because of teachers like Will Schuester.  Finn may have had his ups and downs but overall he is a good egg and he really is everything Will says he is.

Flashback Central

I had a hunch that “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was going to be a flashback sequence.  And oh how I loved it.  From the first one where Will first sees Emma and on to the rest, it was so sweet (I’m using that word a lot tonight).  This was a lot like “Moves Like Jagger” for me in the sense that it showcased a few glee members instead of the whole group.  In fact, this episode was a perfect blend of group vs. smaller group numbers.  I loved it and it was perfectly placed.  The song was beautifully arranged as well – those harmonies were like a thousand nightingales singing in my ear.

Rusty & Rose Pillsbury Are Back

And they are as nasty as ever.  But, they bring up some valid points.

So…Will wants to ask Rusty’s permission to marry Emma and after some debate about why the Christmas tree is still up in the middle of January (I just took mine down dude, don’t hate), Will finally gets the nerve to do it.  And Rusty says no.  NO.

Ok ok ok, Wemma lovers prepare your burning stake but, her parents were right to question Will’s thought process on this.  They know as well as anyone what Emma is like and they also know that he is divorced after being married to one nutty person.  Now, Terri wasn’t a clinically ill nut case, that was self-induced, but Emma has a real problem and one that has sort of been placed on the back burner with the exception of “Born This Way”.  There are real questions to ask when thinking about marriage and making sure you’re compatible with your partner is one of them.  So, I have to say that I am glad that they pointed out things like babies and the messes they make (they make a lot) and everything else they noted.  It made Will make a decision that was a perfect balance of heart and logic.

You Go Artie

Everyone needs to back the heck off of Artie for his friendship with Becky.  Yes, I know that they all think he’s leading her on, and in some ways perhaps he was, but I’m so glad Artie stood up to them.  I was majorly crushing on him this episode.

The Scene That Broke My Heart Into 9 Million Tiny Pieces

I was not prepared for that scene with Finn.  Not even a little bit.  I heard there was a big bomb dropped in this episode but I was thinking more along the lines of the Warblers going to the moon or the request to cover every song in Sinead O’Connor’s catalogue but NOT THIS.

Finn shows up for what I assumed is a planned meeting with Will only to be met by Emma, Burt, and Carole.  Before I continue, I have to say that this scene really hit home for me because I literally lived it, which I why I think I took it the way I did.  To be honest, it’s hard for me to watch so I’ll just say that Romy Rosemont deserves an Emmy for those 5 minutes alone.  Cory was undeniably perfect and convincing – it was heart wrenching.  Ugh, I cry just thinking about it.


Oh thank you, thank you Glee-ple for making Sue a human again.  I was getting so tired of her cartoon-ish ways and her lack of meaningful lines.  I loved her scenes with Artie when he goes to her for advice about Becky.  Girl has her heart set on him big time and when he gets a steamy text from her, he straight up freaks out.  Sue is there to give Artie a dose of “get it together and be honest with her” and then goes back to the insults in true Sue fashion.  I loved it.

The Schuester’s?

So Emma decides to confront Will about their relationship and then Will decides to bring up the things her parents pointed out.  It doesn’t go well and it’s totally heartbreaking.  Jayma was great in this scene, absolutely great.  I wasn’t worried though, I had a feeling they would work it out eventually.

I am so glad that they took a minute to really discuss their relationship.  It was needed because taking a step like marriage when you’re not one hundred percent open with your partner is not a good idea.  I sort of wished they had addressed the sex issue though.  Believe it or not, sex is a fairly necessary act if you want to have your own biological children.  This is something that should have come up but maybe they’re saving it for an episode that is entitled “WILL FINALLY GETS LAID”.  Here’s hoping.

Without You

Kind or random in my opinion.  I sort of feel like it was just a way to meet Lea’s “solo-per-episode” quota but she sang it beautifully so I’m cool with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I get how it fit into the proposal assignment and the Finchel plot but still, I didn’t think the whole song needed to be in there.

We Found Love

Hold on to your panties Wemma (and general happiness) shippers the wait is over.  Also a note to anyone who loves seeing hot glee clubbers in wet swimming suits, you too should hold on to your panties.  Watch again…

Am I the only one who freaked the hell out when Artie dove into the pool?  I was so relieved to see him on a raft, alive and well.  Anyway, this proposal was so cheesy it was perfect.  And I always knew Matt Morrison could walk on water.  Now, everyone can rejoice because she said YES!!!  I don’t think there was any ever doubt.  Not even gonna lie, I totally cried.  LOVED IT!!

Don’t Let Them See You Cry

Lauren Potter was a shining star in this episode.  Not only did she score Helen Mirren as her inner monologue, she was brilliant.  I was sobbing once again when she walked down the hall after Artie “dumped” her.  He was sweet about it but it was still sad for Becky.  And of course she went to Sue and she was also perfect.  What a wonderful scene!

Dun Dun Dun

Now the question is will Rachel say yes?

Finn took it upon himself to secure his future with Rachel but taking a cue from his beloved teacher by asking Rachel to marry him.  Um WHAT???  You’re 18 you crazy kids!  Ahhhhhhh can you spell cliffhanger?

Well, that wraps it up folks.  I absolutely loved it.  It may rank up there with my top 5 episodes to date simply because it was perfectly balanced, had a little something for everyone, and was a perfect way to bring Glee back for its back half.  It shouldn’t go unnoticed that Eric Stoltz directed this episode.  He is one of the Glee greats and I always love his episodes.  So cheers to Eric and to the rest of the Glee cast and crew on a job well done.  This one was top-notch!

Next up?  MICHAEL!  Check out the promo below.

Reminder: it has been moved from January 24th to January 31st due to the State of the Union Address.

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