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Holy Matrimony

If you guys love me…even a little bit…you will skip to the comments (of the E! article) and add to the already fantastic ones so that we can kick The Stamos off that show as soon as humanly possible.


Jaw, meet floor! It’s the twist no one saw coming on last night’s Glee. (And if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read another word!)

You fans are all writing in to ask: Is there any hope for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays)? And how long is John Stamos sticking around? Here’s the scoop I have for you:

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According to multiple sources, John will be shooting at least four more episodes of Glee this season. That could turn into an even longer stay, depending on how fans respond to the upcoming love-triangle story.

As we saw last night, John’s character Carl whisked Emma away to Las Vegas and married her. (Stamos, you sly little fox!) And I’m told that we’ll see the “ramifications” of that quickie marriage in the upcoming (2011) episodes.

The good news for you die-hard fans of Will and Emma? I stand by what I told you in this week’s Spoiler Chat, that there is “Wemma” goodness on the way. Although Carl and Emma will continue to grow closer for a while, her uncertain look over his shoulder last night was not for nothin’. I’m told the current end game is still Will and Emma—it just might take a while to get there. So don’t give up hope just yet.

What did you think of last night’s Glee and the news that Stamos is sticking around?


Jayma Mays Wants Will & Emma Togehter!

After a ridiculous amount of SUCKY Will & Emma news in the last few weeks, Jayma herself revealed what she wants to see happen for her and Will – and it’s good!!  Also, she’s gonna sing again – “Touch-a Touch-a” perhaps??


Gleeks out there who were horrified by the doomsday report Ryan Murphy gave my TV diva cohort on the future of Will and Emma, take heart: Jayma Mays is rooting for them to work out!

“There’s definitely still interest there but I think Emma’s trying to be wise and not put all of her eggs in one basket. And I think she’s just allowing herself time to pursue other things and maybe heal herself from her germaphobic tendencies a bit as well,” she told me at last night’s Audi pre-Emmy bash.

So there’s a chance John Stamos won’t steal her away from Matthew Morrison forever? Jayma, who posed for pics with Matthew last night, said she’s crossing her fingers for Wemma to live happily ever after.

“Personally, I still feel they belong together,” she said. “They seem to be the perfect match. I think it’s a timing thing that might make them a little bit off right now. But I think that’s where her heart is but there’s nothing wrong with other things either.”

More good news for Jayma on Glee: it looks like she’ll be getting to sing soon!

“I’ve heard that there’s a song coming up but I don’t know any specifics,” she said. “I said I’d like to sing some Kenny G the other day and no one got it.”

The party was hosted by her Glee costar Jane Lynch, who told me she’s bringing her new wife to the Emmys, along with Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who will soon be locking lips onscreen).


Kristin Dos Santos Chats Up Ryan Murphy & Jane Lynch

Kristin Dos Santos with E! had a nice little chat with Ryan Murphy at the Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday afternoon.  She finally got some scoop on the two hottest couples on the show – Finchel and Wemma!  Hooray!  Sorry to Wemma fans…it is not good news.


Get ready to Gleek your pants.

I just chatted up Glee boss Ryan Murphy and the best hair-hater of all time, Jane Lynch, at the Creative Arts Emmys and you won’t believe what they told me:

1. Get Ready for The John Stamos Show! Ryan Murphy not only confirmed that he is developing a show for Glee‘s Emmy-nominated guest star Kristin Chenoweth (let the angels sing!), but he revealed to me exclusively that he is currently working on creating a new show for upcoming guest star John Stamos, too! (All the Uncle Jesse fans in the house say boo-ya!) Ryan says both of them will “probably” sing in their new series because, hello, they can. Sounds like Murphy is setting out to create a whole new musical-comedy TV empire, and I like it.

2. Britney Scoop! Having Britney on set was like “having the President,” according to Murphy, who reveals he couldn’t even get on his own set at one point when Ms. Spears on shooting her guest spot! Security was so tight with wristbands, etc. that even the cast and producers had to face interrogation. Jane Lynch says she was at Disneyland that day because they “probably wouldn’t have let me on anyway.”

3. “Finnchel” and “Wemma” scoop! Ryan gave some giddy-good news on Finn and Rachel for the coming season, and some not-so-giddy news on Will and Emma. Check it out in this exclusive video of my interview with Ryan, in which we talk Britney, John Stamos, Kristin Chenoweth, the Super Bowl Episode and yes, the deliciousness that is Finnchel and Wemma…

4. Jon Hamm Looooves Jane Lynch! One more reason to totally adore the living daylights out of Lynch (and envy her even more): She got mauled by Hamm on the red carpet! OK, so this might not be a completely accurate description, but when one of the hottest TV stars of all time interrupts the middle of an interview to bear hug one of the funniest TV stars of all time, well, let’s just say you have to see it for yourself. And lucky for you I have the video below. Jane also talks about what’s coming up for Sue Sylvester, her SNL gig and more…


Tater Tops Awards: Glee Couples!

Wemma lovers unite and VOTE for Will & Emma in E!’s Tater Tops Awards!  There are other Glee couples nominated as well so go vote for your favorites!


The highlight of your day has arrived! It’s another round of voting for the E! Online’s annual Tater Tops Awards. And this time it’s all about the “awww,” the “ewww,” and the “arghhh,” couples of the TV season.

For every Chandler and Monica, there’s Joey and Rachel. Meaning, there are couples you are totally on board with, and there are couples that make you want to jump ship (over the shark, of course). Friends reference ftw? Well, at least we have current couples for you to choose from…

As you should know by now after two rounds of nominations, the winner of the Golden Tater is all up to you and your awesome pointing and clicking abilities. This is where you can voice your delight or disdain over the hookups and triangles of the past TV season.

You told us who should be nominated, and we weeded through the crazy amount of votes to give you the best of the best and the best of the worst in fictional couple city. And you can continue to nominate and vote for your favorite moments and characters, so keep on keeping on until the winners are announced on July 20.

Check out the nominees below for Best Couple, Oddest Couple, and Love Triangle You’re So Over, and use the mighty power of the Internet to anoint the next recipients of the Golden Tater. And don’t worry, we know that robots can be sneaky little ninjas when it comes to these polls. We’ve got it covered, there will be no cheating in these awards!



Love Square?

Looks like there may be even more drama surrounding Will & Emma when Glee returns in the fall.  In what is the first real spoiler-y piece of news of the second season we get a little bit of info on a possible love square surrounding my favorite couple.  Leave a comment and tell me what your “love square” theory is!


Any scoop on the new season of Glee? — Amy
MICKEY: Jayma Mays tells us how she heard that John Stamos had been cast to play a dentist/Emma’s love interest. “I got a text message from a friend and all it said was: ‘Uncle Jesse?'” she recalls with a laugh. The season finale set up a pretty clear love triangle among Mr. Schu, Emma and Dr. Teeth, but what if it’s actually a square? The cutie-pie clean freak may be getting competition on all fronts from Jessalyn Gilsig‘s dastardly Terri.


Photo Source

Enter: Uncle Jesse

Read below for the news and then read below that for my thoughts…

Update: “It’s true,” executive producer Brad Falchuk just confirmed to me exclusively: John Stamos will definitely be coming on for Glee‘s second season! “Not sure how many episodes yet,” he says.

In what can only be described as an obvious ploy by my former future husband to recapture my attention, John Stamos is in talks to come to Glee next season.

Sources confirm the EW report that the Full House, ER and Jake in Progress (you didn’t forget, did you?) star has been offered the role of the show’s resident dentist.

So who’s getting a little work done? Or more importantly, why am I gonna have to put the smackdown on Jayma Mays?

In tonight’s episode (which I was on set for) we’ll learn that Jayma’s character, Emma, is “dating” her dentist. And if this casting coup pans out, that dentist will indeed be one Mr. John Stamos, who could appear in about 10 episodes in season two.

The irony here? You may remember that Emma has already talked about John Stamos. In the September 18 episode “Acafellas,” Jayma’s character said this line: “They say it takes certainty more than talent to make a star. I mean, look at John Stamos.”

Hilarious, right?! And further proof that John–and the producers–have a great sense of humor. I’m told the idea to get him on the show started with that very line.

And so it seems the “certain” star will get a chance to prove himself. And if you’re thinking Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) will put the beatdown on John should they have a sing-off, well, think again! As you may remember from his Full House days, various live performances with The Beach Boys and Broadway appearances in shows like Bye Bye Birdie, the dude can sing.

Bottom line: Watch your back, Mr. Schue. ‘Cause chances are Stamos’ character also has a thing for personal hygiene, and we all know that is a straight arrow right through Emma’s heart.

Source: E! Online – Watch with Kristin

Ok, so I was always a big Full House fan and while I loved me some Uncle Jesse, I can honestly say that I am not a fan of this news.  I know you’re all thinking that’s because I don’t want ANYONE to come between Will & Emma (and of course I don’t), I do not want to see it be John Stamos.  He’s 47, way too old for Emma.  He’s greasy (look at the hair).  He’s got NO TALENT (as Emma herself mentioned back in ‘Acafellas’).  AND he’s just not good enough for the show.  Seriously, what were the creators thinking?  I would take any number of people over John Stamos.  For example (and these are just my opinion): Lee Pace, Bradley Cooper, James Marsden, OR ANYONE ELSE but John Stamos!!  And, if you’re going for an older man, how about Hugh Jackman?

Here’s the deal, we know there is going to be angst and drama.  We know that The Murphster said that Will & Emma are the new Ross & Rachel so it’s gonna be a while before we see them happy together.  I guess we’ll just have to suffer for through those 10 episodes with the rest of the world.


Ask Ausiello: ‘Glee’ Spoilers

Ausiello comes through again with some good/bad news for the Wemma lovers of the world…sounds like we have The Smurfs to blame for the non-existent relationship between Emma & Will.

Question: From one Mike to another, I just want to say thank you for your Glee scoop on Will and Emma. Is there anything more you can add? —Mike
From one Mike to another, I found out who’s to blame for Will and Emma getting such short shrift in this season’s final episodes: Gargamel! True story. At Entertainment Weekly’s pre-upfront bash Sunday, Jayma Mays told me that producers agreed to write her out so she could go to New York and shoot her role as Neil Patrick Harris’ wife in The Smurfs Movie. But as I reported in last week’s AA, Emma returns in the season finale to break the news to Will that she’s dating her dentist — a triangle I’m told will get major play next fall. Casting for her tooth doc is currently underway. Got suggestions? Hit the comments!

Question: How does Will take the news that Emma is seeing her dentist on Glee? —Nicole
Not well.

Source: Ask Ausiello

Promising Wemma-ness?

According to Kristin Dos Santos who was lucky enough to be at the Fox Upfront presentation, us Wemma lovers out there will get a little treat in a couple of weeks…

We know that Emma sort of moves on at some point but this makes me happy no matter what.  I’m still holding out hope for these two!

Emma’s New Man

Entertainment Weekly currently has an article in which a new love interest for Emma is addressed.  I have not read the article and only have an online source at this time but plan on picking up the mag tomorrow.

Apparently our beloved Emma begins romancing her DENTIST in upcoming episodes and we find out about this relationship in the season finale airing on June 8th.  My girl Natalie posted this on her site:

“Glee is stirring up some new third party drama for star-crossed lovebirds Will and Emma. In the June 8 season finale, Will comes to learn that Emma has moved on in a big way — she’s been secretly romancing her dentist! “This is going to be a major character,” a source close to the Fox phenom says of the tooth doc, who will make his first appearance early next season. Not surprisingly, producers are looking to cast a big name — preferably one with a legendary smile.”

I have to say that I’m not quite sure how I feel about all of this.  I love Will & Emma together but I have slowly (and painfully) had to let go of any hope of them actually getting together either in the immediate future or in the long run.  I have to admit, I watch the show mainly for the two of them and the fact that they have not developed any kind of storyline for them (together or apart) has me a little bit annoyed.  The show can obviously stand on its own without Will & Emma but it still makes my heart break a little bit.

The bottom line is that I don’t really care if they introduce a new love interest for her.  I just hope they hurry up and get to whatever storyline they are going to give these two quickly because I’m starting to get bored (and annoyed).  This has been the most frustrating thing for me in the back 9.  Every single storyline has been slow and lacked any real development.  It is so frustrating!  I am hoping that this new plot twist will allow character development for Emma since she has had pretty much NONE.

Good for Emma for moving on and for finding someone else for now.  I hope she and Will end up together eventually and I think they might but for now she needs some other lovin’.  Just don’t give Dr. Dentist your V Card lady!  Save it for the one you love!!

Photo & Quote Source: Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing

Emma Gets a New Man?

Well that’s what Micheal Ausiello says…

Question: In last week’s Ask Ausiello, you bummed out the Wemma fans by saying there wouldn’t be a lot of Will and Emma in the remaining episodes of Glee. Now here’s the chance to make us smile — are there any Will/Emma developments on the horizon? —Amy

Yes, there’s a pretty major development coming up. According to a Glee insider, Emma drops a bombshell on Will in the June 8 season finale: There’s a new guy in her life! To find out who, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now!


Source: Ausiello Files

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